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Personal Transformation Coach in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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    18 Reviews on “Andy Sudbrock”

    • Susan J. 4 weeks ago

      I went on my first ever retreat and journey with Andy. The whole experience was Amazing. I felt very comfortable with Andy! He answered all my questions! Checking on you thru out the retreat and your journeys. . Let’s just say I had no regrets
      it was everything he talked about. I am 70 years old and it’s never too late! I I feel great. Looking forward to my next adventure.😊🙏
      Susan J

    • Kimberly 2 months ago

      I had the pleasure of working with Andy and him guiding me across two journeys in a 3 day period. I had no hesitations after speaking with Andy on the phone to book my time, and I was immediately at peace when we met. Andy provided calm explanation, loving reiteration and a space for me to journey and do my hard work that felt so safe and impenetrable. My integration time with Andy after both journeys was so peaceful and added more value to the work that I had done with him. My life since healing is nothing short of a miracle, and transformational to my core. Andy completely wrapped me in his light and love, and showed me what is possible through plant medicine and a guided journey. I embody love, peace and light in every aspect of my life now, and it is all in gratitude and thanks to Andy. He is a true friend and I look forward to continued work with him!

    • Allyson P. 2 months ago

      This was my second journey with Andy and just as he did in the first one, Andy holds such kind gentle and protected space for his clients to experience their own path. He is wonderfully patient and deeply knowledgeable about this space, which lends to how many people trust him with their journey. My second journey was so deeply and profoundly personal, it was transformative beyond words. I am deeply honored to know Andy and call him my friend!

    • Michelle 5 months ago

      My first sacred journey was with Andy and I am thrilled it was. I cannot imagine anyone that I would have wanted more to guide me on this journey. My experience was so sacred, so special and so transformative. I am looking forward to the next guided journey as I continue to evolve in this space, with Andy as my shamanic guide.

    • Melina A. 7 months ago

      Andy is a genuine, passionate and dedicated medicine man and coach. I stumbled upon Andy’s Sacred Path Retreat in Costa Rica last year and believe that it was truly meant to be. I have had several journeys with Andy and his clear, concise communication before, during and after was greatly appreciated, as it allowed me to feel safe and secure. He truly loves what he does and it genuinely shows. I highly recommend working with him. Thank you, for all you do, Andy! 🙏💖

    • Haley P. 11 months ago

      I had one plant medicine ceremony with Andy prior to my Sacred Path Retreat. It was such an incredible experience, I didn’t really know if the Sacred Path Retreat at Imiloa could “top” my first experience. I knew it would be an amazing experience, but I didn’t know how profound and life-changing this Sacred Path Retreat would be. Andy and his co-leaders facilitated the best experience of my life thus far. Truly. I don’t say that lightly as I’ve enjoyed many adventures in my life.
      I was searching for something that I couldn’t really pinpoint…it just manifested in my life as low-level anxiousness here and there. I finally “got” what I was missing throughout this retreat that I cried many tears of joy in the 2nd plant medicine ceremony. I hugged Andy and let him know that I “got” it. I know on a deep level that nothing has been missing from my life. I already have everything I need. This human life is such a GIFT. This experience was such a gift. Andy and the Sacred Path are gifts. Thank you so much, Andy. I am truly grateful!

    • Sheila L. 1 year ago

      I had been searching for a traditional healer and coach and found Andy Sudbrock through Third Wave. We connected immediately. He is calming, unpretentious and authentic. I scheduled a Sacred Path Retreat with him, ready to begin healing. I wanted to clear out and reprogram the nonproductive patterns and behaviors that I had become. Our time together was meaningful, revealing, spiritual, and comforting. I released past traumas that had been stagnating my life. Additionally, there was time outside in nature. Andy’s bio says “… the work that I do is Reconnection … connect deeply with yourself, others and Source.” I have been reconnected with myself which had to come before anything else. Andy is not only a healer, teacher, coach but now also a friend. Words cannot express the level of gratitude I have for him. I am continually amazed at how my outlook and quality of life has changed. I feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually recharged. I am happy and at peace with myself. I love my life! Thank you, Andy, for all you do and highly recommend him. 😊

    • Haley P. 1 year ago

      My retreat experience with Andy was incredible. From my very first call, Andy made me feel at ease and guided throughout the whole process. I have been working to “elevate” over the past year or so through coaching, breathwork, meditation, nature hikes, etc. I have read about oneness and connection and understood these concepts on an intellectual level. During and After my retreat experience, I could FEEL all of the gratitude, connection, strength, and peace on a CELLULAR level. It was an incredible wave of calm and peace and gratitude on such a high level that it literally re-wired my neural pathways. It was a healing unlike anything I had experienced before. Thank you Andy! I highly recommend this experience. For anyone unsure, I encourage you to set up a call with Andy, you won’t regret it!

    • May F. 1 year ago

      I was lucky enough to have Andy lead me on a profound and awakening journey. As a first time retreat participant, I was very anxious, and yet Andy was able to seamlessly and carefully guide me to a calm space because he could see in my eyes that I was ready. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom and patience. I have seen countless therapists and psychologists, whom have all helped me chip away at my traumas. This experience with Andy helped me soar into a place that traditional therapy could not reach. He is the real deal and leads his sacred retreats with incredible care and commitment to the process. Thank you so much, Andy!!

