World’s First-Ever Microdosing Nasal Spray Announced

Reilly Capps · December 6th, 2019

For energy, flow, and focus, studies suggest microdosing mushrooms could work. But how do you know with confidence the psilocybin level in any particular cap or stem? 

Oregon-based Silo Wellness announced that it developed MycoDose in Jamaica, where mushrooms are legal, to make microdosing mushrooms as precise as other medicines

“I spend a lot of time in the Midwest,” company founder Mike Arnold told Third Wave. “Out there, you have a lot of people terrified of [plants and fungi] because it doesn’t look like the medicine they’re used to.” 

Silo hopes to roll out MycoDose to wellness centers in Jamaica in the next 90 days, sleekly packaged. Just as cannabis products now list milligrams of THC and CBD per dose, MycoDose aims to quantify, for example, milligrams per spritz of psilocybin, baeocystin, and aeruginascin. 

If Oregon voters approve mushroom therapy in 2020, clients might be able to use MycoDose. As Silo said in a press release, “New users will be more drawn to experimenting with psilocybin’s wellness effects with convenient microdosing before they commit to the full-blow psychedelic ‘trip’ sessions.” 

The Silo nasal spray comes at a time when psilocybin mushrooms, if not yet mainstream, are peeking up above fertile soil. The FDA has twice declared psilocybin, when combined with therapy, a “breakthrough” treatment for depression. In Denver and Oakland, psychedelic fungi are now the “lowest law enforcement priority.” 

“The Denver decriminalization put this into the public consciousness,” Arnold said. “You spend years with everyone saying how crazy you are for being interested in mushrooms, and then suddenly you see people talking about it, and posts being shared, and casual conversations all over the place now. It’s also catalyzing research and development.” 

The cannabis industry is often the substrate from which mushroom enterprises sprout, and Silo is no different. Arnold is a lawyer who ran one of the largest cannabis farm conglomerates in Oregon, his website says. Michael Hartman, co-inventor of the spray, developed Mystabis, a precise-dosing cannabis inhaler.  

“The ‘Shroom Boom’ is the ‘New Cannabis Green Rush,'” Silo said. 

New mushroom announcements seem to happen almost every day. Just this week, Hawaiian company Orthogonal Thinker announced a “psychedelics lifestyle brand” called PsillyLife, and a biotech company called CB Therapeutics announced it could produce psilocybin using an “enzymatic process” that is “more efficient, of high purity and less expensive.” 

Silo said its nasal spray solves three additional vexing issues with shrooms beyond dosing. First, MycoDose doesn’t taste earthy and pungent, the way mushrooms do. Second, fungi can cause nausea, but a nasal spray bypasses the gut. And, third, a nasal spray acts quicker, so users won’t “stack” — meaning, eat a mushroom, feel nothing, eat ten more and get way, way too high. 

Arnold said he’d received 500 emails and hundreds of phone calls about MycoDose in the past two days. 

“Oooh, I wanna try it,” said the leader of the Denver Psychedelic Club and principal of Altered States Integration, who goes by Tobey T. “Mushrooms mess my tummy up. Even a microdose makes me feel like gassy and bloated and gross.” 

Hayden Dudley, who said he microdoses mushrooms for energy and mental clarity, said he’d be interested. “The easy application, the uniqueness, it could be very accurately dosed — I could be way into that for sure.” 

Not everyone is excited about the spray. “Seems a bit silly,” Eric Osborne, who runs MycoMeditations, a mushroom retreat in Jamaica, said. “Who is gonna buy this anyway? Not Jamaicans. Novelty, in my opinion.” 

It will be years before MycoDose can go on sale in America. So why announce this now? 

“If I want to see anything come out of this announcement,” Arnold said, “it’s that people take this article and forward it to their leaders and share it on Facebook and say, ‘This is what a rollout of a psychedelic can look like, that there can be products out there produced with precision and safety and without a lot of government [interference].'” 

But not everyone will wait. As Denver microdoser Tobey T. said, “I’d go to Jamaica just to try the spray.” 

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