Jamie Star Crawford

Personal Transformation Coach in Huntington Beach, California, United States
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    3 Reviews on “Jamie Star Crawford”

    • Sara H. 3 months ago

      My work with Jamie was completely transformative! She assisted me in my healing journey with plant medicine. From start to finish she was there for me all the way through and I felt thoroughly supported and so safe with her. She helped me prepare for my journey in every way. Planning the time and location, discovering my intentions, working through my emotions that came up and fear leading up to it. She sat with me during and held space for me and comforted me. Afterwords, working with her to integrate what I had experienced during my journey was key! It’s was life changing. She shared insights with me and helped me design a roadmap of what I was working towards in my life post this incredible experience. She guided me so beautifully. I am forever grateful to her for how safe she made me feel. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone considering doing any healing or spiritual work of any kind!

    • Sandy G. 2 years ago

      My experience with Jamie has changed my life. I have been in talk therapy for years, but was frustrated at my lack of progress. So much talking, but nothing was sinking in. I heard the words that were being spoken, but I either didn’t believe them or just didn’t know how to apply them. Out of near desperation, I connected with Jamie as my guide. From the first intention setting session, I knew this was going to be different from my experiences with traditional therapy. Jamie was sensitive, encouraging, and helped me drill down my original intention to something deeper than I first anticipated. I felt heard and supported. After a couple of sessions, I didn’t feel any fear going into my ceremony with her because I knew that Jamie would keep me safe. The ceremony itself was absolutely transformational. It was sacred, humbling, solemn, soulful, tearful, wondrous, illuminating, loving, and yet surprisingly ordinary – it was just on my living room rug! Jamie was there to quietly and lovingly encourage me. Metaphorically speaking, she held open a door as I walked through, and never left my side throughout the journey. It was wonderful, and I’m so grateful to her. Our integration sessions have been amazing too – that’s where the magic (and the work) really happens. The way I look at my life has changed so much in the short amount of time since the experience. The loving and tender things that were said on my living room rug – those words came out of my mouth…to myself, about myself, and I meant them! Words that I’ve been hearing all my life but never listened to. They’re finally sinking in, and I’m finally starting to believe that everything is going to be ok.

    • Jeffrey H. 2 years ago

      Jamie is someone you will feel you already know; you’ll feel her warmth, passion and special healing qualities are solely for your benefit. With her loving, caring knowledge, and intuitional professionalism she can help you unravel answers to questions, and discover answers that heal. Her insightful levels of empathy, emotional intelligence, and compassionate caring will open you up to recognize the opportunities and people that will mutually benefit your life.

      By using intentional language, she guides you to new possibilities on how to integrate into a new healing path. She includes insights and practical exercises that apply to life, while creating a safe and gentle space for you to open up and dig deep to help you learn so much more about who you truly are.

      Jeffrey Holgate


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