The Third Wave Podcast

Should We Keep Psychedelics Weird?

Episode 56

Sophia Rokhlin

Anthropologist Sophia Rokhlin joins us on the podcast to discuss ayahuasca, sustainability, and the role of microdosing in capitalist society. Sophia shares her experiences with ayahuasca shamans, and describes the issues of sustainability – where should we draw the line when it comes to the commodification of ayahuasca? Sophia also gives her opinion on microdosing, and the dangers of it being used to further corporate ‘growth-at-all-costs’ goals.

Would you rather read? Click here for this episode’s transcript.

Podcast Highlights

  • Why ecological awareness is associated with psychedelics
  • How microdosing could be used to improve sustainability and ethical business practices
  • Why we should keep psychedelics a rite of passage rather than a commodity
  • Why psychedelic feminism matters when encountering certain indigenous traditions

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