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Iboga Retreat in Yucca Valley, California, United States
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    11 Reviews on “Nektar Healing”

    • Annalise W. 1 week ago

      Aria/Nektar Healing is the best of the best. Knowing and working with her has radically altered my life for the better. Before I met Aria I was riddled with depression, anxiety and struggled with bouts of addiction. I was not living authentically, was completely at the end of my rope, unfulfilled and stuck in cycles of self-medicating and self-loathing. I sat with Iboga, Kambo and Bufo under Aria’s care and have had the most incredible life-altering experiences. Aria’s connection to her medicines is so strong and she has so much knowledge and wisdom to share. She always knows what questions to ask to facilitate your own personal awakening/s. I always leave interactions with her feeling awestruck and like I’ve learned so much. Aria is an incredibly gifted medicine woman and an oracle of divine wisdom. Her medicines, compassion and the safe and loving space she holds will guide you on your own healing journey, and inspire you to become your best self. Whether you’re curious about working with medicines, feel the call to heal, and/or seek profound positive change in your life, jump on the opportunity and know you are in the best expert care with Aria/Nektar Healing.

    • Anthony C. 2 weeks ago

      There are numerous reviews lauding Aria’s wisdom and the excellence of her technique, so I’m going to focus on another aspect: her kindness. I first encountered Aria after posting an extremely harsh (but justified) review about a reckless and unqualified facilitator who endangered my life while profiting from me in Costa Rica.

      A mutual acquaintance read my testimonial on Facebook and informed Aria about my predicament. Within a day of publishing my review, Aria proactively reached out to me, extending both kindness and sympathy, and inquired how she could assist.

      She wasn’t soliciting payment.
      She had nothing to pitch.
      Her aim was simply to offer insight into my situation and to support me in whatever manner I required at that moment.

      This was noteworthy, as typically when facilitators contact me on Facebook, it’s to market their services. This was different.

      This was pure kindness.
      This was genuine generosity.
      This was authentic compassion.

      Aria provided me with a safe space to express my frustrations without passing judgment on my naivety. She attentively listened and mirrored back the reality of both my situation and the broader landscape of the sacred medicine industry.

      In a world riddled with charlatans and swindlers, Aria’s kindness and generosity were a breath of fresh air and a true boon in my time of need.

      Since that time, I’ve completed her Kambo facilitators training course and have grown closer to the practitioner I’ve always wanted to be.

      Her genuine concern and kindness have enabled me to transition from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundant truth.

    • Hernando L. 3 weeks ago

      After a fiasco in a retreat in Costa Rica and the pain it caused to know I have been duped, I found Aria after ( without knowing) talking with a lady who was one of Aria’s patients.
      I will attempt now to describe my experience with Aria knowing anything I would write will not, by any stretch of imagination, be close to what I experience in my ten days under her care.
      Her knowledge is indisputable. The connection Aria has with the medicines are matched only to her absolute dedication to her patient(s).
      From the moment you arrive, one is inform of the medicines that will be used on that particular day. Of course, a professional, thorough explanation of the way the medicines work and the intricacies of each ceremony accompany this conversation which always includes your concerns.
      Aria makes a sincere, heartfelt effort to get to know the patient and expends a lot of time doing so.
      Furthermore, Aria also explain how important the diet is a we work with the medicines and try (herself) to prepare food that are both nutritious and in accordance to the medicines that would be used in your treatment.
      Also, a sincere effort is made to make you feel as if you were home. Her dogs are so into it, I remember them coming into my bed wiggly happy after I finished every ceremony as to say “ good job, you did it!
      She takes you out to the nearby national park and also stores in tune with the process you are going through, among others.
      From the intake call/ text to the day I left, Aria never faulted on her commitment to me as her patient. All I was told would happened, indeed, happened and more, much more.
      She said “you will leave my place a changed soul” and man oh man was that true. “It will not be easy” she told me and I have to say I didn’t have the slightest idea of how hard and how painful would it be, but under her care, compassionate heart and beautiful soul you pull through it a step closer to become a new soul.
      I don’t know all the Shamans or Medicine women in the world, but I say without hesitation she is the best by far. I am absolutely, unequivocally sure I received the best care available in the world.
      I’ve got to meet and extraordinary woman, a source of inspiration and hope and a force of good for the world.
      I can say I would forever recommend Aria to those sincerely seeking what they desperately need to heal.
      Please do not hesitate to contact this wonderful woman, you will never regret it.
      From the bottom of my heart and new soul, thank you Aria!

    • Jennifer B. 3 weeks ago

      Aria was recommended to me through a friend about 5 years ago when I first moved to Arizona. I was in a lot of emotional turmoil , living in constant anxiety and deeply depressed.
      Aria came to my apartment and offered me a 3 day ceremony with Kambo. She was compassionate, intentional and a beautiful support through the entire experience. I felt safe and nourished in her presence, her faith and intention with the medicine allowed me to trust and flow through my experience .
      That kambo ceremony with aria was a catalyst for a lot of my deep emotional healing and she made a point to stay connected to me after the ceremony and throughout my integration process. For my first experience with kambo I couldn’t ask for a better practitioner to receive from, and to be able to receive in the comfort of my own home made the experience that much more special. 🙏💚

    • Allyssa R. 1 month ago

      I met Aria a few years ago in Costa Rica and we instantly clicked. I had worked with Kambo many times before and she invited me to participate in a retreat sitting for one of her students. We stayed connected through the years and found ourselves in california and I came to another one of her retreats. I then decided to become trained by her to be a kambo facilitator. Aria is the best at what she does and I trust her completely with these medicines. I feel confident in my abilities as a facilitator because i know that I can rely on her to answer any questions I have should they arise. When you train with her she provides mentorship which is invaluable.
      Aria is very real and raw, she’s confident in what she does, she’s patient (she allowed my toddler to come to my training because im a single mom and it was my only option-only a saint would allow that lol) and just whole heartedly a service led leader. If you’re interested in working with plant medicines and/or kambo look no further then Aria at Nektar Healing!

