Sahaja Retreats

Bufo Alvarius Retreat in Tulum- Sian Ka'an, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    6 Reviews on “Sahaja Retreats”

    • A. S. 1 year ago

      The compassion, love, and expertise expressed during my ceremonies were wonderful!!! I was able to develop the level of trust needed to allow myself to fully surrender and experience the medicines. My ceremonies were life changing and are still producing enlightenment to help me along my path. Thank you!!!

    • Farzana T. 1 year ago

      Chelsea was my guide for my first kambo and Bufo ceremony and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else. She knew my needs before even I knew what they were. She anticipated not only my needs but those of the other members in our group as well and she did so with such expertise. As a cynical, guarded person being able to trust and feel safe with anyone is very difficult for me but with Chelsea as my guide, her compassion, empathy, and strong spirit allowed me to do just that. I highly recommend Chelsea for anyone on their healing journey and I look forward to continuing on my own with her by my side.

    • sherri l. 1 year ago

      My Kambo & Bufo experience exceeded any expectation that I had for myself. Kambo was truly a lesson in surrender and trusting in the process. After the Kambo experience, I felt amazing like there was nothing stopping me from me from my higher self. Everything was made so clear. My Bufo experience took me to the next level of finding my purpose why was I put here on this earth ? For me, it took the guesswork out. It left me with a deeper knowing. I have to say the Kambo and Bufo truly complement each other. It was by far one of the best journeys I have experienced. I felt very safe and nurtured in the process.

    • Sabba N. 1 year ago

      Chelsea is an incredible healer and facilitator. I sat with her recently and there are no words. It was beautiful. Thank you Chelsea. I highly recommend.

    • Roanne C. 1 year ago

      Chelsea was my guide when I had the Bufo experience. It was my first time but Chelsea really helped me get where I needed to be. I was lucky to have found her because she serves from the heart and genuinely cares about our well-being. You’ll be in good hands with her!

    • Erica W. 1 year ago

      If you are looking for a thorough and holistic approach to healing, I highly recommend Sahaja Retreats! I was served by Natalie and it completely changed my life. She was kind, patient, understanding, and truly went on the journey with me. She was intentional with everything she did and so selfless. For the first ceremony we did a micro dose and I found the experience blissful, experienced full surrender, and went into another realm. This was incredible, but it was the macro dose the second time around that truly changed my life. I once again experienced the surrender and “ego death”, if you will, but this time there was a deeper exploration into these other spaces. Let’s just say I felt a release of trauma that felt decades, if not generations old. When I started to come to, it felt like Natalie was delivering me from that energy that was stagnant and deeply rooted, and then shortly after I experienced a God-like feeling from within me, in Natalie, and surrounding me. I felt like I met God, and that HE was in me and all around me. I was so present and light. I felt brand new. It’s honestly makes talk therapy feel unnecessary. I highly recommend a Bufo ceremony if you want true and deep healing that is beyond the surface of what other forms of therapy can offer.


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