Ciara Christensen, PhD

Psychedelic Integration Therapist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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    4 Reviews on “Ciara Christensen, PhD”

    • Psych N. 2 months ago

      This was a much needed retreat! I felt so secure and safe in this container, loving presence and collective wisdom. I was able to unlock new layers of myself!

    • MD 2 months ago

      This was my first experience with Ketamine and it was transformative for me. It was a superb venue and I felt safe. It was thoughtfully planned and created a meaningful space, leading to a transformative experience! I would highly recommend this to others.

    • MD 2 months ago

      Ciara – It is difficult for me to put into words my gratitude for the complexity of gifts you brought and carrying out this amazing retreat experience. So many nuances, it was clear you thought of and included. There was an obvious impeccability in the planning and intentions that resulted in me feeling honored and supported on a level I have not been accustomed to at other experiential retreats. Your intuition and sense for what individuals and I needed in a moment was spot on. Thank you for it all.

    • Another h. 2 months ago

      Ciara – thank you for sharing your wisdom that you’ve embodied from doing the work. It shows, was felt, and appreciated. You’ve been initiated as a wise elder on my path.


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