DMT Trip: What to Expect

Xavier Francuski · August 21st, 2017

If you have considered trying to smoke DMT, you’ve likely experimented with psychedelics before and now find yourself imbued with a healthy dose of curiosity for stronger stuff. So, your psy-sense has been tingling at the mention of this mysterious drug said to be able to make your soul do backflips in worlds unknown and dimensions incomprehensible to the human mind. Read on to find out what you can expect from the DMT experience.

First things first: You should know that DMT is not to be taken lightly. We are talking about one of the most powerful psychedelic compounds known to man. Rightfully claiming its place among entheogenic monoliths such as 5-MEO-DMTayahuascaibogainepsilocybin mushrooms and Salvia divinorumN,N-DMT gives you a short, but astounding journey many equate to a holographic, multidimensional, out-of-body, near-death experience. Visiting the realms to which this substance can take you can forever change how you look at life.

Quite similar in its molecular structure to psilocin, the active agent of psilocybin mushrooms, some users compare DMT trips to those on higher doses of psilocybin. The 4 hydroxy molecules in psilocin allow it to be metabolized when administered orally, whereas freebase N,N-DMT gets broken down in the body by monoamine oxidases. For this reason, plants containing inhibitors of these enzymes (such as the MAOI-rich Banisteriopsis caapi) are used in the preparation of ayahuasca, and enable the DMT to cross the blood-brain barrier.

This article will cover  how to smoke DMT, the difference between DMT and changa, and what the DMT “trip” is like.


DMT can be smoked in its regular crystal form, or infused with herbs such as Banisteriopsis caapi, mullein, passionflower, or peppermint to create a more easily digestible and balanced blend called changa. The creation of this mix was caused by DMT’s notoriously harsh smoking quality. The smell of the smoke is often compared to that of burning plastic, and the sensation of inhaling it to your lungs melting.

Aside from ease of smoking, changa also provides richer and more stable experiences; varying the herbal contents can bring different aspects of the trip to the foreground and make it less overwhelming. Thus, changa usually serves to facilitate more mellow experiences. However, increasing the percentage of DMT in the blend can very much so result in full-on astral travel. If you plan to smoke through a bong, you can make a simpler form of changa by just sandwiching the DMT between two layers of the herbal mix.

If you choose to smoke pure crystal DMT, it is advised to prepare your lungs by performing breathing exercises for a few minutes. Massaging your chest and thymus area while breathing in and out as much as possible should help. You will achieve the best results if you manage to smoke the entire dose of DMT in one long hit. However, with the harsh smoke being difficult to hold down, it will probably take you a few times to refine your technique.


You will achieve the best results if you manage to smoke the entire dose of DMT in one long hit. However, considering the harsh smoke, it may take you a few times to refine your technique.

Assuming proper technique, the quantity of DMT you should use is as follows: less than 20mg is considered a low dose, 20-35mg a standard one, and anything above 35mg a strong dose. If smoking through a dry pipe or bong, remember that a significant amount of DMT may get lost in the process due to various factors such as condensation, overcooking, or shallow inhalation, so you may need more than cited in these recommendations. However, it’s always best to start with lower doses (10-15mg) and gauge your tolerance as you refine your technique.

The actual smoking procedure goes like this:

  1. Load your pipe/bong with the desired amount of DMT or changa;
  2. After you’ve oxygenated your lungs for a few minutes, start lighting up the DMT midway through your last exhale;
  3. Swirl the lighter to ensure a balanced burn; if using the sandwich method, make sure that the flame doesn’t come directly in touch with the crystal, as this will burn it at too high a temperature and may produce negative effects;
  4. Once you’ve started burning the DMT and exhaled fully, begin to slowly sip in the smoke, as taking in too much of it at once could cause a coughing fit;
  5. Try to take in the whole dose in one hit and once you can’t take more, hold it down; if you’re taking multiple hits, you need to take one more at the point when it feels like you can’t take any more – the time to put the pipe down is when you can no longer see the flame in relation to the load; make sure your sitter is present to take the lighter and (hot!) pipe away from you.
  6. Start counting and see if you can make it to 5.

