Surviving PTSD With Cannabis And Ayahuasca

Episode 61

Matthew Kahl

“The only thing I was trying to do was run away from the things in my head. Run away from the things that I’d seen. Run away from the things that I’d done. And run away from the pain, of everything.”

That’s Matt Kahl, our podcast guest this week. Matt is a US Military veteran, PTSD survivor, and an impassioned advocate for drug policy reform.

In this episode, Matt talks with The Third Wave’s Paul Austin about how he went from taking 20 prescription medications a day to letting them gather dust in his medicine cabinet—and how he carries that transformation into his work.

After you listen to Matt’s story of recovery and growth propelled by cannabis and ayahuasca, you’ll understand why he’s dedicated his life to bringing these substances to a wider population.

The full episode transcript is available here.

Podcast Highlights

  • The differing roles cannabis and ayahuasca have played in Matt’s healing
  • How our personal transformations can challenge the people closest to us, and why that isn’t always easy
  • Why Matt has chosen to advocate for reform in the way that he has, and how you can participate

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