Paul Stamets Announces Launch of First-Ever Mobile Microdosing Study

Paul Austin · November 13th, 2019

On Friday, November 15, renowned mycologist Paul Stamets announced the launch of the world’s first mobile microdosing study on the Joe Rogan podcast.  In collaboration with MAPS Canada and Quantified Citizen, Dr. Zachary Walsh is conducting the study. Results will help researchers better understand the effects of microdosing psychedelics on cognitive performance and mental health.

Participation in this cutting-edge research is completely anonymous as participants will not be asked to identify name, email, or date of birth. Due to the legal status of psychedelics, researchers will not provide the actual microdoses. It is up to each person to source the psychedelic, with a clear understanding that psychedelic use outside of clinical trials is still illegal in almost every jurisdiction.

How Does it Work?

Participating in the mobile microdosing study requires approximately three total hours over three months. Once you download the application, it will ask for basic demographic information, medical history, and any self-reported use of psychedelics. Then, you must complete an initial assessment, so researchers understand your baseline level of cognitive performance and general mental health.

After completing the initial questions, you are asked to go about your regular routines for up to 3 months, completing 1-minute questionnaires daily. Every month, you must repeat the battery of cognitive performance and mental health assessments (same as the baseline) as a way to understand how your baseline has shifted.

At the end of your microdosing protocol, you will be asked to complete a short closing survey that takes 5 minutes.

Here’s the kicker: you do not need microdose to take part in this study. As part of the study, researchers are interested in observing those who microdose and those who do not.

Why Does This Matter?

Due to the illicit nature of psychedelic substances, carrying out clinical research on microdosing has proved to be complicated. It is incredibly expensive to go through the process of approval, and there are strict limitations on how clinical research happens.

In developing this mobile microdosing study, the team at Quantified Citizen wants to generate as much high-quality data as possible through the utilization of emerging technologies like self-reporting and mobile apps.

Their objective sounds very similar to Dr. Jim Fadiman’s when he spoke about the utility of the initial research he and Dr. Sophia Korb published. According to the homepage of MicrodoseStudy.com, “the results of this study will generate hypotheses for future research and provide an improved understanding of the effects of microdosing psychedelics, which ideally will lead to better safety and maximize potential benefits.”

Whereas Dr. Fadiman focused much of his research on mental health issues, the team behind the mobile microdosing study is more interested in general cognitive effects. One key focus is neurogenesis and how microdosing helps us to become more adaptable.

Are you interested in finding out more details about the mobile microdosing study? You can get the full run-down of how to participate by checking out MicrodoseStudy.com. And if you’re looking for information on how to develop your very own microdosing experience, check out Third Wave’s Microdosing Course.

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    • AvatarBen says

      Dont taint some thing pure, that should be free, with greed and dollar signs.
      Don’t take ignorant peoples money in the name of research.
      Dont commercialized psychedelics.
      Don’t disrespect the mushroom.
      All of the information you’re attempting to sell is completely free on the internet.
      Why would I pay $400 for couple 30 minute phone calls with a stranger when I could talk to someone I know and cares about me for free?

      Even if psychedelics become legal, Capitalizing on them should always remain illegal!

      Do the right thing. Eat some more mushrooms and don’t ruin something beautiful.

      Your loveing friend, Me.

  1. AvatarRon W says

    I, too, would really like to participate. But there isn’t an android app available, and I can’t download the apple app on my ipad.

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