What Happened To The First LSD Researchers?

Episode 41

Erika Dyck

In this episode we sit down with Erika Dyck, a psychedelic researcher at the University of Saskatchewan. We delve into the history of LSD research in Canada, and how the psychedelic counter-culture movement threatened its potential. Erika shares her opinion on the future of The Third Wave of psychedelics, and how a balanced dialogue is needed to avoid another backlash.

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Podcast Highlights

  • Why was Canada a focal point of LSD research?
  • Humphrey Osmond’s relationship with Aldous Huxley, and why their psychedelic research couldn’t compete with Timothy Leary.
  • Erika explains how we can avoid the mistakes of the past, and keep the psychedelic movement broad and adaptable.

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  1. AvatarJeff (Jimmy) says

    Being Canadian and in Manitoba I’m very interested, if anybody has any information about this, please let me know and I will give you my email or some form of contact, I can get many species of psilocybin fungi, but from what I’m reading, hearing and learning is that LSD beats psilocybin mushrooms for microdosing purposes.. all there is around here is fentanyl on blotters..

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