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Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico
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    9 Reviews on “Sayulita Wellness Psilocybin Retreat”

    • Mario C. 1 year ago

      The experience was fantastic! From the beginning to the very end. Starting with the receival al the airport, to getting to the retreat and meeting this lovely team who welcomed me from the first moment. The location and accomodation is spectacular, the chef amazing (amaaaziiiiing), the psycotherapist awesome and of course all of the team who guided me all the time. The medicine ceremony is suited for the best of your needs and they were so lovely and caring. It’s clear that they love what they do deeply. I am so happy of the decision i made to have this wonderful and life changing experience and couldn’t be happier of doing it with this fantastic team of passionate and loving persons. Look forward to my next visit

    • K E. 1 year ago

      Great experience – I did not know what to expect coming to the retreat with my 16 year old. Reading articles online doesn’t do the process justice. We felt relieved, calm, loved – we formed bonds with other guests as well as everyone who helped us during this journey. This medical treatment is not to be treated lightly and I feel very grateful to the team that has changed our lives for better and guided us all the way through

    • Scott S. 1 year ago

      I attended the 4 day retreat and had had one mushroom experience before Sayulita. What a difference! From start to end the experience was geared toward healing and everyone’s well-being. They helped me set intentions and the ceremony was wonderful and full of insights for me. It was like years of therapy condensed into 4 days.
      Even if you have experience with mushrooms or other psychedelics the experience at Sayulita is unparalleled. Their devotion to your care and well-being is what makes this place so special. I was suffering from mild depression, blocked emotions and a general malaise but after the retreat I feel energized and have a completely new perspective on my life. Thank you Nirvana, Begonia, Cecelia, Norma and Denisse!!

    • Carolyn C. 1 year ago

      Sayulita found me. I came in search of someone I lost long ago, and I found myself in Sayulita. I travelled thousands of miles carrying my decades and dropped my baggage at the feet of extraordinary people — Charly, Nirvana, Sam, Denise, Norma, Jose. Through them, I relearned what is sacred. They breathed new light into a stale soul, and, through the warm Pacific air, I exhaled gratitude and joy.

      I write this review more than a month after my retreat, now fully emersed back into my life, family and friends, my work as a trial lawyer, but the peace I left Sayulita with remains. I have memorized the sensation of immersing in an ice bath, the vibrations of singing bowls, the laughter around the dinner table, the rhythm of the surf, a campfire on the beach with laughing colors and a dancing sky above it, the joy of discovering that all of my assumptions were wrong, Nirvana’s wordless comfort, Charli’s beautiful insanity, meals too colorful to touch, a Mariachi band on my birthday. Denise, the kindest person I have ever known, bejeweled my face and wrapped me in chiffon, and, in the dark under the dancing sky, gave me courage to enter the darkness and confront all that I have avoided.

      I fell in love in Sayulita. I fell in love with these extraordinary healers. I fell in love with my life.

    • Rebecca F. 1 year ago

      The reason I chose Sayulita Wellness retreat is that it was an all inclusive group that seem to have the most experiences on offer for the most reasonable price. Also, I was a newcomer to psilocybin and I wanted a safe environment in which to experience it. I liked the idea that they had a psychotherapist on staff to debrief you after the trip and to help you intergrate the experience into your life. This they did with Caring and love.
      I’m impressed with the number of support activities we had on offer. There was meditation, massage, ice therapy, breathing classes and sound meditation. Although they were all important to the overall experience, the sound meditation was my favorite. We did one at night under the stars and the sense of beauty and harmony that I took to bed that night was bliss. Similarly, the one offered in the morning energized me for the day and helped me meet it with gratitude.
      I came here to celebrate my 75th birthday and I am going away with a direction in which to continue my journey into the future. There could be no better way to start on this last segment of my life than with this enduring experience. I invite you all to find your calm center at this supportive, protective retreat where acceptance and love are offered to all.

    • Aly H. 1 year ago

      I hit a seemingly immovable wall in life where I felt stuck, trapped, unmotivated having exhausted many resources to feel like myself again, to let go of coping mechanisms, to release past trauma, to get back that drive, to not feel hollow. Nothing traditional worked. A friend and esthetician casually talked about healing through psilocybin. I was skeptical but started months of research and combing through retreats and reviews. I kept revisiting Sayulita Wellness Retreat. Eventually I sent over a handful of questions then follow up questions in spite of my gut saying this was the one. Andrew answered quickly each time and was incredibly patient. By the time I finally picked this retreat and dates, it sold out. Somehow Andrew was able to make it work and I’ll forever be thankful for that.

      This one week flipped my world right side up and had such a profound impact that years of traditional practices couldn’t even scratch the surface. Each day entailed building blocks from ceremony to ceremony. The Shamans Nirvana and Charly hold your healing and experience in the highest regard, understanding there’s no one size fits all rigid agenda. It’s key to have an open mind and be open to change. That can be hard for a type A personality but so necessary for healing to take place.