Be aware that if using a meth pipe or a bong, you might burn the DMT at too high of a temperature, thus losing some of it, and potentially causing a coughing fit or gagging/vomiting. A more efficient, convenient, and safer means of ingesting DMT that has been gaining popularity recently is by using more advanced vaporization pipes such as the VaporGenie or the Firewood. Many E-vapers swear by this method of DMT uptake, citing that doses needed are five to 10 times lower than for more analogue methods, and saying they have no intention of going back to them.


A powerful substance such as DMT should be approached with humility and respect. Before you embark on this adventure, at least the first time, try to give some thought to what you’re looking for from the experience. Are you just wanting to get insanely high or do you have something to resolve with, or learn about (or from) yourself or the universe?

Some users report traveling to immensely powerful worlds and meeting incredible entities there. Should you find yourself in a similar scenario, it might be useful to bring along an inquiry or two.

Many users understand the DMT trip as a journey to the brink of death and/or the source of creation. Be wise and try to take advantage of being exposed to eternal knowledge.

Always have a trusted sitter present. Smoking DMT alone is potentially very dangerous – you could hurt yourself or others, especially with a hot pipe and lighter. It can be useful to discuss your intention with your sitter, which may also help in the post-trip integration of the experience.


As with most psychedelics, DMT is great to experience in nature. An isolated and secure spot with clean air, grass to lie down on and a beautiful vista to stare at (or wake up to) can hardly be beaten. However, if you ingest enough DMT to achieve what is usually referred to as a “breakthrough” state, you might not be able to see much of your environment, or, if you’re able to hold on to consciousness, it may look like a completely different world made up of staggering energetic transformations.

Seeing as the DMT trip is oriented intensely inward, many users prefer smoking it in the privacy of their room, with a trusted sitter present. The familiar environment offers a feeling of security and the trip is usually spent in a coma-like state of absence, for which your own bed is perfect. Being inside also has the advantage of temperature control. Certain moments of the trip can have you feeling cold as never before, at the core of your being, and it’s good to have access to warmth if needed.

Music can be nice to have, but can also have a grounding influence, keeping your soul tethered to your body. The DMT journey itself is padded with a wonderful chiming buzz that is quite saturating and tranquilizing and allows you to surrender yourself to the experience, so it can be useful not distracting your sense of hearing with sounds of this physical world.

Many believe that burning Palo Santo, sandalwood, or white sage before the trip can invite positive energies and make the journey more profound. If you’re a fan of incense and don’t have any of these around, your favorite soothing scent should do just fine.

Burning Palo Santo, sandalwood, or white sage before the trip can invite positive energies and cleanse the space you’re in, making your trip more profound. If you don’t have these, your favorite soothing incense stick should do just fine.

Again – have a trusted friend present to look after you. They could be invaluable in helping you through any bad experiences.



After smoking DMT, the effects start to come on almost immediately. A DMT trip is relatively short, with the peak occurring just a few minutes after smoking, and the entire experience usually lasting less than 20 minutes. Still, depending on the dose, the actual experience may feel much longer, and some people report the effects of DMT lingering for up to an hour or two after the peak.


A DMT or changa trip can vary drastically depending on the dosage, method of intake, individual, or any number of other possible circumstances. DMT experience stories range from “I had some interesting insights, and my body felt loose” to “I was guided by a shaman into the astral dimension”.

Like many other psychedelic substances, DMT can offer valuable experiences at lower, cautious doses as well as higher doses.  


The vast majority of people do not experience entirely new realities when they first smoke DMT, some take many tries to get there, and many never do. This will depend on your smoking technique and the smoke-pipe physical interaction properties – ultimately, how much smoke you take in at once will determine how far you will go.

Still, smoking DMT is not (at) all about chasing that point of no return. Not everyone is ready to have a full-on journey and not everyone should have one. There is plenty of value and wisdom to be received in milder experiences and many people appreciate just visiting this gentler side of DMT for its not-completely-world-shattering properties. Some might also have subconscious or conscious breaks caused by fear of what might happen if they cross to the other side.

Milder journeys have widely different depictions by users, but what most people experience is plenty of closed-eyed visuals in the forms of colorful lights, geometrical patterns and fractals. Open-eyed visuals resemble LSD space distortions, but more hyperspace-like, with saturated colors and a vivid, high-definition holographic feel. Some users report meeting entities or seeing their environment transform in incredible ways. Visions might be followed by strange bodily sensations such as tingling or spasming. 

