How Plant Medicines Change Lives

Episode 43

Gerry Powell

Gerry Powell, founder of spiritual retreat center ‘Rythmia’ joins us this week. Gerry tells us about his turbulent early life and how it prompted him to seek out a revolutionary plant medicine. We hear about the significant changes it catalysed in his life, and why it led him to set up his own high-end retreat center. Gerry aims to provide people with the same healing that he experienced, and hopes to create an ethical business model that encourages competition and diversity.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Gerry describes his first psychedelic experience as an answer to his suffering: “I understood for the first time what love was.”
  • The plant medicine instructed Gerry to set up his own retreat center, to help share the healing he had received.
  • Rythmia serves thousands of retreatants every year; 93% describe life-changing, transformative healing experiences.

This Week in Psychedelics

A new study from the Imperial Psychedelic Research Group has laid out a model for creating the ideal set and setting for a peak psychedelic experience. They highlight the importance of factors such as readiness, intention, therapeutic setting and dosage in producing improvements in well-being following a peak (or ‘mystical’) experience.

Aspen has become the first US city where marijuana sales have overtaken alcohol sales. $11.3million compared to $10.5million in 2017.

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