Anne Taylor, Ph.D.

Psychedelic Integration Coach in Camano, Washington, United States
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    2 Reviews on “Anne Taylor, Ph.D.”

    • sheldon l. 1 year ago

      Dr. Anne Taylor is the rare person who can help the psilocybin journeyer along the often turbulent pathway of emergence from repression and blocks, integration, learning, transformation, and healing. This ability comes to her truly through her own destiny seeking, including years of scholarly study in the lineage of Jung as well as mystical traditions and mythology, many years of yogic practice and teaching of yoga, and exploration focused on the potential of psychedelics to accelerate movement to one’s true identity–thus healing. For those wanting to enhance the likelihood of existential enrichment through psilocybin oriented healing work, you have now found a guide to that place.
      Dr. Sheldon Lewkis, R.Psych, neuropsychologist
      Kyoto, Japan & Vancouver, B.C.

    • Cindy T. 1 year ago

      My main work with Anne has been post-journey integration with both psilocybin and ayahuasca. I can speak freely from my transformative experience of working with her, but I must first interject that, as I continue to work with Anne, the more I get to witness the layers of wisdom that lie beneath her calm, reassuring demeanor. Her expansive knowledge of archetypal psychology has helped me to recognize my personal value in the universe of connection that exists across all cultures, deepening my compassion and appreciation for all of nature and mankind. Exploring our medicine visions can unveil inner belief systems and hidden traumas that can be a daunting, intimidating… a humbling task, for sure. Ann excels at establishing ease of conversation that is shrouded by an aura of deep honesty and trustworthiness. Combined with her knowledge of the medicines, she quickly establishes a safe container to explore our inner journey and transform it into a vision for improving our forward selves.
      Cindy Tomayko
      Doctor of Chiropractic
      Pilates Instructor
      Psychedelic Coach
      Dreamer and Lover of Life


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