What is common with a gentler experience is the feeling of being present in your body. Whatever open- or closed-eyed visions you may experience will be followed by an underlying awareness that you’re still in this reality. These trips are usually compared to high doses of mushrooms or LSD and can yield great psychological and spiritual benefits, just like those psychedelics.

More intense experiences, often referred to as “breakthrough” trips, are unmistakeable; if you have to think about whether you’ve had one, it’s likely that you haven’t.


In breakthrough experiences, you feel like your body gets left behind on Earth like a husk as your soul departs for multi-dimensional realities made of color and light. Many people even forget much of the trip out of sheer overwhelmed-ness with new insights and the inability to integrate the awareness of a multidimensional existence into the 3D reality they return to.

Once you smoke enough DMT, you’re likely to feel like the world is fizzling out while your body gives up attempts to keep itself in an alert state. So you lie down and are born into a new universe.

And what’s there? Well, nobody can describe it precisely – you just have to go and see for yourself. But what there seems to be a consensus on is the following:

Intense Visuals and Encounters: Some DMT reports tell about other shapes, colors, or entire dimensions that are completely foreign and impossible to imagine. Intricate geometric patterns also appear in DMT experiences, and they may collapse into each other and expand and contract at extreme speed.

It’s not unusual for people to encounter other entities while on DMT. These entities are often humanoid, but can even represent aliens, mythological figures, or animal creatures.

Ego death and other feelings: Ego death, the experience of detaching from or losing your sense of identity, is another reported experience after taking DMT. Ego death can profoundly affect a person, having a lasting impact well after the substance wears off. Others who use DMT report feelings of love, acceptance, and peace. After encountering such profound feelings, people usually return to “normal life” with a changed attitude.    


Some DMT experiences can be mind-blowing and otherworldly, yet not enjoyable or rewarding. There are certainly DMT trip stories of terrifying and distressing experiences. These usually contain the same usual phenomena as in positive DMT trips, but with a sinister or threatening feeling.

DMT experiences can certainly be “bad”, just like any other psychedelic experience. Due to the potency of DMT, a bad DMT trip may be much more harrowing than a bad LSD or psilocybin mushroom trip. Again, it is recommended to prepare for this with set and setting, and to respect the substance.


As integrating psychedelic experiences goes, DMT is as tough of a cookie to swallow as it is a crystal to smoke. What makes integration difficult is the sheer potency of the experience. Not only is it challenging to apply the experiences to everyday life, but it is also difficult to share and explore with others unless they have also tried DMT.

Still, you may find solace in one certainty: this life is not all there is. Visiting other universes is an awakening – a sobering and humbling reminder that this existence, which feels like home, is actually just one of many. This is the feeling of soul-lightness that DMT offers, and we can take it back to “reality” with us.

The experience of ego-death can also be integrated. Though it won’t last forever, it can be remembered and continually put into perspective many of the small, everyday concerns that so often take up too much of our time and energy.


The understandings and awarenesses that DMT can upload into your consciousness are overwhelming and not easy to digest. They can temporarily, or permanently, change how you look at the world, yourself and people you surround yourself with. While it’s possible that the profound realizations can catalyze the cessation of unproductive habits and addictions, the weight of the things witnessed can also alienate you from this reality and its blissfully unaware inhabitants. Knowing too much might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Some people also go into the experience unready or go off the deep end and smoke too much, ending up having a bad experience. And while there have been no confirmed deaths caused by DMT as a substance, there have been deaths under its effect. This highlights the importance of always having a sitter present to look after you.

If you want to find out more about the topic check out our podcast interview with Timothy Ko where we talk about DMT and Addiction: Uncovering the Root Cause of Trauma or Click here to read the transcript

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    • AvatarRobert Lender says

