Understanding Different Cannabis Strains

Third Wave · April 7th, 2018

While not always socially accepted, cannabis has provided human beings with medicinal relief and recreational enjoyment for years. People all over the world have use cannabis to achieve psychotic and physiological manipulations. With the growing support and legalization of cannabis use across the country, people are discovering new ways to incorporate cannabis in their daily lives. Among the growing trends of marijuana use is microdosing. Microdosing cannabis is the act of intaking a small, controlled dose of cannabis in order to get the desired effects of marijuana without the “high feeling.” In order to achieve your desired results after microdosing, or any marijuana intake, it is important to know the different types of cannabis and their effects.

Types of Cannabis

Although cannabis has served the human race for generations, people didn’t conclusively classify its different genetic types taxonomically until the 18th century. Before then, people who used cannabis were oblivious to the different medical qualities of its various genetic types. People, in their travels, then realized that there existed two phenotypes of marijuana: Indica and Sativa

1. Indica

The indica marijuana plants are short and bushy, and have much broader leaves than the sativa breed. This strain of cannabis contains more CBD than THC. The indica strain of cannabis chiefly treats medical complications through:

  • Inducing mental and muscle relaxation (acts as a depressant)
  • Reducing nausea
  • Reducing the severity of acute pain
  • Increasing appetite and pleasure sensations

Generally, most medical conditions with physiological repercussions require doses of indica. It does not offer the thrills of the Sativa strain, but it is very suitable for resting, unwinding, beating headaches, and overcoming insomnia.

2. Sativa

In contrast, the sativa strain of cannabis contains more THC than CBD. Its leaves are tall and thin, are also always clearly a lighter shade of green than indica leaves. It is more stimulating and it treats undesirable medical conditions through:

  • Reducing users’ anxiety
  • Minimizing depression levels and manifestations
  • Controlling and putting off chronic pain
  • Increasing concentration and creativity
  • Increasing users’ ability to regulate their mood, sleep, and social tendencies

Sativa treats cerebral issues such as ADD, mood disorders, depression, and fatigue. Most doctors and self-prescribing users prefer cannabis indica for night time use and cannabis sativa for daytime use.

3. Hybrid Cannabis

Upon the discovery of the difference between the two indigenous strains of cannabis, people quickly got innovative in crossbreeding the two strains in pursuit of combining the medical and recreational benefits of both in one strain. Experiments in the inheritance and variation laws of genetics resulted in varying levels of CBD and THC in differently bred hybrid strains.

Microdosing Cannabis

Initially, marijuana microdosing was not very popular, and users intaking uncontrolled amounts of cannabis in order to reach the high feeling. As people become increasingly more open about their preferences in consumption of marijuana for therapeutic purposes and cerebral stimulation, researchers continue to advance their knowledge on cannabis microdosing.

Professionals increasingly declare that they prefer controlled consumption of marijuana, and they detest large and unregulated consumption which make them feel too high or too lax to function. Beginners often conduct their own microdosing experiments to determine which consumption methods work with their situations best, and what amounts of particular strains serve their cognitive and physiological needs most efficiently.

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