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Ayahuasca Retreat in San Isidro de El General, San José Province, Costa Rica
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    9 Reviews on “1heart”

    • Elizabeth R. 19 hours ago

      1Heart journey transformed my life in so many ways.
      Ayahuasca has been a beautiful part of my life for several years but this is definitely the only place I’d recommend and where Ive felt the most connected, safe, loved, seen.
      Being in a community that’s deeply spiritual and at the same time so aligned with their humanness opens the opportunity for transformational spaces of awareness through ceremony and real life changes as you integrate those insights into decisions that not only impact ones life but also through leadership, the world and humanity.

      This is a journey beyond the medicine; it’s about the container, the community, the safety, everything is so perfectly orchestrated for true transcendence.

    • Camila 1 day ago

      The impact that the 1heart program has had in my life goes way beyond just my personal growth.. it has rippled into my family, my community, my relationship with the Earth and how I live in reciprocity with her. I has reminded me how to live a more authentic life, with more fulfilling relationships and put more joy and love into the work I do. The results are magic, this is a place where miracles do happen!

    • Nicole 1 day ago

      1heart will rock your entire world! 🌎 😍☺️ The container is designed with intention, the people who show up to hold space, serve and guide Journeyare one of a kind, the medicine is profound, and the community will be with you for a lifetime.Get ready for profound expansion, growth, and love- a wave of inner wisdom and directional clarity – and tuned in inspiration that will level you up into a better version of yourself. 🥰 forever grateful!

    • Rui D. 3 days ago

      One of the best, if not the best retreat out there about personal transformation.

    • Paul F. 3 years ago

      For leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, creatives, executives, and any other high-performing “Type-A” individuals interested in an ayahuasca retreat, 1heart is the go-to retreat.

    • daniel s. 3 years ago

      1heart was the single most transformative experience of my life. I came to this experience with 13 years of personal growth and development experience behind me, and I’m a life and relationship coach who lives and breathes personal development work daily. Yet nothing I’ve ever done compared with my experience with 1heart. I experienced deep healing from CPTSD that I was never able to access before, and I left the jungle with more alignment in my life, relationships, and soul mission than ever before. I couldn’t recommend this experience enough, don’t think, just GO.

    • Patrick S. 3 years ago

      This magical journey gave me the courage to express myself more colorfully and inspired me to use my gifts as a coach and leader more intentionally. 1Heart is the right place for you if you want to discover your own light to share it with the world and make it a better place.

    • Austin M. 3 years ago

      1Heart changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I am living a life of greater alignment with my higher purpose, self-healing, meditation, and love. 1Heart’s 8-week program is distinctive in that it combines the best of psychotherapy practices with shamanistic, indigenous traditions that are hundreds of years old. The locations are beautiful, the food is healthy and delicious, the facilitators are incredible human beings, and the community is like no other: a combination of empowered entrepreneurs with consciousness seekers.

    • Ben R. 3 years ago

      1Heart creates a unique experience for leaders to step further into their power and use their resources in service of humanity. The facilitation and organization is top notch, every detail is crafted carefully, and the coaching and integration round out the program as the best around!


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