Our Future Is Ancient - Ceremonial Psilocybin Retreat

Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico
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    6 Reviews on “Our Future Is Ancient - Ceremonial Psilocybin Retreat”

    • Christiana S. 2 years ago

      Forever grateful for the deep magic and medicine this team brings into their work. These experiences are works of art, carefully and lovingly tended. Highly recommend.

    • Mauri A. 2 years ago

      This experience changed my life. And I am so thankful for the creators & teachers. My intention was to transform, get out of the dark place where I was before, this place of disconnection, disconnected from emotions, the world and myself. what I experienced on this retreat was more than that, it was a rebirth.

      Thanks to the plants, above all the other participants on this journey and the team I could reconnect with the world again, I could express emotions that where trapped for a long time and I found my voice that speaks truly from the heart.

      The team of “ourfutureisancient” created a safe space where I could remember and feel who we are in our pure essence: Brothers and Sisters, living and enjoying the unconditional love and presents of mother earth, always connected and always wearing this light of love within us in our hearts.

      I can only recommend this retreat to all those who want to start feeling again, want to remember, feel joy, but also want to give sadness, pain and suffering their space in a safe place, and in the end want to feel this loving connection to other people, to the plants, nature and to themselves again.

      Before I would never have shown myself and opened up like I do now. Now I would love to be a model of transformation, sharing my experiences, strength and hope others discover their best selves too. This Retreat was a perfect start for me on my spiritual path. And the best: I found a new family. thank you from my heart.

    • Hoora S. 2 years ago

      A very transformative experience, hard but in all aspect perfectly planned.
      I feel cared for and I felt a lot of space is held for my by others and this main thing was the most healing for me. you get your heart open and you add in new neuro paths to ur old habits.

      the connection that was built between the ppl was simply unique through the medicine and we sort of extended it even after weeks the retreat ended, we made a family through this retreat. bringing a diverse group of ppl with very different experiences and maing us all one.

      the location and the beach day are basically magical, I felt PURE BLISS AND JOY on this day. I will not spoil with details. The organizers are very soft beautiful ppl that guided this transformation.
      very much gratitude towards them.
      I still hear them singing in my ear and I recommend yo to put your fears aside and go for this.
      remember all those fears and all of you is welcomed there

    • Gaby S. 2 years ago

      This retreat has given me a new outlook on life. I entered into it not knowing anyone, feeling socially awkward even in bigger groups of people, suffering social anxiety for years. This community, the whole group, but especially the facilitators that created this beautiful sacred container for healing and expansion, made me feel so welcome and really at home from the moment I arrived.

      They really succeeded in making me realize that coming together in a community is one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves. Seeing a reflection of ourselves in the other.

      The way Pia, Veronica, Mar, Alberto, Marciano and Shane are working with these sacred ancestral medicines and are creating these beautiful ceremonial spaces is of the highest integrity and filled with nothing but love, powerful prayer, and songs.

      I feel transformed after my week at Soul Medicine. A deep shift on a cellular level has happened to me and I am so inspired to carry my own medicine into my local community.

      I cannot recommend this retreat enough. Go and become part of this beautiful family. You won’t regret it!

    • Johnny H. 2 years ago

      What can I say this has to have been the most transformational experience of my life. I came into this space looking for ways to let go of the anxiety and worries that’s have been suffocating me in my everyday life.

      In search for a place to retreat I stumbled on Soul Medicine on Retreat guru. Not sure exactly why but it just felt like this was the place I needed to go.

      Three weeks later I was in the jungle with 14 strangers thinking what did I get myself into? The 7 days that followed truly enriched my life. All the love and care the Facilitators put into the retreat is so strongly felt . I have so much trouble letting go but feeling so held and at the same time free to be as I want, I was finally able to surrender.

      Each ceremony was so unique, filled with wisdom, songs and expression. Truly never felt my inner child more nourished than my time at Soul Medicine. I know that my healing journey is just beginning but what a beautiful reset to get going.

      I feel so full of gratitude for my time with the family.

      The location was out of this world and the memories will be with me for life. I could not recommend more I will never forget that night dancing around the fire I never felt so alive!

    • Lucy T. 2 years ago

      This was the most magical week of my life. I will never forget how healing it was simply to sit in community around such a well cared for fire, sharing so much and journeying through so much together in what felt like the most raw, intimate and connecting moments I’ve ever known. Each ceremony was so different and taught me more than I can possibly express here… And held by the jungle in such a visceral way. The sounds became me, the visions enveloped me and I felt less ‘I’ and more oneness, unity. I feel revived, inspired, touched, held and heard – that my pain and my problems no longer feel so lonely and heavy. I’ve fallen in love with life again.

      The team are simply wonderful and I felt very safe and supported throughout this experience. The food was delicious, especially those vegan cheesecake deserts! It is very clear the amount of love and care that has gone into this retreat. I can’t recommend it enough.


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