Gabriel Ettenson, MSPT

Holistic Therapist in Boulder, Colorado, United States
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    13 Reviews on “Gabriel Ettenson, MSPT”

    • Diana 2 months ago

      I came to Gabriel during a period of transition and significant stress that had me in a high anxiety state where I was dealing with some panic attacks. After years of traditional CBT I was curious to explore a different approach to support how I navigate the world. Gabriel creates an extremely safe and welcoming environment that lays a foundation for growth and healing. I appreciate the mixed modality approach and how technology has supported my journey. I’ve recommended Gabriel to many friends as he’s been so helpful.

    • Jena 2 months ago

      I am so thrilled with the progress I have experienced and felt from working with Gabe. I have been working withe Gabe primarily in the vibroacoutstic sessions. As a small business owner and as a human being I have really struggled being IN my body and managing stress. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Gabe for several months at this point with weekly sessions. Thee sessions have been nothing short of transformative- I am able to handle my day to day stress with so much more ease. Creating this space in my mental has allowed me to make what I feel are better business decisions. I still have a noisy/distracted brain but I do feel more organized, resilient to getting stressed over emails and more balanced in general. I feel better and more equipped with my decision making!

      gabe is a master at his craft and is beyond passionate about helping others. If you are on the fence, take this as your sign to work with Gabe. The only regret you will have is “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

    • Amber 3 months ago

      This was an incredible experience and I am so thankful to Gabriel! I’ve recently been navigating a career change while handling three under three kids. It has been tough for me mentally and it made the process of discovering my passions more challenging. I was told by a friend to consider an alternative approach to break through what has been weighing on me. I was apprehensive but very open to the possibility of what the outcome would be. Luckily, when it came time for the session, Gabriel made it the most welcoming and comfortable experience! He had such patience to answer all my questions and he was very thorough with his explanations. Going through the session was itself what I had hoped for and more. I cannot recommend it enough to others who are in a similar situation as I was. To add, the room was clean and filled with ahead-of-its-time equipment that elevated the experience even more.

    • Adam H. 5 months ago

      Gabes attention to detail before, during, and after therapy was outstanding. He couldn’t have provided a more welcoming environment and demeanor.
      So deep yet so simple. From athletics to deep trauma Gabe has the skillset to help you break through plateaus and barriers you didn’t think were possible.

    • Alison D. 8 months ago

      I’m very grateful to have been introduced to Gabe when he presented on brain plasticity and how his work centers around changing the brain. After attending, I was curious to try out some of the methods he uses in his practice.

      I wasn’t sure what to expect and definitely assumed it would be a slow, step-by-step process. I went in with a pretty extensive list of intentions really hoping to just scratch the surface of a few. I was shocked at how powerful the experience and working with Gabe truly was and how impactful the different techniques were. I could not have had a more positive growth experience that I did and I cannot more highly recommend working with Gabe and Sage Space Retreat . All of my initial intentions were met and the entire experience opened my mind up in so many unexpected ways. Truly a life changing experience!

    • Kim R. 8 months ago

      The space that Gabe provides with his sessions is artfully and intentionally curated for the user’s experience. Gabe’s energy, mixed with the energy of the space and the tools he chooses, lends to a beautiful experience from start to finish. I was left with a profound sense of being “at home within myself.” Refreshed and reset-ready to take on my life again. I highly recommend looking into working with him.

    • monika h. 9 months ago

      I did a “natural medicine” session with Gabe Ettenson and his colleague, Elena Georgouses in July 2023. It was an amazing experience for me and I am beyond grateful. In just a few hours I was able to not only to release a huge amount of childhood traumas, but also reach the point of relaxation and breakthrough. I felt very safe, supported with care and love by Elena and Gabe. The whole process was perfected curated for my needs and enhanced by “new wave” technology, amazing sound and very comfortable surroundings. I am thankful to myself that I decided to go for it, despite having to travel from New York and also being nervous. I am amazed how much I was able to let go off in just one session! Elena and Gabe were not only holding space for me but through trauma-informed touch they helped me to safely work through my fears, to let go and fully release what my body needed to let go off/ work through. I highly recommend this therapy for anyone who is ready and truly wants to let go of all what hinders us to live free and playful. I am very curious how things will develop further, after this profound experience. Already in the first days after my session I can see and feel the changes, like for example: I feel less anxious in stressful situations, I feel more rested and have more energy (even with less sleep), I feel emotionally “lighter”, I am more compassionate and loving with myself. Lots of Love and Thank you again Gabe/Elena

    • Heather T. 11 months ago

      I would like to echo the extremely positive feedback left by others above regarding Gabe Ettenson and his colleague, Elena Georgouses.

      I heard about their work at a time when I was starting to explore different approaches to working through some long-standing mental health challenges, family issues, and life changes, and decided to start a dialogue with them. From the very first conversation, I could tell that Gabe and Elena care deeply about having a positive impact on their clients, and ensuring their clients feel safe, comfortable and heard throughout the process. I never felt pressured to move forward, always felt clear about what to expect, and always felt in control.

