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Personal Transformation Coach in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
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    18 Reviews on “Glenda Sparrow”

    • LaShonda T. 2 months ago

      Glenda is amazing and my experience with her coaching was very enlightening. She takes her time to listen you and is very supportive of whatever your healing journey looks like to you. Glenda is not afraid to share her life’s experiences, good or bad, if it can shed some light on the discussion. She is knowledgeable in all areas of psychedelics and I felt completely safe under her guidance. Although this was a very professional relationship and her expertise and intelligence cannot be ignored, I felt like a good friend was being there for me when I needed them most. There was absolutely no judgement, only finding the best path and solutions for anything I threw her way. I truly appreciate the opportunity to go on this life changing journey with Glenda. Thank you for everything!

    • Teresa D. 3 months ago

      I started seeing Glenda as a coach so I could dial in my microdosing and work on understanding some of the feelings I was having after a journey. She was a tremendous help. She guided me on different methods of microdosing and helped me find the one that best suited me. We explored many of the questions I had as well as exercises that would help me open up and be more loving and nurturing to myself. I struggle with self-love and she provided me with many tools and lots of guidance on how to make the changes I needed. I have gained so much insight to the thoughts that go on in my head and how to manage and work with them. I have had so much realization of all the healing that I’ve done, not only over the 8 weeks of working with her, but to now be able to see all the benefits and growth I have achieved since starting to microdose about a year ago. Glenda has helped me to peel back the layers and see all the greatness. If you are in doubt about whether or not to work with Glenda, you should just do it. You won’t regret it!

    • Nicholas M. 3 months ago

      A medicine journey is likely to be one of the top five most impactful experiences in your life. If you’re going to do it then treat the journey with reference and respect. Glenda helped prepare me, guide me, and assist me and reflecting on my journey. Her valuable insights during our preparation and integration calls really helped me make the most of this experience. To help create a mystical and open mindset during the journey the session began with simple rituals including sage and invokation of protection spirits. Typically this isn’t my cup of tea but it was an essential part of that experience and I highly recommend going through that process with her. It will set up your mind to be in the right space for this experience.

      Set up a discovery call with Glenda, see if she is a good match for you, and don’t look back. The journey may not be what you hope for, but it’ll definitely be what you needed. She’ll help you step by step.

    • CJ 4 months ago

      I came to Glenda never having worked or done any kind of Psychedelic products. I wanted some examination of past events and clarity on current situations. I had heard good things about the results but was a bit scared and timid of the process. Glenda was super professional and very skilled in coaching. She was able to clearly define the goals and objectives in the lead up to the Journey. I felt very safe and it made the experience a positive one that really answered the questions and provided clear paths to move forward and self improve. Overall Glenda was the best I could wish for. She has my highest recommendation especially if this is your first venture into this treatment.

    • Lauren 7 months ago

      Anyone who plans to experience a psychedelic journey or a non-ordinary state of consciousness would benefit from Glenda’s coaching. She has extensive psychedelic training and experience. She supports clients throughout the preparation, the journey, and post-ceremony integration. Glenda has a special aura of love, intelligence, and compassion. I have personally participated in many of her workshops on microdosing and integrations, webinars, guided meditations, and sacred ceremonies. She is deeply committed to helping the psychedelic community. She is an exceptional coach, guide, and sacred ceremony professional.

    • SURTI B. 7 months ago

      I am very thankful to Glenda for providing me very insightful coaching on Micro Dosing. I went through very tough time about 3 years ago. I had lost my identity because of years of Narcissistic and Psychopathic abuse. I was traumatized. I went through lot of books and counselling but nothing helped. I was depressed, anxious and lost. Glenda is very knowledgeable in the field and help me find ways and answers to my situations. She walked with me and provided me the clarity that I didn’t have before. Whether you are new or already familiar with medicine, I believe you need very capable coach to walk with you to remove the fog. I highly recommend her. You will be very grateful for her insights, guidance and her help to find the answers or clarity you are looking for. Most important is you will feel good about yourself.

    • Hilary 7 months ago

      Glenda is an amazing guide. I had a beautiful ceremony with Glenda and am so grateful for the entire experience. Her prep sessions helped me feel really at ease with experience, while also helping me get really clear about my intentions. The ceremony itself was extraordinary…so mind blowing in all the best ways. Glenda holds space like a champ. And our integration sessions following the ceremony have really helped me make sense of what I experienced. I am forever grateful for this experience and for Glenda’s guidance.

    • Mark K. 1 year ago

      I am so grateful to have found Glenda to be my guide on my recent journey! Glenda is a caring, trustworthy and competent coach. Glenda provided outstanding preparation prior to my journey, and was also very knowledgeable and helpful with follow-up integration meetings post-journey. She also provided numerous tips, articles and videos both pre and post journey so I would have a full understanding of the process. Thank you so much Glenda for being a wonderful guide and coach!

