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Psychedelic Integration Coach in Los Angeles, California, United States
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    9 Reviews on “Alexis Gross”

    • Nick K. 5 days ago

      To put it simply — working with Alexis changed my life. I met her when I knew, intuitively but unconsciously, that my soul sought expansion and growth, but I was stuck. Alexis, with her spirit and wisdom, enabled that expansion to occur. Her work is personalized, multi-modal, deeply empathetic, and profoundly insightful. We’ve done everything from IFS to somatic work; we’ve had raw conversations; she’s encouraged and ushered both spiritual and tactical changes in my life. Our work has deepened my understanding of myself and set my life on a new course. I know myself better; I am clearer in my goals; I am more effectively able to navigate my own mind; I love myself more, and I can more freely and safely give that love out to others. Our sessions are the best gift I have ever given myself, and I could not recommend her more emphatically. If you have the opportunity to work with Alexis, take it. She is a caring, compassionate, and brilliant person & a healer in every sense of the word.

    • Shirin A. 4 weeks ago

      I started seeing Alexis as my ketamine integration coach at the start of 2024, but I’ve continued seeing her as my IFS coach and for nervous system and general healing. When I first came to her, I felt defeated in several areas of my life, overwhelmed by a constant state of crisis. Now, I often enter our sessions after having a great week, sometimes unsure of what to discuss. This shift has allowed us to focus on expansion and personal growth rather than crisis management. Regardless of what we end up exploring, I always leave the session feeling better than when I entered, and I truly look forward to our appointments.

      Alexis’s expertise and empathetic nature create a safe and nurturing environment where it feels easy to be vulnerable. She has an incredible gift for meeting you exactly where you are on your healing journey and guiding you gently forward. Her approach is always compassionate and non-judgmental, making the entire process feel respectful and empowering. Even my regular therapist acknowledges the benefits of my IFS sessions and often suggests bringing certain issues to Alexis. It feels like I experience a breakthrough every session. Her skillful and compassionate coaching has brought about a level of personal growth and a growing sense of peace that I had long been striving for. I highly recommend Alexis to anyone seeking deep and lasting healing who may feel like they are spinning their wheels with traditional methods. She WILL guide you to whatever modality and pace is best for your system.

    • JR B. 6 months ago

      I feel so very grateful to have had the chance to work with Ali. With lots of new research coming out about the benefits of working intentionally with psychedelics I was curious to have an intentional journey of my own. I didn’t know what to expect going into our first meeting but after our call I knew I was in good hands. Before the actual journey Ali helped me identify important themes and intentions that were floating around in my conscious and unconscious mind. She took the proper logistical steps and provided a space that made me feel both physically and emotionally safe during the ceremony. After the ceremony, the integration of my journey far exceeded my expectations. Working with the IFS system, and her intuitive awareness, I was left with a feeling of understanding and compassion for myself.

    • Alina 6 months ago

      I cannot overstate the importance of Alexis in this season of my life. She’s an amazing active listener, has great intuition on what your body and mind sometimes can’t emote, and has the incredible gift of pacing and compassion. I’m a hyper-productive, burn-out type with a healthy dose of pragmatism; Alexis always helped me approach each problem with realism, compassion, and super groundedness. Truly, her counsel has been transformative and has helped me rise from a place of great depression and anxiety, closer to acceptance and celebration of myself. I really could not recommend her enough!

    • Jeni M. 7 months ago

      I am forever grateful for my time working with Alexis. I looked forward to our calls and always felt so much better after them. She taught me so much, and helped me in so many ways and I am forever grateful for her. I know I will continue to use the guidance that she taught me and I am forever grateful for her.

    • Alicia R. 8 months ago

      I recently had the privilege of working with Alexis, and I can’t express how grateful I am for the positive impact she has had on my healing journey. From the moment we spoke in person, I felt welcomed and understood, setting the tone for a healing journey that was deeply transformative. Alexis is a compassionate and empathetic coach who genuinely cares about her clients. She possess an exceptional ability to create a safe, non-judgmental space where I felt comfortable sharing my most personal thoughts and emotions. This atmosphere of trust allowed me to open up and explore my challenges with vulnerability. She tailored her therapeutic techniques to meet my specific needs, drawing from a diverse range of therapeutic modalities like Internal Family Systems which was very helpful. Alexis is a wonderful coach, If you’re searching for a someone who combines compassion, expertise, and a genuine commitment to your well-being, I wholeheartedly recommend Alexis. I am deeply thankful for the positive changes she helped me achieve. I look forward to continuing my therapeutic journey with her.

    • Caroline I. 10 months ago

      I love working with Alexis so much! It has been about a year of coaching with her and she has been a wonderful resource and space holder for me. The tools and modalities she uses have been helpful for plant medicine integration and deep work surrounding trauma and uncovering truth and shame. I had never done IFS before, but it’s been a wonderful tool that Alexis facilitates.

      Alexis is incredibly talented at hearing and seeing you and her intuition is incredibly strong. Sessions can address a current situation you are going through or can be the building blocks for creating long term goals. Alexis has helped me through so much and has given me a space to express myself and I appreciate her wisdom and nonjudgmental approach that creates the safest space. I also love checking in with her when things are flowing with ease in my life. Highly highly recommend booking for sessions with Alexis!

    • Emma D. 11 months ago

      Working with Alexis has been life changing. She has supported me through many plant medicine journeys with her preparation and integration sessions, as well as many big life transitions.

      My work with her has served as a safe space and a honest mirror. She holds space with grace, love, compassion, and deep integrity.

      I’m always amazed at how even the sessions I show up for where I feel I might have nothing to talk about end up being some of our deepest sessions.

      Her ability to listen to the subtleties and ask me questions that shift my perspective is one of her many gifts.

      Since working with Alexis I’ve become more self aware and more self accepting. I look forward to my sessions with her every week because the benefits of them are truly nourishing every aspect of my life.

      She is full of wisdom and is someone who is truly dancing the dance. I cannot recommend working Alexis enough!

    • Rob R. 1 year ago

      Alexis has been an integral part of my healing journey. I was first introduced to Alexis as a psychedelic integration coach when I started Ketamine infusion therapy. She understood the path towards healing and the use of psychedelics in that healing journey. She helped me make sense of the powerful images, messages, sensations and thoughts that I received during the Ketamine treatments.

      Alexis, takes “active listening” to another level. Her essence is full of compassion and empathy. She never judges or tells you what you “should” do. She gives the best advice by not giving any advice at all. Instead she asks questions and helps you find the answers that your true self feels completely aligned with. She never criticizes or makes me feel bad for shortcomings or the “failure” of an action plan that I didn’t act upon.

      After my Ketamine sessions I retained Alexis for her life coaching and IFS services. She has been my life coach for about a year now and with her help and support I was able to overcome addictions, depression and even my career/financial goals has seen a night and day improvement. I have been steadily improving my relationships with the people in my life but especially the relationship with myself. My life has truly transformed for the better and I could not done it with her help.

      If anyone has the chance to work with Alexis, I highly recommend her.


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