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Ketamine Clinic in Menlo Park, California, United States
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    2 Reviews on “Soft Reboot Wellness”

    • Martin H. 3 years ago

      To be transparent, this review is for Sara as a professional colleague as I am not her patient.
      I saw Sara build this practice from the ground up. It all started with an idea and a few brain storming sessions of the things she cares about, the things she believes in, and the passions that drive her. This is why her practice is so special – it’s because the foundation of her clinic is an incorporation of the things she truly believes in and is committed to. She sincerely cares about the people she is helping and whole heartedly believes in the science behind her medical treatments. Her dedication to her practice has led her to countless certifications, seminars, special licensing, and continuing education. This is exactly the physician I would want taking care of my family – knowledgeable, competent, and compassionate.

    • Sarah Dawn H. 3 years ago

      I’m sure you’ve heard the story before.

      My life looked amazing from the outside: Exciting, fast-paced life, living my creative dreams working in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Amazing friends, loving and supportive family, international travel.

      But I had carried a weight since youth, an anxiety that I was not good enough. Even the knowledge that this was a trait I learned from our perfection-obsessed culture wasn’t enough to lift the existential dread that I carried always into all parts of my life.

      Though allopathic and naturopathic medical (along with a big dose of lifestyle change!) has helped over time, it wasn’t until I found Soft Reboot Wellness that I was able to jump into a new paradigm of true healing. I did extensive research on different ketamine clinics in the Bay Area, and I’m so glad I did because I found THE diamond in the rough😀. Once I started my 2-week journey, I began to access a sense of calm and joy that had been within me my whole life, but was inaccessible until I started ketamine therapy with Dr.Sara Herman.

      Dr. Sara allowed me to feel safe and open to the experience. She provided me with a beautiful nature-filled setting to begin my journey. She is a beautiful, calming and reassuring presence. She really encourages her patients to become completely immersed in the experience while feeling safe, supported and comfortable.

      Before and in between each infusion, I worked with psychologist Dr. Anne Metz, who was a super insightful guide in helping me get the most out of the process. She helped me set an intention for each infusion journey, which really was the catalyst for a meaningful experience.

      I would 100 percent recommend this experience to anyone who feels that there is more to life than just “surviving”. And especially to those who have already done work on themselves but wish to truly break through the barriers that we carry through our learned limitations.

      I feel like while the journey was authentically mine, Soft Reboot was absolutely the vehicle that got me there. I can’t wait to continue practicing the feeling of peace and joy that I got in touch with during my own Soft Reboot!


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