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    10 Reviews on “Ciara Christensen, PhD”

    • Mary, R. 1 month ago

      Dr. Christensen was a remarkable guide into psychedelic introspection and integration. Her thoughtful approach was tailored to my needs and goals. She is highly knowledgeable about the medicine, and created a safe and nurturing space for inner exploration without fear or judgement. She was a wise companion in unraveling complex insights, which has been profoundly healing. The integration sessions have empowered me to embody the lessons I have learned. There is no one I trust and value more on this path of discovery.

    • Susan S. 2 months ago

      Upon meeting Ciara, I really had no earthly idea how precious the gift that she was about to share with me would turn out to be. Her quiet, unimposing nature didn’t immediately prepare me for the depth of the insight that she would bring to bear, nor the breadth of her capabilities as a healer.

      Following a thoughtfully curated prep session, in just a few short hours, I was able to understand, forgive, and realize healing from traumas that had been plaguing me for decades. Moreover, I emerged from the experience with a fresh perspective on several lifetimes’ worth of intergenerational traumas that suddenly seemed to have purpose and meaning that I had never before managed to appreciate. To say that my experience with Ciara was one of the very best things that ever happened to me would not be hyperbolic. I feel so very much lighter now. There really are no words to adequately thank someone for that type of a gift, but I do hope that she has some understanding of her impact.

      Ciara intuitively navigates psychedelic and spiritual spaces in such a way that somehow seems help one unclutter the mind, find clarity and set healing intention. She has a gift for seeing and providing exactly what one needs before, during, and after the spiritual journey. She may speak softly, but she carries with her a deeply powerful and profoundly inuitive gift for mediating the healing process. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

    • Jacquelyn 2 months ago

      Dr C is the best – she genuinely cares and does everything she can to help her patients, doctors like her are truly rare!

      When we first started talking about this treatment as an option for me, I envisioned it much differently than it unfolded. Hearing “psychedelic” I assumed the medicine would make me go through a series of emotions, recall things from my past, hallucinate, etc.

      In reality, it was an incredibly peaceful experience. I never imagined my mind could be that quiet and content at the same time, it was a wonderful feeling.

      Everything was thoughtfully planned and explained each step of the way – from the prep, to the day of the treatment, to the after care – you simply get to experience it.

    • Sarah L. 3 months ago

      It’s hard to find the words to explain how special it is to work with Ciara. She is a uniquely skilled, passionate, insightful, intuitive, creative, wise, humble, impactful, supportive, expansive, -an angelic soul so incredibly talented in unwinding the vast complexities, suffering and trauma of the mind and body. Her ability to keenly absorb a mind’s circling, imprisoned word vomit of experiences and emotions, then reflect a rainbow of validation, empathy, intellect and insight to help bend the cell bars to let light in the darkest of despair is infinitely exceptional.

      For years it felt like a teasing pipe dream that psychedelic medicine and the research to support its effectiveness would prevail through time and governing politics to become available and recognized as an invaluable tool towards mental wellness healing. Finding Ciara and learning that we shared that interest, and to continually see her passion and dedication to expand her practice to include and focus on psychedelic assisted therapy felt like a divine confluence.

      It’s almost too special to articulate how experiential it is, all that she embodies and brings to enhance the sacred space she holds, shapes and protects for you. To experience a Journey with Ciara is a glowing gift of psycho-spiritual essentialism that keeps giving.

    • KM 5 months ago

      Ciara and her energy is a gift to this space. Her kindness and compassion is calming and opening. Her approach to getting to understand your intentions, fears and anxieties and expectations feels very loving.. Her protocol for introducing you to the journey is thoughtful and exceedingly professional. She held me and the space with the purest of heart and hope for the work one processes before, during and after the journey. She most deeply and sincerely believes in this work and it saturates the process with meaning and depth. I am forever grateful for finding her.

    • Anne. W. 5 months ago

      Ciara is so thoughtful in her approach to psychedelic therapy – from the 1st phone call. She thoroughly discusses what psychedelic therapy can bring about – the journey, itself; brain & neural pathway changes; and aiding lifestyle adjustments post-journey. She prepared me prior to the journey taking time to understand my intentions for my journey and to answer new questions that arose in my preparation for the journey. The journey, itself, was very well-thought out with her attendance being helpful and supportive while not intrusive in any way. She is clearly dedicated to the wellness and meaningful experience her patients can have in psychedelic therapy. Journeying with her was a pleasure.

    • Psych N. 7 months ago

      This was a much needed retreat! I felt so secure and safe in this container, loving presence and collective wisdom. I was able to unlock new layers of myself!

    • MD 7 months ago

      This was my first experience with Ketamine and it was transformative for me. It was a superb venue and I felt safe. It was thoughtfully planned and created a meaningful space, leading to a transformative experience! I would highly recommend this to others.

    • MD 7 months ago

      Ciara – It is difficult for me to put into words my gratitude for the complexity of gifts you brought and carrying out this amazing retreat experience. So many nuances, it was clear you thought of and included. There was an obvious impeccability in the planning and intentions that resulted in me feeling honored and supported on a level I have not been accustomed to at other experiential retreats. Your intuition and sense for what individuals and I needed in a moment was spot on. Thank you for it all.

    • Another h. 7 months ago

      Ciara – thank you for sharing your wisdom that you’ve embodied from doing the work. It shows, was felt, and appreciated. You’ve been initiated as a wise elder on my path.


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