      Try vaping or a lidocaine suppository mixed evenly, no purge and put dmt spread evenly. You do not need an maoi for either. I tried 65mg with a 20 minute warning. It helps to keep water in your mouth, and make sure you have a sitter. Takes the burn away and is much more potent.
      Eventually got a hold of the guy that protects mimosa trees. People cut the tap roots and tree dies. I got lucky as he was grinding the tap roots and a box shipped twice a month! You do it correctly with fresh tap roots, no longer legal, and the difference is unexplainable. Words and thought are too complicated to explain the experience, if remembered ?. After, cluster headaches stayed away 19 years so far and always keep an abort med,dmt, shrooms for a few months, and lsd. They’re all chemically the same in what receptors they lock into.
      Smoking dmt is not good, try to keep it at body temp the whole time. That will change you for the better. I did a year of experiments to see if i could abort the most painful disease known, or suicide headaches. They’re the worst pain a person can heal. Mine started at 9yo and figured out how to stop them by 34. I tried suicide several times cuz they didn’t know what cluster headaches were! It’s very rare and most people off themselves, you can’t stop the pain, unless you follow directions. Took me 25 years to figure out that everytime i took a psychedelic, it would take them away, not permanently! Too much and rebound headaches happen. After 25 years, a core group had the formulas to do it right. Takes 2 weeks of no meds, you can sleep with benzos. You’ll be exhausted and then try real lsd 1st. Get a test kit! All that pressure was gone in an hour, and I knew they were gone. Triggers still affect them, if you know them, stay away. 25 years of torture cured in 8 hours with 1mg millenium crystal! I like it anyway, a 2 week break and no real headaches for 19 years and still going.
      1-abort with dmt, but may not stick.
      2-psychedlic mushrooms for a 3-6 month break.
      3-lsd in a high enough dose, 19 years without.
      Please check for real information ✌?

  1. AvatarPreven says

    This a great blog article on the most mysterious magical substance on earth. Truly informative and written with great compassion thank you so much.

  2. AvatarPaul says

    I have wanted to try it. I’ve been reading about it for around 6 months. I hear people say don’t search for it. So I am waiting for it to find me. No luck so far.

  3. AvatarSean says

    Thanks got the information, I am about to experience my first DMT journey today and your article has been very interesting to read.
    Thanks again and see you on the other side.

  4. AvatarKevin Jervis says

    Learn the Tek online. Buy the brazilian mimosas hostilis root bark online, it’s Legal, so is everything else you need. Look up DMT extraction methods online and on Utube, Gordotek I think it’s called has a full extraction video. If you make it They will come, or so I’m told ?

    • AvatarPaul says

      I have recently tried DMT. I vaped 35mg at 185c in a Firefly 2 and broke through.

      The experience was profoundly beautiful and life-changing. You have to be ready to let go once you start flying (close your eyes too) and be in a good place in life to begin with.

      I had a very trusted friend with me, this is vital. Don’t ever do DMT alone.

      If you have any doubt then don’t do it. This is not a party drug.

      This has changed the way I look at life forever.

      I plan on doing DMT every few months, to explore the infinite possibilities of my unconscious mind.

      Good luck!

    • AvatarKami says

      I like to do it trips (mushrooms/dmt) alone in my house (my safe zone) , but DMT is only alone or with your best friend .as you said right , this is not a party drug

  5. AvatarPaul says

    I have recently tried DMT. I vaped 35mg at 185c in a Firefly 2 and broke through.

    The experience was profoundly beautiful and life-changing. You have to be ready to let go once you start flying (close your eyes too) and be in a good place in life to begin with.

    I had a very trusted friend with me, this is vital. Don’t do DMT alone, ever.

    If you have any doubt then don’t do it. This is not a party drug.

    This has changed the way I look at life forever.

    I plan on doing DMT every few months, to explore the infinite possibilities of my unconscious mind.

    Good luck!

  6. AvatarANDY!! says

    such an amazing information about DMT to so glad to find this being glowing after reading the effects and experience..thank you so much for all this information..<3

  7. AvatarKathy says

    This was a very beautifully written, informative piece. I’ve referred to this page before & after my recent DMT journey to help me make sense of what I experienced. Thank you.

    I highly recommend you prepare yourself mentally and physically. True indeed that this journey is not to be taken lightly.

    I’m glad I did it. I likely won’t do it again because the experience was otherworldly, and incredibly intense.

  8. AvatarGoose says

    I’ve tried it where I’ve paid to do it with someone but now want to source my own as i never really felt comfortable and never had the breakthrough experience. My experiences though was like i was sat in a giant kaleidoscope that was infront of me until i realised it was all around me, there was no floor or walls or anything but just dancing shapes and colours. When I’ve opened my eyes during it, it was like the film the Butterfly effect where he’s just about to jump and everything is vibrating, except in mine there was sparks and colour coming off everything.Mindbending experience but ready to move on and at home is the way. Any help appreciated, I’m in the UK, cheers.

