Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration Our Take on “The Trip Journal” for Psychedelic Integration Success
An in-depth review of The Trip Journal, how it compares to other psychedelic journals, and the benefits of journaling for psychedelic integration.
August 19th, 2022
Personal Development How To Become A Psychedelic Integration Coach
Everything you need to know about psychedelic integration coaching: What it is, who it can help, and how to become a coach.
February 21st, 2022
Featured The Top Benefits of Using a Psychedelic Integration Journal
Eight reasons to start using a Psychedelic Integration Journal: from deepening your insights to positively impacting the psychedelic space.
November 30th, 2021
Psychedelic Integration Your Ultimate Guide to Wakeful Psychedelic Integration
Everything you need to know about available tools and applications for psychedelic integration.
November 3rd, 2021
Psychedelic Integration IPI: The Top Recommended Psychedelic Therapy Training
The mental health crisis has grown too large to pretend that current methodologies are working. Fortunately, the Integrative Psychiatry Institute is…
May 21st, 2021
Microdosing Softening the Edge: How a “Type-A” Professional Used Microdosing to Rediscover Balance
The Microdosing Experience, is an immersive group program that helps people use microdosing to ground new insights and perspectives.
February 27th, 2021
Ketamine Six Ways to Integrate With Ketamine Therapy
Ketamine sparks a healing process that you can integrate into your life with the help of a ketamine integration specialist, a community of support, and your practice.
February 3rd, 2021
Mainstream Society How to Start a Career in the Field of Psychedelic Integration
With the legalization of psilocybin-assisted therapy, the door is opening to therapists interested in providing psychedelic integration support.
January 25th, 2021
Microdosing Can Microdosing Help You Integrate Your Psychedelic Insights?
Learn how to walk your path of happiness by creating real and lasting change in the wake of your psychedelic journeys.
January 18th, 2021
Psychedelic Integration Translating Psychedelic Epiphanies: Inside the Art of Integration
Several practitioners and their clients weigh in on some of the benefits of finding a helping hand to navigate the psychedelic integration process.
January 4th, 2021
Personal Development Creating Wholeness: The Best Practices for Psychedelic Integration
The art of psychedelic integration requires an intuitive mix of modalities that is unique to each individual and their journey.
December 14th, 2020
Personal Development Psychedelics, Shadows, and Spiritual Bypassing
When you’re new to psychedelics, terms like “shadow work” or “spiritual bypassing” can be daunting. If this is you, don't panic!
December 7th, 2020
Personal Development Four Things to Consider When Choosing an Integration Specialist
To embed the lessons learned from non-ordinary states of consciousness into ordinary life, psychedelic integration is key.
November 27th, 2020
Personal Development Out of Your Mind, Into Your Heart: The Role of Psychedelic Integration
Psychedelic integration follows a harm reduction model and offers a non-judgmental and supportive space for people to unpack the meaning of their experience.
November 16th, 2020
Community Overcoming Anxiety with Psychedelic Integration
Recent studies show progress in treatment of depression, PTSD, and anxiety, could psychedelics also be the answer for those suffering from social anxiety?
October 12th, 2020