    • Rose C. 1 year ago

      I recently had the pleasure of sitting in a ceremony facilitated by Glenda. She provided preparation directions and scheduled meetings beforehand, which were so helpful. She provides a wonderful space for healing and inner work.

    • Alex N. 1 year ago

      Glenda is the best!!!! She has helped me through some tough times and really understands how to relate with someone on their terms so she can get to the root of the issues and help create a variety of solutions. She is not pushy but firm on what action items need to happen to see successful results. All in all, my experience with Glenda over the past 5 months has been nothing but positive and I look forward to working with her for a long time:)

    • Kenny F. 1 year ago

      I am so grateful to have connected with Glenda this past year. She was exactly who I needed at this time in my life. My spiritual, healing journey has been a long one. Glenda has been a wonderful guide, graciously and expertly providing her wisdom, her time and her space.
      I feel so much comfort in knowing Glenda is here for me and anyone else who wants to find peace and their place in this world. Glenda will provide you the tools you need to help you on your unique journey. She is kind, thoughtful, insightful, knowledgeable, experienced, prepared, and everything else you could want in a life coach and a healer. I know I am safe and in good hands with Glenda. So far, I’ve participated in 2 ceremonies with Glenda to help with lifelong mental health issues, childhood ptsd, anxiety and depression.
      Both experiences with Glenda were incredible, life changing and has given me positive momentum. I now look forward to the future. I feel more in-tune with myself and invigorated to live life to the fullest. Thank you Glenda 🙏🏽😌✨

    • Alex R. S. 1 year ago

      Glenda is a Beautiful Soul and I’m Grateful for the Universal ways in which we were brought to meet one another. Being that the Ceremony and Experience was a first for me, Glenda is there every step of the way ensuring that loving-care and answers to questions are met. From the preparation calls, Informational packets (which has attention to detail and shows the tremendous work in solace), to making sure a safe place for all goes beyond words and comprehension. The light bites/Food upon the last hours is perfect, beautiful, does wonders for the journey just had, and are absolutely Amazing! My integration with it all helped me to realize new possibilities while being immersed in our group’s unique individuality and Energies. I am truly Grateful and Thankful! 🙂

    • Melanie C. 1 year ago

      Glenda provides a beautiful space for healing. She is compassionate and gentle. She is wise and she is strong. And because of those qualities, she creates an emotional environment that feels safe in the time before, during, and well after the journey. There is something truly magical, too, about her presence during ceremony… something ethereal but also grounded. She is an extraordinary person… knowledgeable and generous. I am so grateful for my experience with her.

    • Gilda L. 2 years ago

      Glenda is an amazing soul full of empathy, knowledge and love. I felt really cared about and safe in her care. I had the pleasusre of attending my first ceremony with her. I was impressed with all the preparation and attention to detail. We had calls pre and post ceremony to help us prepare and integrate. All details were thouroughly explained beforehand to get the most out of the experience as possible. During the ceremony she felt like an angel floating among us along with several other guides that were also present. We were fed great food for our bodies along with shared experiences of love for our souls. I highly recommend Glenda, she is a valued member of our psychedic community.

    • Evgenia E. 2 years ago

      Glenda is amazing: such a force of nature and a gifted coach. She quickly saw through my BS defense system and the stories I tell myself to explain things – and masterfully pivoted our coaching session in a new direction. I love her candor, perception, and compassion – and all of this is supported by her solid coaching foundation and expert knowledge of the medicine. Glenda is a real thing! If you want to get real and drive change in your life – she is your coach.

    • James L. 2 years ago

      I am forever grateful for Glenda’s coaching talents that have helped me tighten up life habits in nutrition and implement needed tips within my microdosing protocol ~ Glenda is capable of coaching one in several areas of life and shows up with a presence of seriousness but with strong undertones of sincere care and love. Glenda is not only a tremendous coach, but also an amazing friend, a knowledgeable colleague, a fierce leader, and most importantly a pure loving human with the guiding touch and skills to share with others in her coaching practice. Thank-you Glenda for being you, in this past year it has truly been beautiful not only being coached by you but seeing you grow and bloom in the beautiful being you are. Thank-you 🙂

    • Jennifer S. 2 years ago

      Glenda has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of psychedelic healing. She is very caring and highly motivated to help others heal. She offers a vast array of services, from one-on-one coaching, group coaching, intention setting, ceremonies, to educational classes and micro dosing protocols! I have personally benefitted from several of her services; she ensures everyone feels safe and respected. Whether you’re just starting your psychedelic journey or well on your path, Glenda has something to offer you in a very compassionate way! ~

    • Rose C. 2 years ago

      Scheduling a coaching appointment with Glenda is super easy, and you get a google calendar invite, so it makes it so easy to keep track of the appointment and reschedule it if you need to. Glenda is pleasant, intelligent, and asks thought provoking questions to help guide you to your own conclusions so that you can facilitate your own change. I am grateful for her coaching.


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