Ayahuasca Retreat in Iquitos, Loreto, Peru
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    3 Reviews on “Arcana”

    • Denis G. 2 years ago

      This retreat really appealed to me because Mitchell and Alex believe that we are our own best healers. Becoming my own healer was really important to me because I wanted to overcome the depression and anxiety that held me back for years. This retreat offered me the opportunity to develop a self-healing capacity that we all possess.

      I have known Alex and Mitchell for over 1 year through an online men’s group and I saw them offer their own experience and support with vulnerability and without expectation of return. When I was in the jungle with them, they showed up selflessly to support me in my process. I recommend this retreat because I trust Mitchell and Alex to show up for every participant and support them the way I was supported.

      I feel so lucky I got to spend an unforgettable week in the jungle with an amazing group of people. Thanks to Alex and Mitchell’s format, we all knew each other before we got to Peru, so it meant going with friends.

      I feel honored to participate in the ceremonies, and receive icaros from the kind, approachable shamans and curandera. I won’t ever forget the walk we took to an ancient ayahuasca vine in the jungle, where the shamans talked about the different plants growing in the jungle.

      This retreat was one of the best experiences of my life and I’d like to share with you a few of the ways I’ve grown since integrating what happened. Overall, I am more emotionally resilient, physically stronger and I have a much closer, more loving relationship with my family. Instead of feeling depressed or anxious, I know that I matter and belong here.

      This retreat offered me an opportunity to expand my ability to heal myself and become more resilient for the rest of my life. I participated fully and was able to heal so much in one week that I am already living a life I didn’t think was possible just a few months ago.

    • Katherine B. 2 years ago

      Two words: complete serenity. Before this retreat I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I just hadended my four year long relationship as a result of infidelity. My whole world was turned on its head. Being open, honest, being totally vulnerable, acknowledging my emotions rather than minimizing them to the point they “don’t exist” was not easy for me. I had massive walls built around me but Alex and Mitchell provided me the strength to disassemble them. I had never felt more safe, seen, loved, supported and understood, than I did when I was in ceremony or in the sharing circles. I did a years worth of healing in the week I was at this retreat. I had never felt more connected to myself and finally found calmness. Everyone here was amazing. I have never met more genuine, loving, empathetic, pure souls. The healing that took place for me on this retreat I will carry with me for a lifetime and will continue to grow. I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about doing something like this to do it. Invest in yourself!! You are WORTH it. You will not regret it.

    • Cris A. 2 years ago

      The level of support that you will receive from Alex and Mitchell in person during the entirety of this retreat, plus the two weeks of preparation and integration before and after the retreat, really make a huge difference in this experience. You will feel in community and among people that you will know well before you get to the retreat center.

      Alex and Mitchell also run a free virtual group of which you can be a part of indefinitely before and after the retreat, and months later I still find that this group of friends has had an incalculable impact in my life.

      In this retreat you get the full ayahuasca experience with amazing and personable maestros curanderos, and then in between ceremonies you get Alex’s and Mitchell’s top notch care, plus all of the friends you go there with. The sharing circles that Alex and Mitchell hold between ceremonies are truly transformational and are as powerful as the ceremonies themselves.

      I will definitely be joining another of these retreats as life and schedules allow.


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