    • alicia j. 1 month ago

      Describing my experience at Nektar Healing feels almost impossible, but I’ll do my best. Aria, with her unwavering support, single-handedly rescued me from one of the darkest phases of my life. When I arrived, terrified of alcohol withdrawals and the loss of everything, she embraced me with open arms, creating an environment that felt safe, caring, and genuinely supportive.

      Aria’s plant medicine ceremonies were nothing short of beautiful. Through her guidance, I went on a journey of self-discovery that brought forth insights and healing beyond my imagination. Her nurturing demeanor and authentic passion for her work were evident at every step. Her patience, kindness, and adaptability made me feel right at home during my stay.

      The ceremonies were a mix of tradition with modern understanding, a blend that resonated deeply with me. Over my 30-day stay, I participated in transformative ceremonies involving Kambo, Iboga, Ayahuasca, Bufo, and other plant medicines. Each ceremony was uniquely impactful, contributing significantly to my overall healing process. The post-ceremony integration support was crucial in helping me translate these experiences into lasting life changes.

      Nektar Healing is more than a retreat—it’s a sanctuary where transformation thrives. My time there left me with a renewed purpose and a profound sense of connection. If you’re in search of healing and growth, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Aria at Nektar Healing.


    • Sylvia D. 1 month ago

      After a decade of dealing with chronic pain, tension and fatigue, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme this year. Aria knew that Kambo would be the medicine for me. I had done Kambo in the past sporadically but the way Aria administers and teaches, combined with her own personal magic, has completely helped me, and continues to help me, transform my life. I participated in a Kambo training with Aria that allowed me to heal the chronic fatigue pretty instantly. Each time I sit with Kambo, I let go of more and more anxiety, tension, trauma and pain. Not only am I healing myself with this medicine, I am able to help others in the same way as a trained facilitator. I’m forever grateful to Aria and her support and sisterhood over the years, and I highly recommend working with her if you’re ready for major shifts and upgrades.

    • Monica C. 1 month ago

      I’ve known Aria since we were just kids…we met when we were 12 and have been best friends ever since! She is so sweet and kind, very wise, and cares so much about her role as a medicine woman and helping people. She’s a true gem! 💎
      A few years ago she served me my first 3 in 3 Kambo 🐸 ceremony and it was absolutely a life changing experience, so much so that now I’m planning to take her facilitator training so I can continue to serve/heal myself and maybe someday others!
      If you’re on a quest searching for healing and the ability to live a better and more fulfilling life I would 100% recommend working with Aria Inanna/Nektar!!

    • Susan G. 1 month ago

      I had a week-long retreat with Aria, with more than one medicine, and she scores highly on every aspect of professionalism and gentle care.

      She may not have the look and feel of your traditional medicine woman (doesn’t look indigenous enough, haha), but she definitely knows what she’s doing, and has a long experience and proper training. I have worked with many many healers before, and can immediately spot the BS. Her BS test came negative 🙂 And she will definitely be my choice for my future healing work.
      P.S. It is also very rare to find one healer who is trained in all of the different plant medicines that Aria offers. So that shows me how curious, patient and strong-willed she is to educate herself on the depths of healing.

    • Nate E. 1 month ago

      Aria is a very knowledgeable, experienced healer and medicine woman. She is also an incredibly strong & wise person who knows how to put ego aside and be the best guide she can be.
      Aria has served me 4 different medicines that have helped me to deepen my understanding and release of the mental and physical illnesses that were very heavily affecting my daily life. Chronic depression, anxiety and toxic mold build up are to name a few of the most troubling things I was facing.

      I also gained priceless insights into my families past that have greatly widened my perspective, and now allows me to create conscious, positive change in my families dynamics.

      Some of the most important work, if not the most important work on myself has been done through and after receiving Iboga.

      Aria is more than qualified, and has been properly initiated in Africa to serve this medicine. I felt completely safe and well looked after in her care and I would highly recommend working with her!

    • Richard I. 2 months ago

      Working with aria at nektar healing has been a life changing experience. 4 years ago I met her for a kambo ceremony. Her insight and experience with the medicine is unmatched. After one series of medicine I quit drinking after life time of abuse. I have since gone through her training to serve kambo and am now healing my community and loved ones. Decades of depression from traumatic brain injuries from breaking my back are all gone. The medicine she works with and specializes in and has dedicated her life to on top of her intricate knowledge and connection to the spirit world is unlike anyone I have ever worked with. The support and safety protocols involved with her ceremonies from kambo, bufo, Ayahuasca, iboga provide the highest degree of integration and change in your daily life. Waking up every day happy at peace and motivated for every day was something I never thought I’d be able to experience but is now my life completely sober with high standards of quality of life. If you’re thinking of working with her in any capacity being served medicine or going through a training program do not hesitate, you deserve to change your life you deserve to live a life of healing take every step necessary to experience working with aria

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