      As others have said, the experience itself was highly curated to my needs, the space was beautiful, the music deeply moving, and both Gabe and Elena were extremely professional but also caring. This was my first time experiencing anything like this, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. While the single day itself did not change my life, per se, the perspectives I gained are things I continue to go back to – and I see them as a wellspring for ongoing work. I appreciate that Gabe and Elena said as much – that it’s the ongoing meditation, journaling, and working with the perspectives gained that will deliver the real changes…

      I look forward to continuing to work with Gabe and Elena, and Sage Space Retreats, and highly recommend them to anyone curious about this kind of healing experience.

    • Rose B. 11 months ago

      Thank you, Gabriel! Thank you for providing cutting edge therapies that address the very latest in evidence-based neuroplasticity and neuro-reintegration! Your presentations are also extremely insightful and packed with fantastic information!

      Thank you for your professionalism and quiet but complete presence in facilitating one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. The positive effects continue to unfurl as I take each day moment by moment! I am truly grateful!

    • Robbi G. 1 year ago

      Tapping into infinite wisdom and intuition, Gabriel curated an experience of vibration and sound for me that opened a pathway to my deepest sorrow. Being deeply empathic, Elena joined me there at the center of grief I carried a lifetime. Together, they sutured wounds previously unreachable and now my life is changed.

    • christy T. 1 year ago

      All of my expectations and projections about a curated session with Gabriel, including his vibrational and sound therapy “co-facilitators” were exceeded and upgraded.

      First of all, the experience, equipment, and setting was professional and luxurious. The environment was relaxing, and the added vibroacoustic lounge cradled my body better than a couch. Once the vibration was turned on it helped ease me in and promoted a deeper level of communication with every cell, tissue and system in my body. Matched with sound, I had an effortless time feeling my intentions communicating through the intelligence in the room. It was the perfect combination of physical sensory input and higher mental and spiritual intelligence to clear away all of the outside world.

      I lost track of time even though I felt very present.
      The sound was the best part of it for me. It consumed my imagination but I had free will to ride any thought and direct it for solutions, reprinting and revising my past, present and future.

      Gabriel has his own style in his effort to provide a curated experience. It felt really good knowing that Gabriael was still in the room but not needing to talk.
      Gabriel is a great facilitator and a sound master, and I can only imagine that the way he works allows a the stronger and quicker inner connection to come through.

      Deep meditation, contemplation, spiritual healing and breakthroughs are all present in this therapy.
      There’s more intelligence in this technology, science and sound than I’ve ever experienced with other techniques.

      Christy Thiel MNT

    • Amy N. 1 year ago

      For the past couple of years I have been struggling with what my identity is, what my passions/goals are, and what my intentions are for my life. I’ve always had a hard time with being mindful or in tune with myself that I have felt like I have just been moving along with little to no intentional thought or purpose. Purely existing.

      After a quick initial chat with Gabe and learning about his philosophy, his outlook, and experience with the mind and how it works – I knew I needed to learn more on how this could help me with my own outlook.

      I can’t even express the gratitude I have now for Gabe and his knowledge. Working with him is exactly what I needed to explore in depth my own mind and spirit.

      Gabe was so patient with me as I tried to articulate how I was feeling and what my struggles were. He was so clear in explaining his methods and process. I felt understood and cared for every step of the way.

      Working with Gabe and the combination of his philosophy, the benefits of vibroacoustic therapy, meditation, and the rest of the experience as a whole helped me reset my mind, body, and outlook on life. I feel stronger and more in touch with myself and my mind.

      Everything about the experience was clearly curated for my needs – from the music to the space. I felt safe, comforted, and cared for. The follow-up and care that Gabe provides after each session – is outstanding. He truly goes above and beyond, you can see his sincerity and passion in helping others reach their peace.

      I am excited to continue working with Gabe and Sage Space to continue with my mental and spiritual growth.

    • Ola L. 1 year ago

      I cannot recommend Gabriel Ettenson enough. After being laid off from my executive marketing job, I wanted to take some time to really evaluate what was important to me and what I wanted in my next role. I decided to work with Gabe.

      Let me start by saying that working with Gabe was an incredible experience from start to finish. Gabe took the time to truly understand my goals, answered any questions I had, talked through the many options, and set expectations – all in a way that left me feeling really comfortable, safe, and confident. I knew that he was right there for me, should I need anything, but never in a way that felt intrusive to my experience.

      Second, his facility is incredibly beautiful and well equipped for an experience that is both comfortable and tailored to what works best for each individual person. He uses an amazing vibrational sound bed and light where beneficial. I was able to test what worked for me, and not feel locked into anything. I chose darkness and sound for my primary experience, then worked with the lights and vibration for a shorter experience later. Each thing brings something different to your experience, so I think the key is really to understand the options and do what feels right for you and your goals.

      As I said, I had never done anything like this before, but it was genuinely SO positive – it’s hard to explain how impactful it was. I highly recommend working with Gabe to anyone who would like to have an experience where they can fully relax into a place where they can really examine issues or questions of importance to themselves, or work through challenges they may be feeling.

      With another practitioner, I’m not sure I would have felt nearly as comfortable, but Gabe has this amazing calming presence and his intelligence and caring nature are so evident. You know you’re in good hands, which is so important for this kind of work.

      Since my work with Gabe, I’ve recommended him to a whole bunch of people, including my own daughters. If you’re curious about this kind of experience, I highly recommend talking with Gabe. You won’t regret at least learning more, and you may very well be about to have a truly life-changing experience.


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