Avoiding A ‘Quick Fix’ Mentality With Ayahuasca

Episode 51

Benjamin De Loenen

Benjamin De Loenen, founder of plant medicine non-profit ICEERS, joins us for a discussion on ayahuasca and iboga. We discuss the wide-ranging impact that plant medicines could have on modern society, and the implications of disrespecting their power and origin. Benjamin lays out the various traps the psychedelic movement could fall into, and the best approaches to getting psychedelic medicines accepted by policymakers and the public.

The full episode transcript is available here.

Podcast Highlights

  • Why ICEERS promotes a message of balance between preservation and popularization of plant medicines
  • Why ayahuasca is more complex than a mental health treatment for individuals
  • Why the psychedelic movement needs to avoid the ‘quick fix’ mentality

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