What Are The LSD Effects?

What Are The LSD Effects? LSD affects three main aspects of the human experience: Physical Psychological Sensory LSD Physical Effects Pupil dilation, reduced appetite, and wakefulness are the three main physical side effects of LSD. Other physical reactions to LSD are...

LSD Statistics

LSD Statistics LSD Statistics are limited to what’s available on websites promoting government propaganda. Unfortunately, LSD statistics are not as informative as statistics on many other drugs. Here is what I can tell you, however, about the use of LSD: In...
What To Do Before Your First Psychedelic Trip

What To Do Before Your First Psychedelic Trip

What to Do Before Your First Psychedelic Trip Paul Austin At first, there was skepticism. But what if LSD makes me crazy? What if it’s adulterated with poisonous chemicals? What happens if it gets stuck in my spine, causing flashbacks years later? (All LSD...

What Happens In an LSD Session?

What Happens In an LSD Session? Adapted from Chapter 2 of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide by Jim Fadiman One of the biggest unknowns for new users of psychedelics is how the voyage will unfold. Most people who desire to take LSD understand the myriad of...

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