Telemedicine, Ketamine Lozenges, and Healing Depression

Episode 101

Dr. Casey Paleos

Dr. Casey Paleos is among the earliest researchers in the third wave of psychedelic study, both in ketamine and other psychedelics. In this episode, he and Paul discuss the use of ketamine in telemedicine, early psilocybin and ketamine trials, effective ketamine protocols, and re-forming the grooves in our brains.

Dr. Casey Paleos is a board certified psychiatrist with over a decade of experience working with ketamine and other psychedelic medicines in both research and clinical settings. A Co-Principal Investigator for the NYU-Bellevue Ketamine for Depression Study, Dr. Paleos was one of the early researchers to identify ketamine as a breakthrough treatment for depression. As a clinician, he has been treating patients for depression and anxiety using ketamine therapy in his New York private practice since 2016. He is the scientific director at Mindbloom, which provides ketamine therapy via telemedicine.

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Podcast Highlights

  • The ins and outs of telemedicine ketamine therapy.
  • The history of ketamine, from battlefield anesthetic to sedative to psychedelic treatment.
  • Psycholytic vs. psychedelic therapy.
  • What is the Wolfson Protocol and how does it work?
  • Does real growth require the use of psychedelics therapeutically, rather than  recreationally?
  • How Casey’s early psychedelic experiences influenced his career path.
  • From drugs of abuse to profoundly impactful psychological treatments: tracing the history of psychedelics.
  • Inside the first psychedelic research studies in 50 years, and the challenges of being on the forefront of the third wave.
  • Paul’s own experience with ketamine lozenges, and his upcoming intramuscular injection session.
  • From the vicious cycle of ruminative thinking to quieting the default mode network, enhancing neuroplasticity, and forming healthier brain patterns.

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