Mushroom Research And Retreats On The Rise

In The Road to Eleusis; Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries, R. Gordon Wasson wrote: “The advantage of the mushroom is that it puts many, if not everyone, within reach of this [phantasmagoric] state… It permits you to see, more clearly than our perishing mortal eye can see, vistas beyond the horizons of this life, to […]

Research Chemicals You Can Purchase Legally

Research chemicals, also known as designer drugs, synthetics, or RCs, are synthetic or semi-synthetic molecules that are explicitly designed to circumvent drug laws.  They are created to mimic the effects of the “parent drug” or otherwise prohibited substance. Most of these are functional analogs of the banned drug they are made to mimic, meaning they […]

Retreat Review: Soltara Healing Center

Soltara Healing Center, an ayahuasca retreat center located in Costa Rica, is on a mission to create accessible, comfortable, and effective ayahuasca experiences that remain rooted in tradition and indigenous practice.   With the rising popularity of ayahuasca, there is an increasing number of Westerners (including myself!) who want to experience the healing power of this […]

Learn About the Various Iboga Plants Containing Ibogaine

It’s no secret that the tropical jungles of both South America and Africa are home to thousands of therapeutic plant species, including multiple psychoactive species. For instance, the plant family Apocynaceae, also known as dogbane, has more than 4,600 known plant species in these tropical areas. Within this massive family, there are three closely related […]

How to Prepare For Your Next Kambo Ceremony

Kambo is the substance secreted from the kambo frog, or Phyllomedusa bicolor,  found in the Amazon basin. According to legend, kambo takes its name from a legendary medicine man, Kampu, who divined its healing potential from a forest spirit. Like many other substances with origins in medicinal use performed by shamans, kambo is still used today […]


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