Why Transformational Breathwork is Key to Cultivating Presence

Episode 79

Philippa Wilkin

Philippa Wilkin, transformational leadership coach and breathwork facilitator, sits down with host Paul F. Austin to discuss existential crises, why breathwork helps to integrate repressed emotions, and how consistently live in a state of presence.

If you’re interested in why breathwork and psychedelics make for an excellent pair, then join us for a deep dive into the story of one of the world’s foremost breathwork facilitators.

Philippa Wilkin

Born and bred in the English countryside, Philippa is a corporate escapee turned transformational leadership coach and breathwork facilitator. An existential crisis led to a path of self exploration, deciding to quit her 12 year insurance career to discover her true purpose. Living in Brazil was the perfect antidote to her western conditioning and provided the space to explore and train in therapeutic breathwork. She is the founder of Breathworks, a coach and retreat leader, and travels the world empowering people to use conscious breathing techniques to achieve their greatest potential.

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Podcast Highlights

  • How Philippa’s existential crisis led to her becoming a breathwork instructor
  • Defining the difference between Transformational Breathwork and Wim Hof Breathwork
  • Why integrating our repressed emotions is so important for maintaining vibrant health and well-being

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