Read about the effects, myths, legality, and benefits of this naturally-occurring psychedelic. Find information on  DMT use in indiginous ceremonies and modern-day methods of extraction.

What Does DMT Look Like?

You’ve heard people talk about DMT. You may know that ancient native cultures in South America have used it for generations as an aid in shamanistic rituals. Despite this, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What does DMT look like?” If someone walked up to you today and asked “Hey, want some DMT?” would you confidently be […]

DMT Trip: What to Expect

If you have considered trying to smoke DMT, you’ve likely experimented with psychedelics before and now find yourself imbued with a healthy dose of curiosity for stronger stuff. So, your psy-sense has been tingling at the mention of this mysterious drug said to be able to make your soul do backflips in worlds unknown and dimensions […]

Where Does DMT Take You?

My life forever changed as the Earth was peacefully drifting through space, as always, not particularly caring about the humans it carries or their astral travels. It was a warm July afternoon, without a cloud in the sky. The beautiful Hungarian meadow I had been calling my home for a week was the set of […]

Ayahuasca vs. DMT

  Disclaimer: Ayahuasca and DMT are potentially illegal substances, and we do not encourage or condone the use of these substances where it is against the law. However, we accept that illegal drug use occurs, and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason, this guide is designed to ensure the […]


The Essential Guide to DMT
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Microdosing DMT
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