    • Andrew S. Provider 2 years ago

      From the Founder & Director of The Imiloa Institute
      “Imiloa has gotten clear on its core client – it is educators and impact catalysts. I am so proud of Andy Sudbrock and his Sacred Path Retreat. There are men and working with medicine in the world (most) who are charlatans and full of spiritual bypass. There there is Andy – full of integrity, commitment, and care, proactive in his assessment of each participant. I may not be involved with the day to day “every little detail” of each one of our upcoming 80 educators and impact catalysts, but I know enough about each to assess their integrity and commitment. Andy is among the best. Proud of our team and his who made a magical six day retreat happen.”
      (September 2022 Sacred Path Retreat). – Jake Sasseville – Founder & Director, The Imiloa Institute, Costa Rica

    • Talia B. 2 years ago

      Andy is phenomenal at what he does. I just spent 5 days in the jungle of costa rica with him and and 15 strangers and 2 other facilitators at his sacred path retreat in sept 2022. It was by far the 5 best days of my life. It was a dopamine orgasm of everything wonderful.
      The people, the connections , the sites, the journeys, the place… and THE FOOD!! AND ANDY facilitated it all. He picked the place, the people and he made magic happen. He has a way abput him that leaves you at peace just by his presence. And if your any bit of an empath you know you can feel and see energies and Andy’s energy is one thatll stop you in your tracks. Hes the real McCoy…. lol. I plan to continue journeying and only will i in a safe secure and REAL SETTING WITH REAL AND TRUSTWORTHY SOULS, therefore Andy is the man!!! Until next time, sooner than later🙏🕉♾️💫🌟

    • jeremy h. 2 years ago

      Andy is the real deal. Seriously. I have had two journies with Andy so far and I’m already looking forward to the next. I got the courage to do a deep dive for healing and there’s no one else I felt more comfortable with than him. I knew I was safe to truly get lost in my experience knowing he was close by if I needed anything. He was very intuitive in knowing when I needed to be left alone and also when I needed someone by my side. There’s nothing more important than needing to feel safe on a journey. I wouldn’t trust just anyone. This guy truly cares about your experience and spends a great deal of timing prepping just to make sure you get what you need from it. Thank you, Andy!

    • Nathan G. 2 years ago

      Working with Andy as a guide was everything. We had a few phone calls beforehand and I felt a strong connection with him. We spoke the same language and he immediately understood where I was coming from. Before, during, and after the journey Andy always had very clear communication. I never felt unsafe or uncertain about what was happening. I knew I was in good hands by how reverently and sacredly he spoke of the medicine. This is important work and he treated it as such. My experience was not what I expected, but was what I hoped for. I can now choose to change my mind, no longer held captive by my programmed responses or wounded inner child. I am now experiencing a life filled to the brim with joy. Andy didn’t heal me, he just showed me the door to the room where I could do the work. I chose to walk through it, and so can you.

    • Nicholas S. 2 years ago

      Andy is warm, passionate and dedicated to his craft. He created an intimate, secure container where I felt safe and well attended. I especially liked the group integration session he led with a small group of men to process our experiences. Andy followed up with me after my journey and he made himself available for consultation and coaching throughout my process. I have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and family. Thanks Andy!

    • Jennifer M. 2 years ago

      As a coach, plant medicine ceremony facilitator myself, entrepreneur and mother of two humans, there is no one I trust more than Andy to guide me in the psilocybin space. He is a gifted, master medicine man and coach. The expansive love that he holds in his heart is part of the alchemy that allows for the greatest healing and break throughs. His wisdom and discernment create a safe container for his experiences. His attention to detail adds incredible value for the most profound discoveries. My life, my soul, is forever changed. Andy, thank you, I so look forward to more adventures soon!

    • Troy C. 2 years ago

      I have spent many a journey with Andy, and I can enthusiastically recommend him as a guide. He is caring and knowledgeable. He has a calm and strong presence that creates a warm and safe container in which to fully and fearlessly explore.

      His connection to the earth and nature is invaluable. His heart is large and his words are wise. If you are on the fence about reaching out, let this be the sign to say yes and book an introduction. You won’t regret it.

    • Allyson B. 2 years ago

      I have never had such a profound, transformational experience as I did with Andy leading and guiding me through a medicine journey. He truly embodies empathy, reconnection, wisdom, patience, and above all else, love. From the first phone call with Andy, to our time together, he gently guided me through my transformation with such wisdom about plant medicine as well as a listening ear for an integrative experience. I would consider him in the top 5 most important people in my life, for the experience he gave to me. Truly thankful and ever inspired.

    • Lou M. 2 years ago

      I have worked with and benefited from Andy’s guidance on several occasions over the past year. He is an extraordinary guide and scholar in plant medicines, spirituality and the ceremonies that bring our minds and souls into places previously hidden from our daily experience. For some, this heals past wounds or for others, or in addition, it unlocks chambers of our perception and place in the universe that were previously not accessible. It is the joint practice of ceremony, our connection with nature and plant wisdom, and the shared community with other like-minded individuals that makes an experience with Andy as navigator truly a special experience.

      • Andrew S. Provider 2 years ago

        Thank you Lou for your kind and generous message. It is always a deep pleasure to connect and commune with you in a sacred manner 🌀


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