Ayahuasca, Conscious Leadership, and Creating Meaningful Movements

Episode 71

Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams, entrepreneur, conscious leader, and angel investor, joins host Paul Austin to discuss leadership and how plant medicine impacted his perspective on what matters most.

In 2015, Gerard Adams sold Elite Daily for $50 million dollars. Since that defining moment, he started utilizing plant medicine on his own path of personal and professional development. Also known as the Millenial Mentor, Gerard Adams is helping to intertwine the worlds of business and conscsiousness, creating new roadmaps for young leaders across the globe.

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Podcast Highlights

  • How Gerard’s first ever plant medicine experience shifted his perspective on what matters most
  • The three divine lessons Gerard learned through ayahuasca and why they dramatically impacted his relationship with women
  • What Gerard sees as the future of conscious leadership as more and more millenials wake up to the fundmantal truth of reality

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