    • AvatarHaya says

      Hello, due to the legality of DMT in the UK, we cannot allow the exchange of information regarding sourcing or any illegal activity of that nature.

    • AvatarHaya says

      Unfortunately, we can’t facilitate sourcing or allow discussions about it for legal reasons. The ultimate goal of our mission is to bring about change in the current scheduling of psychedelic substances, but until then we cannot facilitate sourcing.

      • AvatarDom says

        Beautiful write up. It gave me good methods. But, question is there any loss of substance vaping dmt ? I heard that shit Is nuts stronger and smooth/cleaner feel too. How is the process done with a vape ?

  9. Avatarrobert demers says

    i tried special K a few years ago and this was the first time i ever had a real out of body experience, i remember being afraid that i wasn’t going to be able to find my way back to reality..about a year ago i ate a handfull of mushrooms,it had been years since i had a shroom trip,and i completely underestimated the potency of now aday shrooms and definately had a breakthrough experience..i really don’t know if i wan’t to to try D M T…A chicken riding the fence.

  10. AvatarJamie Letterman says

    When I was15 my best friend and me took Asmador it’s a powder you make a small mound light it place towel over head and inhale except we drank it, first time we went blind and tripped but not much couldn’t see for 24 hrs had to call each mother and ask to stay over at friends house so we stayed in my girlfriend garage the whole time next time we lost it for 24 hrs but this is where it’s different from all over trips. We started tripping and both of us would Tripp’s with eyes closed but we would stand walk around the room saying things like a guys in the next room and when comes out we should jump him my friend standing by the door acting like he has a bat in his hand but his eyes are closed then the would sit on the couch and then eyes would open and he would freak and tell me the call the ambulance I said no then I would pass out then play out my role with my eyes closed walking around the room but I liked it all I knew is ok but it’s true we walked talked standing with eyes closed tripping. True story the stuff is off the shelf I think you can look it up. We told a lot of our friends at school and several went to the hospital

  11. AvatarSakib says

    I think the best method is triggering the release of increased DMT in the brain but then this requires a lot of focus and time.

  12. AvatarLee says

    I’ve had numerous experiences both good and bad with LSD and mushrooms, but I’ve only tried DMT once, and all I can say is that nothing else has ever come close to having such a profound effect on me. This is the most powerful experience I’ve ever had, and my life has not and will not ever be the same. After digging around online I am certain that I had a break through, and I think this article describes it best in the simplest terms. I’ve had delusional trips on LSD and mushrooms, but I am absolutely certain about the information I received during my break through. It’s been 3 years since I did DMT and the path I’ve taken since then has completely changed my life for the better, but I won’t say it hasn’t brought hardship either. While this experience has led me down a thrilling road filled with beauty and adventure, it has also weighted heavily on my mind. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about it. There are times where I wish I could go back and forget it all, but with everything that’s happened these past few years I can’t deny that this experience was very real. If you’re thinking about trying it, the word of caution section in this article hits the nail on the head. Like I said, it was by far the most incredible experience I’ve ever had, but just know that it can dramatically change your life.

  13. AvatarSimon says

    The first time I tried Chang’s I went through the gate. My God it was an experience that changed my outlook on spiritually forever. I flew through the universe with no fear just in complete awe. I connected with something but that’s as much as I am prepared to say. It’s a deeply personal experience. Happy travelling to all my fellow psychonauts!

  14. AvatarRobert Phillips says

    On one of my many trips to the cosmos,I had the fortunate pleassure to view in full gloriouse details,to see that we are all connected in ways I would never have understood before.
    All my four beautiful Huskys morphed together with my physical state to make one ray of light which then became my awareness point.What an incredibly almost indescribeable feeling of comprehention given on this exposure as well as the view of a cellphones keypad and screen has led me to believe that this is why these phones are so addictive.
    As the keypad floats around with its translucent letters and numbers that look like clear jade and when punched ,would send that letter zipping along a stright line to the screens display.
    The whole screen has the look of a layer of water rippling with movement and playfully distorts your texts as you stare with facination into this seemingly eternal portall which is seen only thru use of dmt.
    Simply astounding,not to mention the speechless comprehention which was given on my first voyage.
    A full explanation of who we really are and what it was that I was seeing had been given and has given clarity and comfort in ways I simply may never use words to describe.I will try however.
    One God…One Son…Spirits passed.
    This one son is us,on every possible point for view available on every level for life.We are all one in the end and merely split into the countless billions of varieties of lifeforms,in order to gain knowlege at every possible angle for life to be, for a total and complete understanding for who we are.
    In the end its all for knowlege so the darkness becomes a lack of so can be illuminated by truths,not lies or myth or ungrounded hypothesis.
    We are here to gather information so we can pass this to the main beam from which we have been created from.
    We are the very protons of light that radiate thru life…for life…is life.

