Caya Shobo

Ayahuasca Retreat in Varillal, Loreto, Peru
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    3 Reviews on “Caya Shobo”

    • Anne S. 9 months ago

      I would very much like to extend my condolences to Maestros Arturo and Walter and the entire Caya Shobo staff on the loss of Don Pedro. I arrived at Caya Shobo in December 2021 with some serious medical issues. Don Pedro sang to me 7 out of the 8 ceremonies I participated in – more than any other participant in our group. What an incredible privilege! What phenomenal healing I received from this man! He was so kind and generous with me. His bluesy icaros were a true joy to receive. He was the Muddy Waters of the Amazon! One couldn’t help but have a smile on their face after receiving one of his icraos. I was truly heartbroken when I received the email from Caya Shobo that Don Pedro had passed away. The world has lost a man of great indigenous wisdom and kindness – something this old world needs more than ever. My sincere sympathy to all at Caya Shobo. I’m sure he is greatly missed by all of you, but please know he is also missed by all of us who received his wonderful healings.”

    • Belen Z. 9 months ago

      Caya Shobo has been my home overseas for the last 4 years of my life. It is a place where I feel like I’m pampering my soul.. the flower baths, the medicine plants, the amazing nourishing food, the support from the high level maestros and facilitators, the ceremonies, the peaceful sounds of nature, the staff, the learning, the healing.. I can write so much more.
      The medicine path has changed my life in so many beautiful ways and I feel so blessed to be a part of Caya Shobo and to have met the amazing humans that make this center so much more beautiful.
      If you are looking for real transformation, healing and support, Caya Shobo is the place to find that.
      For me, it’s a little piece of paradise =)

    • Tom D. 9 months ago

      Ive worked with Caya Shobo with Miguel, Beccy and Franzi for several years now. Before finding Caya Shobo I sat with various communities and retreats. Utlimately I found my home with Caya Shobo. Their emphasis on long diets and going deep into the medicine in order to build lasting personal change resonated with me ( it worked for me too- ive beat some addictions and cleared some deep traumas thanks to the medicine and my plant diets.) I brought my wife into the medicine comunity of Caya Shobo as well and I have watched her blossom as a result.❤️ Sending Love to all the maestros, facilators, apprentices, staff and pasajeros at Caya Shobo.


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