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    3 Reviews on “Ektha Aggarwal, LCSW”

    • Khurram R. 1 year ago

      Ektha is an excellent ketamine assisted therapist, a good listener, and a supportive clinician with integration. Her sessions have been incredibly beneficial in understanding challenges and providing skills to support appropriately.

    • Ritu M. 1 year ago

      Shakti Therapy has been immensely supportive in expanding my understanding of “healing” from the core. Ektha at Shakti demonstrates, compassion, knowledge, and warmth. I would have never opened myself up to the thought of Ketamine Therapy or other modalities they offer at Shakti if it wasn’t for her thorough comprehension and comfort in these areas. Thanks to my engagement with Shakti Therapy and Ektha, I’m much more conscious and balanced in my view of what therapy is. This level of depth, digging deep, and excavating is something that can only be received by a boutique Therapy practice, like Shakti Therapy, that takes the time to customize and curate the type of support needed based on what your struggles are. If you’re looking to set yourself free, this is the place with the people that can help empower you. They are trustworthy, reliable, and considerate. I feel like a person, not a routine patient.

    • Ektha A. Provider 1 year ago

      Shakti Therapy has amazing women therapists like Ektha Aggarwal. Their approach to therapy is rather unique that it incorporates not just traditional approaches, but also other less common techniques that are spiritual, sensory, and customized to you since no specific technique may hold the answer for everyone. Honestly, it is a great service to humanity that such therapists exist in the world.


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