      Their team embody the same level of care and integrity, that’s how I felt every step of the way. Facing your ego/pride, unraveling the muck to get unstuck…it’s uncomfortable, it’s hard. These folks though are so welcoming. I only ever felt supported, loved, heard and not judged.

      Ana Elizabeth and Ana Cecilia curated the absolute best meals with attention to dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences when they could. I’m typically a carnivore but at no point did I feel deprived, starved or unsatisfied.
      Sam, Denise, Norma were all so supportive and available the entire time. Victor (sound therapy) and Alex (breathwork) were intuitive and informative.
      Pedro and Keely handled the psychotherapy sessions, each having their own style and bringing compassionate and direct perspectives to the table. Pedro offered several measures to incorporate once returning home which was very helpful.
      The massage was one of the best I’ve had. The ice therapy was initially painful yet the best reminder of how powerful mind over matter is.
      I was also thankful for the round trip airport transportation – not having to worry about that especially when traveling abroad is huge.

      The skepticism, the stigmas associated with these medicines and healing —— gone. I came with desperate hopes and minimal expectations. I left feeling full of life, with a new extended family and gradually unpacking the things that no longer serve me. This group of genuinely warm and gracious healers will forever have a place in my heart. Best decision yet.

    • Brandon M. 1 year ago

      I came to Sayulita Wellness after dealing with PTSD from some things I went through in the Marine Corps and had suffered through some recent traumatic events in my life on top of it. I definitely was not in a good place. From my first phone call with Andrew it gave me hope that this is where I might find the internal peace I had been looking for. Little did I know I was about to meet some of the best people I have ever met in my life. I learned so much from them and the group I went through it with. I felt reborn again when I left that day. I can’t thank them enough. Spread the love everyone.

    • Susan R. 1 year ago

      Here is a review from a review skeptic:
      RUN!! Do not walk, run TO a Sayulita Wellness Center retreat as fast as you can.
      My life, my heart and my soul are forever changed, happier, and healthier as a result.
      I cannot adequately express how loved, cared for, supported, informed and healed I felt before, during, and still after by this amazing group of people. Their hearts are bigger than life. Their desire and passion to serve, heal and nurture was like nothing I have ever experienced. True service above self. The joy they eminate and the joy they purposefully share is palpable and contagious. Their willingness to open their hearts to heal me and our whole group was unexpected and shocking, in the best ways. I will forever be in gratitude for each and every one of them.

      Denis and Norma are angels. They cooked us delicious meals that paired perfectly with our activities and needs. They loved all over us, every minute, every day. They made us presents!, made sure to make delicious cakes to celebrate one of our birthdays, and constantly looked for ways to make our experience more comfortable and wonderful. During the psilocybin ceremony they tended to each of our needs and made sure we knew we were loved and safe. It was incredible how they were always close by and looking to help. I cannot say enough about how amazing Denis and Norma are.

      Keeley and Pedro, the psychotherapists, did more for me in the 2 sessions that I had separately with each of them (4 total in 8 days) than I accomplished in decades of on/off therapy. I could not articulate what I wanted out of this experience, except that I wanted to be free of depression and anxiety, feel whole and be able to share the outrageous amounts of love in my heart. They helped me get to the root of my challenges and what was in the way. They helped me set intentions for the ceremony so I could process and let go of my pain, that I had been holding in my heart for 50 years, so I could let the love in and out. It was life changing. Even after the retreat, they continue to support me to keep building and integrating my new, beautiful life going forward. They are so different from one another and they compliment each other so well. I felt heard for the first time in my life. They each saw me, my heart, my traumas, and wanted to truly help me feel whole. They are incredible.

      Nirvana and Charly are true healers. They are love. They are givers. They are everything. They changed my life by showing me that giving all you have to others, even strangers initially, is the only way to live. Their willingness to share their: Lives, culture, knowledge, gifts, challenges, and successes was so genuine. They gave us the relationships they built with others who cared for us and served us so beautifully. They changed my life in every possible positive way.
      From the first moment I signed up to this second now writing this review, they are with you in person and spirit. Always available and ready to help you on your journey.
      Do it!! Surrender to it all!
      You will be so glad you did!
      Namaste 🙏

    • Tanner D. 1 year ago

      It was the best experience of my life. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. It was life changing, exactly what I needed at that exact point in my life. It has showed me a way to live and I feel determined to follow it. I was lost and now I feel found. This experience really helped my vision of life. Happy and full of love and forgiveness! Truly grateful for everyone involved.. I would love to return one day for another journey! Loved every minute of it!! Thank you so so so much to Sayulita Wellness Retreat. I love you all!


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