Sacred Pillars Church VETTED

Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Central United States, Central United States, United States
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    5 Reviews on “Sacred Pillars Church”

    • Mark O. 5 months ago

      The 11 week Retreat Program is quite thorough and comprehensive. The facilitators are very loving and caring and were always available anytime I felt the need to reach out to them. I highly recommend this program.

    • Greg B. 12 months ago

      I have been participating in ceremonies with Sacred Pillars for almost two years. They offer a safe and loving environment. I have participated in breathwork, sweats and more.

      Most recently I attended a three day workshop which they host at a wonderful acreage which is secluded with lots of room to breathe and roam. We had several virtual integration sessions before so everyone knew each other and what to expect. We have had several follow up sessions to continue our work and friendships.

      Candi and Tiffany along with our host Linda are not just guides along your journey but will become lifelong partners in your experience.


    • Sarah V. 12 months ago

      I recently participated in a beautiful weekend entheogen retreat program with Sacred Pillars. Tiffany and Candi brought love and care to every aspect of the program. I felt entirely safe and supported to do intense healing work before, during, and after the weekend. The thoughtful preparation and integration program helped us bridge the space between the retreat experience and our daily lives and the weekend itself was perfectly-paced and filled with community and transformative ceremonial experiences of all kinds. I’ve attended other ceremonies, but never experienced the level of care, love, and support I found with Sacred Pillars. If you are drawn to doing this work, I cannot recommend them highly enough!

    • Kyle B. 12 months ago

      I had an amazing experience in their Entheogen Retreat Program. Tiffany and Candi are amazing guides, teachers, and friends to everyone. We all felt safe and they knew exactly what we needed in our journey. The weekend of the retreat is at such a beautiful place. It is hard to express how much this program has helped me and I recommend this program to everyone. Thank you Tiffany, Candi, and Linda!!!

    • Cory M. 12 months ago

      This was my second ceremony with Sacred Pillars, and the first in a group setting and to say it was life changing is an understatement.

      Tiffany and Candi are incredible guides and truly gifted at this work.

      The entire experience from prep to retreat to integration was so intentional and purposeful and heartfelt so our best and highest.

      I’ll be reflecting back and pulling from this retreat for years to come. Can’t recommend them and their work high enough.


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