What are the Most Common LSD Street Names?

Paul Austin · September 14th, 2015

In this article, I will outline the various LSD street names. There are many LSD street names, many of which you have never heard and you will never use.

Nonetheless, if you ever find yourself desperate to impress a significant other, you can pull one of these many obscure names out of your Mary Poppins hat of tricks.


  • Acid
  • Battery Acid
  • Blotter
  • Boomers
  • California Sunshine
  • Cid
  • Doses
  • Dots
  • Golden Dragon
  • Heavenly Blue
  • Hippie
  • Loony Toons
  • Lucy
  • Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
  • Microdot
  • Pane
  • Purple Heart
  • Superman
  • Tab
  • Window Pane
  • Yellow Sunshine
  • Zen

In my nearly six years of using LSD, I have only used three ‘nicknames’: Acid, Doses, and Lucy.

By the way, this information comes from the website ‘Drug Free World’.

You know those outright biases against LSD? The ‘facts’ claiming that LSD will cause you to go crazy, have nightmarish hallucinations, and, all-in-all, make you hate life?

Yeah, the “Drug Free World” website is a perfect example.

We shall call it ‘Government Propaganda’

Anyway, those are the LSD street names.

Happy tripping!

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  1. AvatarDave Herreid says

    Here are some LSD terms and remembrance from the early 70’s. Referring to a hit of LSD one would have said…Acid, Sid, or A. For a specific type of dose of LSD the best group included LSD-25, Blotter, SunShine, and WindowPane. The strength was such that 1/2 dose was “full speed ahead,” a whole hit was “God is my co-pilot,” and more was in my book a mistake you wouldn’t make twice. In coming down pot helped a little, but in those daze it wasn’t as potent as today. Alcohol was like throwing gas on fire, no mellowing effects there. Valium (10 mg) was the answer.

    Pure LSD-25 which was in liquid form and could either be put in punch or with an eye-dropper placed on either sugar-cubes or perforated blotter paper. If it was blotter paper it was referred to as “blotter” or when the paper had designs on it like the cartoon character “Mr Natural” you might say “I’ve got some Mr Natural, are you interested?” I believe the legendary Owlsy’s Acid was usually in these forms.

    From people who’s opinion I respected all said their most intense, clean, and beautiful trip was on “Sunshine” or “Orange Sunshine”. It was in a tablet form inducing sunrise glow visuals with an intense spiritual trip. I never had the opportunity to try it alas.

    Window Pane was LSD on very small reddish edible rectangles that looked like sea glass. They were hard and could be cut with a sharp knife, but watch out because the bits could fly off like tiddlywinks and you could spend a lifetime looking for the shards in your period correct shag-carpet. I had a friend that would put a quarter of a pane in his eye, then go off and perform in collegiate gymnastic events. He swore it enhanced the visuals and focused his performance, he was always very good at what he did and today is the Master of his Universe (and sober).

    And then there was the rest, Micro-dots. These were very little tablets of questionable quality, they had a “speedy” side effect, but good red and blue visuals as in the light show of a 70’s silver faced Marantz receiver.

    I’ve alway considered taking LSD to be a serious endeavor, like sailing in the ocean; don’t be stupid, be prepared, have a plan, then get close to nature (or good music) and do it with a crew (friends) unless you are very experienced. If you know what you’re doing then with your sails set you will experiance the beauty that surrounds and fills us and at times if you are open…the unexpected gifts that can power your life forward.

    One final comment, a friend once said that if you trip with someone you have a friend for life, I agree.

    Today I don’t have a source alas, to you that do “Bon Voyage”.

    • AvatarSlyte lee Acidic says

      I have experienced Orange Sunshine while living in San Diego in 1970-71. It was far more potent than any LSD I had taken prior in prior years living in Northern California. The first experience was a tablet called pink rose. I assume produced by Owsley. The next to come around was a tablet called Blue cheer. I remember the trip being very beautiful and smooth without a lot of weird body sensation that Acid would usually bring. Blue was followed by another tablet sold as Orange Owsley. Window Pane was another of the later developments available in the early 70’s It was a tiny square of dry gelatin semi translucent like a window pane. It was also fairly potent but never my favorite. Concurrently titles like “Orange Mini Barre” a small tablet but elongated like a barrel shape came around. It too was quite potent and I suspect was another name of Orange Sunshine. It was followed by Orange Micro Dot, and Purple Micro Dot which were tiny tablets form. It as I recall was fairly potent and was Just acid with a different shape and name. Friends and I liked to take LSD while camping or at Rock Concerts, for the purposes of heightening the experience which it most certainly did.! The first time I say acid on paper was around 1976. I saw it as a repetitious printed symbol of a dragon covering a sheet of standard size typing paper. Intended to be cut into individual squares 3/4 ” x 3/4″ and sold per “hit”. I only had one experience with blotter or paper acid and it was with the dragon wicjh in fact was a disappointment in potentcy. I had a hunch it was because it’s shelf life may have been compromised.. I’ve used LSD probably in the neighborhood of 200 times. After the first time I was astonished by the effects and LSD it one substance that I do not regret experimenting with. However if someone were to offer it to me now, I would turn it down without hesitation. I’ had always been very cautious with the substance and treated it as if it were a rattlesnake. There was a publication that came out around these time called Zap comics. On one issue’s back cover there was a public service announcement by artist Robert Crumb .Warning of the evils of meth. He said: “Kids ! Have fun and freak out but remember speed kills!

  2. AvatarJanis says

    Dave, finally I hear the names I recognize! LOL. When I came into the psychedelic games was early 70’s. After 25 sugar cubes & Owlsy Tabs, which I always wanted to try, but smack dab into Orange Sunshine which was a beautiful trip. I was 13 when I was asked by some chick at a party, who had been flirting up my old man, if I wanted some acid. Didn’t want to look “new” to this bitch so held out a hand & she dropped a smallish Orange pill in my palm which I in turn popped into my mouth & swallowed just about the time it registered she said, “It’s a four-way hit.” She admired my courage & looking back I realize that was probably the beginning of my habit of going out of my way to make a point. SMH. To this day I remember the trip, but can’t really describe it. I came out of it, but OMG did I have flashbacks. Especially at night right in the time you’re falling asleep. Man, every night, down the rabbit hole. Sorry? Fuck no. A lot of me was formed during the next roughly 100 hits I dropped. It give you a certain edge, an understanding. Also an explanation &/or a joke when you forget shit or screw up. Like “man, I don’t believe I screwed up that bad, what can I say, I lived thru the 70’s & the drugs you know? From what little I can remember I had a great time too!” After that things eased into Window Pane, which I agree, wasn’t my favorite either. It could send you soaring but was more body high than visual. It was great for sex. Got into Magic Mushroom & peyote. Lived not to far from an Indian reservation & they were allowed to grow that stuff. Not to sell of course, but for rituals, but they of course sold it anyway. Preferred frozen because it would slide right right on down, dried was like trying to chew & then swallow dirt! Nasty. But all that is long behind me. But I’m not a bit sorry, which people expect you to be. I raised two good kids, have terrific grandkids, & a whole lot of awesome memories. I lived through some of the best times & was privy to one of the best music eras ever. Nothing like seeing Ten Years After & watching Alvin Lee shred the shit out of his guitar while high on Purple Haze acid. Oh yeah.

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