Shamballa Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreat in Huayllabamba, Cusco, Peru
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    1 Review on “Shamballa Ayahuasca Retreats”

    • Abbey S. 3 years ago

      Pitt and Gintare were by my side during my first ever Ayahuasca experience, and they´ve been there for me ever since. After over 30 ceremonies, I look back on my first night of Ayahuasca with respect and see the caged girl glued to her bed, crying out years of repressed trauma and anguish and I am grateful for the support I received. I remember looking into GIntare´s eyes the morning after my first ceremony and sharing a deep connection of knowing – a knowing that life would never be the same again. Now, during my subsequent nights, I feel nothing but gratitude and joy for these special couple when the fairy magic of Ayahuasca takes over my spirit and guides me to celebrate life in a tumble and whirl of sacred movement and dance.

      Pitt is a master of different instruments from around the world and commands the space in a reverent balance of music and silence. Both perfectly placed, both perfectly balanced. Gintare is a homage to the magnificence of the Divine Feminine and is there to help you throughout the night before you even know you need support.

      Their experience working within the medicine, coupled with their certainty that there is a place beyond suffering and pain – a place of beauty and joy – make their ceremonies very sacred and special indeed.


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