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Ayahuasca Retreat in Paquera, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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    6 Reviews on “Soltara Healing Center”

    • Paul 4 months ago

      I attended a 7 night retreat at Soltara, Playa Blanca in December 2023, after a process that took a couple of years. i used Third wave’s platform to investigate psychedelic compounds, their effects, who they can benefit, and most importantly, which retreat centres provided the level of experience that I was after. Soltara stood out to me as having the most complete package (preparation, comfortable accommodation, good food, group size that wasn’t too big, good reviews, traditional indigenous practices, ethical reciprocity with local and indigenous relations, and a safe container supported by Western-trained therapists and medical staff.), and even though they are not the cheapest, for me, they seemed like the best value for money and I felt called hear to do the work.

      I initially planned to go in March that year but the retreat that I wanted, booked out within a week and closed the door on that option…I’m so glad that it did! When I first considered booking, my motivation was that I was in distress and was reaching out for a way to make the suffering stop. I didn’t realise this until months later though, after doing the deep process work and engaging with spiritual community. This enabled me to open my heart, begin to still the incessant spiral of anxiety that I was stuck in, and really drill down to what was at the core of my distress. This is where Soltara and ayahuasca came in.

      When I came to sit with the medicine, I was clear about what I wanted to work with, but it was still pretty scary knowing that I would have to face something that I had been running from my entire life. It was my first time travelling alone, and I came all the way from Australia with minimal Spanish so just arriving in Costa Rica was pretty terrifying for someone with PTSD.

      Being met in San Jose by the lovely Tatiana was the beginning of the experience, and after a bus and ferry ride, we were greeted by the friendly staff at Soltara, Right from the start, we were made welcome and the place soon felt like home. The accommodation and food are five star, although on ceremony nights there is no dinner as purging does happen (but not always.) and the less in your stomach, the better. The staff were amazing. The team that we had (they rotate them from time to time to keep them fresh.) had a wealth of experience, and were supportive in every way.

      The medicine experience itself is something that has to be experienced. For me to say that it felt as though I had a healer, inside of me that responded to the icaros of the maestros, and communicated with me via every cell of my body, probably sounds a little weird, but that’s the best I can put it. For me, the experience with the medicine at Soltara was like the biggest, warmest mummy-hug that you can ever imagine that filled me up with more love than I have ever known.

      I cannot make your decision for you, but at the same time, I cannot recommend this place enough. The medicine opened a door in me that has been closed my whole life and held me in a loving embrace while I faced the fear on the other side. Soltara provided the container to allow this to happen and I have heart felt gratitude to the staff, my cohort and undying respect for the courage that was displayed there.

      I may choose to go again one day, but in the meantime, I am learning to be a conduit for the love that is our birthright. May you make the choice that leads to your freedom. Namaste.

    • allison b. 3 years ago

      I went to Soltara not knowing what to expect. I just know I was ready and willing to do the work.

      The nature that surrounded me gave me a sense of peace and helped me feel grounded each and every day I was there. I felt immense gratitude for the beauty I saw before closing my eyes for the night and again opening my eyes in the morning. The beaches and pool were relaxing and we were able to see tons of shooting stars after the ceremony on the deck. The room I stayed in was quite comfortable and clean. (I did the shared double room.)

      The first experience we shared together as strangers (vomitivo) was a great bonding experience and helped prepare us for what else was in store for us. I felt really connected to the group and it was a way for us to relate. It opened me up to surrendering to the medicine in the presence of a group of people I had never met. Everything was superb- the facilitators (Kendra, Jocelyn, Vlad, Christina) were just amazing, loving human beings, the yoga sessions (led by Nicole) were super calming, the meals we ate were tasty and made my body feel great, and the meetings in the Maloka, the sharemony and overall time spent together were what helped me relax and not feel afraid as a first-timer. The Maestros, Americo and Olga were amazing. Each night, I could feel the love and support coming from their voices. They sang with the same level of passionate energy from start to end, every single ceremony. They are truly remarkable. The ceremonies were just beautiful and the experiences I had during the ceremonies cannot be put into words.

      After connecting with the plant medicine, I felt a strong sense of belonging, openness, forgiveness, clarity and complete love. Love from friends and family, from the Maestros and facilitators, from those in our healing group, and from Life itself. Mama Aya allowed me to forgive those who have been a source of pain and forgive myself for things from the past I was still holding on to. She gave me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. She showed me who I was before being influenced by the outside world and showed me how to live a life filled with meaning and purpose. She gave me the guidance I was seeking. I’m still trying to connect the dots and understand everything I experienced.

      I felt that I was exactly where I needed to be, and took the deepest breaths of my life. Soltara did an excellent job of preparing me for my journey. It wasn’t easy and was very dark at times, but after doing the work, the incredible amount of gratitude and love I felt leaving Soltara has changed me forever. I am forever grateful to all the people, traditions, and life force that made this experience possible. I recommend Soltara to anyone interested in working with plant medicine.

    • Becky B. 3 years ago

      I’m so grateful that I found Soltara to answer my call from ayahuasca! From the beginning of my journey (emotionally and physically) I felt safe and cared for. The facilitators, shamans and staff are professional and experienced. They tended to every detail of each individual need. Soltara is exactly what I was looking for as a space to completely step into some “unknowns” and surrender into total trust. I have recommended Soltara to many others and will return there again.

    • elizabeth s. 3 years ago

      I had two amazing week long retreats at Soltara. I had such positive and life affirming experiences with both retreats. I’m a clinician who works with trauma and when I experienced overwhelming trauma in my own life, I found tremendous healing with the Shipibo Maestros and extremely skilled guides at Soltara. Everything about the setting was healing and beautiful. I was fortunate to have the same maestros at both retreats and I still hear their ikaros softly reminding me of the tremendous love they put into their healing ceremonies. My life was transformed by the healing journeys and 2 years later I am still integrating and benefiting from the experiences. I look forward to my next retreat..

    • Dan m. 3 years ago

      the experience changed my life. I am so grateful for the beautiful safe location and the expert staff. If you are called to this medicine … Soltara is outstanding !

    • Paul F. 3 years ago

      If you’re interested in doing deep healing work with plant medicine in a comfortable, modern setting, then Soltara may be the perfect fit for you. Nothing about it is over-the-top or ungrounded. The retreat program is well thought-out and crafted with intention. Guests feel as if their safety, security, and well-being come first.

      Soltara has done a phenomenal job of creating a space to go inwards and heal, opening up new avenues for love, acceptance, and forgiveness


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