Hummingbird Hearth

San Pedro Retreat in Ashland, Oregon, United States
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    2 Reviews on “Hummingbird Hearth”

    • Christine M. 1 year ago

      My husband and I did a rebirth weekend with Shannon and Nathan at their beautiful center in Ashland and it was one of the most life transforming experiences we have ever had. We are both just starting our enlightenment journey and we couldn’t have imagined what to expect. Shannon and Nathan’s program is a complete holistic experience. They take such care to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the experience.
      They start with an orientation call which really set our minds at ease and answered all of our questions. We were so apprehensive before the call, but afterword, we were very comfortable both with Shannon and Nathan and the rebirth weekend. We loved that they are a healthy loving couple and that the weekend was focused completely on us and our needs. From the moment we arrived at the center until we had to leave, they attended to our every need starting with the most amazing body work. Nathan is truly a gifted healer!
      This was the most interactive and energizing full body, soul and mind massage we have ever experienced – all other body work we have ever had, pales in comparison!
      Shannon prepared the most amazing healthy meals for us with love and such attention to detail and they opened their home and hearts to us.
      After our awesome dinner together Shannon and Nathan created a magical fire and we sent our intensions out to the universe. Then we had a relaxing soak in our beautiful room at the Lithia Springs Resort with the healing waters.
      The next day started with a wonderful light breakfast provided by Shannon. We spent the day at the Sacred Living Center doing a variety of body, mind and soul work through vibration, energy exchanges and touch. Shannon is a gifted intuitive and was able to connect with our chakra energies helping us explore blocks and identifying where and how we can make changes to raise our vibrations.
      The next day we had a rejuvenating sauna and several cold plunges that awoke every cell in our body before closing out our weekend and thanking the universe for guiding us as we worked through our intentions.
      The nurturing weekend was over but our relationship with this magical couple will be forever. Nathan and Shannon continue to follow-up with us to check in on our enlightenment journey from time-to-time. We can’t wait to see them again!

    • Courtney K. 1 year ago

      I had a beautiful experience at this retreat. Nathan and Shannon are wonderful hosts, and their extensive knowledge of San Pedro, herbalism, somatic bodywork, sound healing, shamanic and elemental rituals and space holding made for an all-encompassing weekend of healing. From the yoga and crystal bowl meditation, the biofield tuning, cranial-sacral, and “Sensorium”, to the “cactivated” dance party in the greenhouse; beginning to end, the flow was perfect. I have felt a sense of grounding and peace in the month that has followed, and I am looking forward to future retreats!


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