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Ayahuasca Retreat in San Juan Bautista, Loreto, Peru
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    1 Review on “Ayahuasca Foundation”

    • Johnny P. 3 years ago

      I travelled from the UK in July 2021 after my wife had an incredible experience in November 2020. She herself has always wanted to explore Ayahuasca and found the Ayahuasca Foundation with all their research was a fantastic place to go. I myself suffer from Depression and Anxiety and always been interested in alternative approaches as modern medicine only seemed to suppress the symptoms and therapy was limited longterm.

      The Ayahuasca Foundation was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Carlos Tanner the organiser and founder of the retreat handled everything from initial contact, zoom call, communicating with the facilitators etc. I was well looked after and felt safe throughout the whole experience.

      The set up is incredible, the facilities are brilliant, and staff are all you could wish for. Ayahuasca is not to be taken lightly, you need a safe and supportive set up to get the most from it and that’s what I found at the Ayahuasca Foundation. Highly recommended


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