Warrior Wisdom: SEAL Training, Meditation, & Psychedelics


Episode 254

Mark Divine

In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, host Paul F. Austin welcomes retired Navy SEAL commander Mark Divine. Mark shares his journey to becoming a SEAL, emphasizing the transformative power of meditation and nature. He discusses the role of preparatory work, such as meditation and therapy, before engaging with psychedelics and highlights how these practices help navigate intense psychedelic states. Mark also delves into his daily practices, ongoing PhD research in global leadership, and his upcoming book 'Uncommon,' which focuses on principles for an extraordinary life.

Mark Divine is an entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, philanthropist, and one of the world’s top leadership and coaching experts. After a successful 20-year career as a Navy SEAL and SEAL Commander, Mark was hired by the Navy to create a nationwide coaching and leadership program for the SEALs. The bold goal of this program was to give the SEALs the best leadership and mental management tools in the world—to help them forge unbeatable SEAL teams that achieve mission success in the most stressful and challenging environments on earth.

Mark’s leadership and coaching program for the SEALs was so effective that it’s now being used outside of the Navy by top CEOs, Fortune 100 companies, USA Olympics, elite universities, major league sports franchises, celebrities, and successful individuals worldwide.

Mark is the author of five best-selling books and hosts a #1-ranked podcast, “Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind.” He founded five successful companies: Unbeatable Mind, SEALFIT, NavySEALs.com, USCrossFit, and the award-winning Coronado Brewing Company in California.

As a philanthropist, Mark founded the Courage Foundation to help wounded Veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). Recently, Mark and his team at the Courage Foundation set a world record by completing over 22 million burpees to raise awareness, support, and funding for Veteran heroes.

Podcast Highlights

  • Meditation, martial arts, and becoming a Navy SEAL commander
  • What it means to be a warrior
  • Approaching psychedelics with integrity
  • Taking control of your mind
  • Integrating Eastern and Western mind-body practices
  • Staying grounded in a chaotic world
  • Mark’s new book, “Uncommon”

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