  15. AvatarKris says

    I have 100mg it came to me out of nowhere by chance iv looked into this for years I suffer from ptsd n have tried weed coke acid xtc I wanna try this to start a fresh start on life but im nervous lol

    • AvatarGriff says

      Dmt will help with your ptsd if done right. I suffer from combat PTSD and have done shrooms LSD and dmt and they have helped me immensely. You just have to be careful.

  16. AvatarMarty says

    I did DMT once around 1999 and had what I would refer to as a religious experience. I’m not religious but I saw what I can only imagine to be the face of God. It was a very enlightening experience but I was early 20s and not much stuck with me.
    I’m 45 now and a few months ago it just fell in my lap. Hell my mission was to get some lsd which also fell in my lap. I never even thought about DMT and I hadn’t thought about it for years. Just hearing my friend say it made my whole experience come back. This was synthetic and changa as well. Neither got me even close to my first time. I recently found out that my first time it was from the taproot.
    DMT has the potential to either change your whole perception of everything that is or ever will be. Or it has the potential to scar you for life. This is a very well written blog that can be a valuable tool when you’re making a decision on whether or not you’re going to do it. The warnings are all very serious.
    Thanks for this informative piece. I forward this link to anyone I know that wants to try it.

  17. AvatarGriff says

    I’m picking up some DMT tommorow. I have smoked DMT 4x in the past 15 yrs and have broke through 2x. I have been preparing myself mentally and spiritually for the experience I’ll have tomm. Looking forward to it.

  18. AvatarJay says

    Amazing read. I have chronic fatigue from ecstasy use in the 90’s. Heard this might help. Would like to see if it helps as my condition of life is crap.

  19. AvatarShaylee says

    This blog and all the comments are absolutely amazing Its clarifying and bringing back my whole experience I smoked dmt (from the root) out of a glass pipe. Almost 12 months ago i can say i didnt breakthrough but by the sounds of it had a Death trip — Can I just say I had extreme loss of reality for up to 5 days after it… was litrually the Worst experience of my life (at the time) Altho i was around people i didnt really know, was EXTREMELY nervous and not in a good frame of mind to begin with but i was offered the experience and didnt back out haha. This blog and all your own comments have made me feel so much better and come to terms with my experience. Altho mine lasted 42 minutes to be exact… I have so much id love to share about my experience and id LOVE to hear more about other peoples too. for the first 6 months after smoking it i said “never in my life will i do it again!” But im happy to say now that im quiet excited for the next time it falls in my lap and ill be sure to set the atmosphere next time and go into it with a different and postive mind set. Altho yes it was the most extreme experience ive ever had, it also made me create the best art/ drawings and insites that can explain my experience much better than words ever could .. I had a book and pen sitting waiting for after wards.. cant wait for next time and yes the one sees all and we are all the one. Heheh

  20. AvatarMaroo says

    In Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy the meaning of life was 42 , I’m 42 and it’s taken me this long and think I’ve been given a glimpse of it , or atleast life lessons, that’s for sure, maybe Douglas Adams was onto something or I just like hitchhiker’s too much.

    Heard about this substance a long time ago and it was , physically, there for the last 2 years just about but as so many have said it finds you , I truly believe that now.

    As I have spent the last 2 years working on myself , the opportunity was there but I never felt right , then it presented it to me in a perfect way, I felt right , set ,sitter was right and I decided to take the plunge , oh my ……

    I have to echo caution, nothing can prepare you for this , a good friend/sitter is required , with experience, and a personal good state of mind as this will shatter your whole take on “reality” to the core.
    As much as I’ve read , watched , listened to about it and previous experiences with psyches , nothing can prepare you in my experience.
    Truly life changing in one way or another, whether spiritual or looking for insight into yourself and deserves the upmost respect.
    Relax and let it take you, really relax, dont fight , although you may well wanna fight it as it is so overwhelming so quickly.
    Breath , practice meditation, breathing techniques, as it will really help.
    Feel the love, may sound “hippy dippy” but you’ll understand and why.
    Be prepared to spend awhile , couple of days, possibly, integrating back into “reality ” so much is put on the , your back in half an hour or so part of it , you can be and most likely will be shaken to the core, or atleast try be prepared to be, nothing can tbh , mushrooms, lsd aren’t gonna prepare you, unless you’ve been hella reckless with high dosages or a serious astral psyhonaut IMHO.

