Third Wave

Third Wave’s Manifesto

Paul Austin · October 12th, 2015

Right now, you are a witness to the dawn of a new psychedelic age. It is called the third wave of Psychedelics. And it will change the perception of psychedelics by Western civilization.

The third wave of Psychedelics is different from the 1st wave (traditional tribal use) and 2nd wave (use during the counter-culture of the 1960s). Practical, measured use instead of irresponsible, spontaneous consumption is a hallmark of the third wave. It is an era, not for ‘dropping-out’ but for integrating psychedelics into mainstream society. It is an era, not to fear psychedelics for their possible negative repercussions, but to embrace psychedelics for their tremendous upside.

The dialogue around responsible use of psychedelics has gained steam for two main reasons:

  • The loosening legal restrictions around marijuana use in the United States. Because of the loosening legal restrictions, many individuals are taking a second look at illicit drugs with proven therapeutic uses.
  • The Information Age of the Internet. In the past, government propaganda has dominated the dialogue around psychedelics. But with the Information Age, individuals have access to factual, balanced information concerning both the pros and cons of psychedelic use.

Listen to our podcast episode with Paul Austin talking about The Future Of Psychedelic Substances or Click here to read the transcript

With the door now slightly cracked, it is up to curious onlookers (like you!) to step in, become informed and then ‘burst the floodgates’ of psychedelic use. Doing this is only possible through the focused dissemination of information and responsible personal experimentation.

The focus of the third wave Psychedelic movement is two-fold: to restart an informative and rational dialogue concerning psychedelic use and to encourage the use of small to moderate amounts for therapeutic and creative reasons.

For example, anecdotal reports of microdosing with LSD emphasize improved productivity, creativity, and innovation. Users report brilliant outbursts in work and personal projects and easy access to the ‘flow’ state described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. They also report a higher level of resonance with life intentions. One user said, “it’s almost like I was born to be like this, and now I get to be like this, on an increasingly regular basis, all thanks to an astonishingly small amount of the substance LSD-25.”

When users consume a moderate amount of LSD, they experience a multitude of benefits, including (but not limited to): unity or oneness with nature; a better understanding of their purpose in life; and an impetus to turn away from material goods as a way of finding fulfilment. There have also been numerous success stories for the therapeutic use of LSD, especially in alcoholics, people who have struggled with PTSD, and general psychotherapy.

The other goal of Third Wave is to remove the negative stigma associated with psychedelic use. By presenting logical, fact-supported evidence to interested parties, Third Wave aims to educate rather than manipulate the public (as was common during the counter-culture movement of the 1960s).

Now is the time to restart a dialogue around the responsible use of LSD and other psychedelics. If you feel as strongly as we do about the long-term upside of micro to moderate doses, please share this article with others.

To get the full story about how the term ‘Third Wave of Psychedelics’ came to be, please read the full article.

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  1. AvatarBud brady says

    Just a few thoughts I’d like to share. I’m glad to see psychedelics being recognized for what they are and for what they have to offer to our culture and our species. The responsible use of these plants and plant analogues may be our best chance for the emergence of a new paradigm in dealing with our natural environment. Strictly on a personal level I feel it’s a good idea to keep high dose experiences in the conversation.Keep up the good ( important ) work.

  2. Avatarsteven segura says

    This website is awesome but i also thought that you guys should put videos from like PsychedSubstance, YourMateTom, The Drug Classroom, or whoever else because I think their videos could help out and put specific videos in specific topics to draw some more people in. I think the people in charge of this website should consider reaching out to some of these YouTubers who work hard on their videos and come to an agreement of working together to make this nasty stigma come to an end faster.

  3. Avatarsteven segura says

    Awesome stuff here I think this is an important idea for everyone to be a part of! Psychedelics should be a social right to cure or get rid of blockages in the mind!

  4. AvatarMichelle says

    My husband and need your help….we are 63. We are artists who are tired of anti depressents. We graduated 1973 with honors in theatre, academics and athletetisim honors. I am a very “young” 63 yr old. We are losing hope. We are struggling because traditional therapy is b.s. how can we start a program with the LSD therapy, mushrooms,…we live in Phoenix AZ

    • AvatarPink Floyd says

      Hello Michelle,

      The problem with the internet is that you never really know who’s on the other side. If I were you, I would google my local psychedelic or shamanic club to meet people with similar interests. There’s also a website called where you can buy legal psychoactive medicinal plants.
      Also try the Meetup App.
      You’re both actually very lucky since The University of Arizona is at the forefront of psychedelic research, and Tucson hosts the most important annual conference on psychedelics.

      Best wishes!

      • AvatarMargaret Murphy says

        Pink Floyd,
        Michelle’s story is almost identical to my own, right down to the age group and the antidepressants. I would only disagree that psychotherapy is bs because I had a great on, an MD, who put me on the map as a human being, and he is fully supportive of my efforts to jump into Third Wave. Thanks for sending the references. They are exactly what I have been looking for. Two weeks of searching without help and I finally have direction. Mags

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