DMT and Addiction: Uncovering the Root Cause of Trauma

Episode 108

Timothy Ko

Timothy Ko came to the psychedelic space as a result of his deeply personal connections with depression, anxiety, and addiction. As the CEO of Entheon Biomedical, an organization working on a legal IV DMT protocol, Timothy is dedicated to providing an effective and scalable therapy that will serve as a vital resource for those afflicted with a substance-use disorder, and who are wanting to reclaim their lives. In this episode, Timothy and Paul discuss their personal experiences with psychedelics, the benefits of DMT in overcoming addiction, and the life-affirming power of a new perspective.

Timothy Ko is the CEO of Entheon Biomedical, which is pioneering a leading-edge addiction recovery solution that harnesses and optimizes the therapeutic potential of the DMT molecule. Timothy’s passion for the psychedelic space is shaped by firsthand knowledge of the shortcomings of the current mental health system, and through his exposure to psychedelics, which he credits with saving his life.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Vancouver as a hub for the growing psychedelic space.
  • Which is more important: decriminalization or medicalization?
  • Why DMT is an excellent choice for addiction recovery.
  • How Timothy used DMT to reconcile and overcome trauma.
  • Entheon’s intravenous DMT protocol, currently in development.
  • The varied professional background that brought Timothy to the psychedelic space.
  • Thinking about the human lives behind addiction statistics.
  • The efficacy of psychedelics versus antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medications.
  • How psychedelics can help with “that underpinning sense of nihilism”.
  • What does poetry have in common with psychedelic intent?
  • Democratizing psychedelics so that everyone has access.

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