    This substance demands serious respect , I’ve read alot of folk treating it like a party drug to an extent , it most certainly is not , this article is great, does well to caution you, is really well written, highlighting caution (cant emphasis it enough) ,integration and respect (again cant emphasise it enough) but nothing will prepare you.
    Be prepared to question alot when you return.
    Safe travels friends.

    • AvatarB*** says

      I am considering DMT for exploration of consciousness and physics. I have had severe depression in the past and some anxiety but I have reduced my ego load so I am not upset about a lot of the emotional and self esteem things I used to go through. I have learned that the universe is rife with paradox and my personal judgments exists not in a discrete way but as a spectrum and can even be contradictory in certain circumstances. I took an ultimate truth approach to feeling better and the truth is all the things for which I have judged myself on are meaningless to the broader universe. The problem was I felt that my own situation was of universal importance. I felt the universe owed me but now I feel that I serve the universe. For instance I am simultaneously the least important bit of fluff in the universe and the most important person in the universe since I’m the only me I got, and everything in between. The answer(s) lie(s) in how you reference the question. It took a lot of work to make it so that I feel these truths in my bones, feel it on an intuitive level.

      As for my main interests, it’s all about studying fundamental aspects of existence and the power of emergent phenomena. I am in love with exploration and discovery of the cosmos from the Planck Area up to M-Branes. I have learned about the holographic universe theory as well as cosmology and some quantum mechanics. Based on Juan Maldacena work with AdS CFT Correspondence and the agreement by most leading theoretical physicists, I am fairly certain reality is emitted from a cosmic event horizon approx 15BLY away and that event horizon carries all the information contained within the volume of space time encoded in some type of holographic format. I have a suspicion that DMT might illuminate the holographic nature of the universe. If that doesn’t happen, I am also interested in looking at the tessellation patterns of a DMT trip and how the geometry changes from 2-d to hyper-spherical geometry. It seems as though DMT tesselates not only visual information but also auditory, tactile information and also proprioception and even self-identity. Maybe even emotions are tessellated by DMT in a similar way the alien in Annihilation tessellated everything. This tessellation feature would explain the weird feelings and geometries so I don’t think I’d get a bad trip, so long as I can remember what I’ve learned about cosmology and consciousness and the action of DMT.

      I would like to know if I take 40mg of DMT will I know I took a drug or will I forget and not know what is happening to me? The other thing on my mind is can I take questions in with me and still remember them when things are whirling around, beeping and buzzing? I feel like there must be some huge temporal lobe excitation going on as the self reported profundity of these trips seems extreme. I’m not looking for a spiritual journey, I get all the spirituality I need from the cosmos and to me learning how the most fundamental aspects of existence works is a spiritual experience. I have tried religions but they didn’t have an authentic spiritual feeling, more like believing in Santa Clause, but when I began studying the universe and biology, then I felt an authentic awe and something special I just can’t put my finger on. Its probably what most people feel from religion but I don’t know for sure. I mostly want an academic experience with DMT, information dense but emotionally uncharged. I have some simple math questions that I can ask entities to solve which require a calculator for me to see if these entities might be something discrete from me. I doubt they are but I want to know the answer for certain and I’d ask the entity to solve a binomial distribution problem in its head. If a DMT entity gets a binomial distribution problem correct then it’s high odds that the entities are actually separate sentient beings which exist in DMT hyperspace. Binomial distribution problems are easy to lay out but really require a calculator to solve. I highly doubt that anyone could perform a binomial a distribution calculation in their head.

      One thing I have concern with is seeing family or even people during the trip which to me will be a waste of the trip. I don’t want human to human interaction. I can get that without DMT. I’d love to feel like I am traveling through space at ludicrous speeds, and see the nebula and stars I know well, but ultimately I want to see if DMT can provide me a view of the universe as a kaleidoscope of patterns which could be similar to the information encoded on the cosmic event horizon. I’d like to even take a DMT trip down a black hole event horizon to see what the interior geometry might be. But I don’t want to visit dead relatives or living or any human. I don’t want to take DMT more than once if I can help it, so seeing people themed trip would be truly disappointing to me.

