Alexis Gross VETTED

Psychedelic Integration Coach in Los Angeles, California, United States
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    3 Reviews on “Alexis Gross”

    • Caroline I. 3 weeks ago

      I love working with Alexis so much! It has been about a year of coaching with her and she has been a wonderful resource and space holder for me. The tools and modalities she uses have been helpful for plant medicine integration and deep work surrounding trauma and uncovering truth and shame. I had never done IFS before, but it’s been a wonderful tool that Alexis facilitates.

      Alexis is incredibly talented at hearing and seeing you and her intuition is incredibly strong. Sessions can address a current situation you are going through or can be the building blocks for creating long term goals. Alexis has helped me through so much and has given me a space to express myself and I appreciate her wisdom and nonjudgmental approach that creates the safest space. I also love checking in with her when things are flowing with ease in my life. Highly highly recommend booking for sessions with Alexis!

    • Emma D. 3 months ago

      Working with Alexis has been life changing. She has supported me through many plant medicine journeys with her preparation and integration sessions, as well as many big life transitions.

      My work with her has served as a safe space and a honest mirror. She holds space with grace, love, compassion, and deep integrity.

      I’m always amazed at how even the sessions I show up for where I feel I might have nothing to talk about end up being some of our deepest sessions.

      Her ability to listen to the subtleties and ask me questions that shift my perspective is one of her many gifts.

      Since working with Alexis I’ve become more self aware and more self accepting. I look forward to my sessions with her every week because the benefits of them are truly nourishing every aspect of my life.

      She is full of wisdom and is someone who is truly dancing the dance. I cannot recommend working Alexis enough!

    • Rob R. 5 months ago

      Alexis has been an integral part of my healing journey. I was first introduced to Alexis as a psychedelic integration coach when I started Ketamine infusion therapy. She understood the path towards healing and the use of psychedelics in that healing journey. She helped me make sense of the powerful images, messages, sensations and thoughts that I received during the Ketamine treatments.

      Alexis, takes “active listening” to another level. Her essence is full of compassion and empathy. She never judges or tells you what you “should” do. She gives the best advice by not giving any advice at all. Instead she asks questions and helps you find the answers that your true self feels completely aligned with. She never criticizes or makes me feel bad for shortcomings or the “failure” of an action plan that I didn’t act upon.

      After my Ketamine sessions I retained Alexis for her life coaching and IFS services. She has been my life coach for about a year now and with her help and support I was able to overcome addictions, depression and even my career/financial goals has seen a night and day improvement. I have been steadily improving my relationships with the people in my life but especially the relationship with myself. My life has truly transformed for the better and I could not done it with her help.

      If anyone has the chance to work with Alexis, I highly recommend her.

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