Kanna for Wellbeing: A Natural SSRI & Psychedelic Integration Tool


Episode 252

Stephanie Wang

In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, host Paul F. Austin talks with Stephanie Wang, founder and CEO of KA! Empathogenics. Stephanie shares her journey from finance to plant medicine, including her involvement at The Alchemist's Kitchen.

Paul and Stephanie discuss the unique benefits of kanna, its comparison to SSRIs, and KA!'s intentional branding. Stephanie also highlights the importance of education and community in the kanna space. She closes by sharing her vision for KA!, touching on exciting new research into kanna.

Stephanie Wang is passionate about the power of plants and evolving consciousness. She is the Founder and CEO of KA! Empathogenics, with a mission to restore full-spectrum aliveness for all beings. KA! offers 100% plant-based empathogenic supplements featuring kanna - a heart-opening succulent from South Africa that is clinically proven to activate an immediate sense of grounded energy, helping people feel more alive, capable and connected as they navigate everyday stress.

Previously Stephanie was the President of The Alchemist's Kitchen and Director of Evolver, a conscious lifestyle company in New York. She was also a documentary and narrative film producer. A native Hong Konger, Stephanie began her career in corporate finance on Wall Street and was a number one ranked equity analyst in the retail sector with HSBC Securities, Hong Kong.

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Podcast Highlights

  • From a career in finance to evolving consciousness
  • The evolution of the Evolver Network and The Alchemist’s Kitchen
  • Stephanie’s first kanna experience
  • Kanna as an ally for daily wellbeing, psychedelic integration, and more
  • Is kanna an alternative to SSRIs?
  • KA!’s branding, design, and educational efforts
  • The unique sensation of KA!’s ingredients
  • Stephanie’s vision for KA! and the outlook of future kanna research

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