      I am unafraid of feeling dead because I am an old man with health conditions that will probably end my life within 5 years. I’ve gone through the stages of grief and am now at acceptance. I view death like I view a hole, it doesn’t actually exist except as a concept. Each of us are patterns of energy and patterns of particles that form us as people. Our mind is a smaller pattern within the larger pattern of our bodies and our consciousness is an even smaller pattern within the larger pattern of our brain. So long as the multiverse exists, which scientists estimate is highly probable, then when we die it’s as if our clocks have stopped. If I turned off time for the entire universe for a period of 10 trillion years and then turned time back on, nobody would know the difference. We can only detect change. We fall asleep and our consciousness fades yet we wake up and we exist once again. Even if it takes the birth and death of 10^1000 universes, given enough time and space patterns will re-occur, re-emerge. This means that the moment our consciousness signs off due to brain death, in that same instant we are born into a new existence and chances are it won’t be human because the odds to reincarnate into an entire human body are much larger odds than the odds for just our consciousness to reincarnate. At some point we will all reincarnate into the exact same body and planet and even the same life as the one we have now. It’s all about odds and very large numbers. I am convinced enough of this, 95% sure, that if I can still remember what I’ve learned about consciousness that I won’t think I’m dead because if you think, therefore you are! I am so enthralled with the magic of the universe, fractals, math, biology, cosmology and consciousness that I don’t need any notion of a spiritual entity. I don’t even feel quite like a typical person. I feel more like a sensory organ for the universe… to help it understand itself. I feel it is my life’s mission to try to solve the big fundamental questions so the universe can understand itself. Every act of learning is the universe understanding itself from a new perspective.

      If there is any advice you can give me to have the type of experience I have outlined, please let me know. Years ago, when I had much more of an ego, I was upset about a lot of things but now that I have learned that I am not me but actually part of the universe, a timeless measurement instrument for the universe just as all life forms are from single cell to the most intelligent ET species, all sensory nodes for the universe. I don’t feel like people have the appropriate awe for having human intelligence, how magical it is that fundamental laws and particles can be arranged in such a way to create the finest tapestry of complexity beyond imagination, complexity that can think for itself!

      I have seen those whom had bad trips on YouTube and they appear to be emotionally destroyed. Worse, they seem to be overly self judgmental about issues that in the big picture are mostly irrelevant. I am impossibly small in all of existence and don’t want to waste time navel gazing. My problems aren’t big enough for the universe or anyone other than me to worry about and since I’m not really me but a sensory organ for the universe, I just don’t want to dive down the rabbit hole of my own navel. I’ve worked hard to build my objectivity and unfailing search for truth and I don’t want it wiped by a bad DMT experience where I get caught up in my own bull excrement. I don’t want to lose my excitement for cosmology, biology, physics, art and consciousness and pout in a corner because of a bad DMT experience.

      I predict I have from now until five years before I pass away from health conditions, so that means I have a relatively small window to take the DMT trip line-item off of my bucket list. I’ve completed all of my bucket list except for wing suit flying, which won’t happen now because my health, and meet and communicate with an intelligent ET. DMT might even help me scratch the “meet an alien” off of my list. But, I am highly doubtful that DMT entities are unique sentient beings who have their own agency. My guess is that it’s a proprioception hallucination but who knows?

      So, please any advice to make this pipe dream into an actual DMT exploration would be appreciated. In summary at 40mg,

      1. Will I remember I took DMT while tripping?
      2. Will I remember a math question to ask an entity, if I see one?
      3. Will all the work I’ve done on learning about consciousness, physics, astronomy, biology, math and the work I’ve done on mindfulness training disappear during the trip or will it stay with me so I have a better chance at fully understanding and incorporating my experience?
      4. Do I really need a sitter? It’s kind of a personal private experience for me and in case I poop myself or do something silly I don’t want to inconvenience anyone else and create an awkward situation for the sitter. Part of my health conditions mean that I could have a case of “oops, I crapped my pants.” If you’ve made it this far in my version of War and Peace, thank you!

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