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    16 Reviews on “Beond Ibogaine Clinic”

    • Nick H. 8 months ago

      Beond saved my life. I had been hopelessly addicted to opiates on and off for twenty years. I was at my wits’ end and my life had become completely unmanageable, especially once fentanyl came into my life. I knew I had to try something radically different than my previous attempts at sobriety. I had heard about ibogaine over the years and decided that I had nothing else to lose. After researching a number of facilities, I came across Beond and reached out to them. From the moment I first spoke to Tom, I knew where I would go for treatment. I left California for Mexico, and upon arriving, I was immediately treated like family. The staff felt like old friends and they did everything they could to make getting off fentanyl as painless as possible.

      On the day of my ibogaine treatment, my flesh was afraid but I was ready. 16 hours later, I emerged a new man. Ibogaine isn’t a magic bullet, but it will show you the way – it cannot take you there completely. A recovery plan is essential for staying sober, and they helped me craft that before I left.

      I’m now almost a year sober, and I continue to do weekly therapy. I nurture my spiritual side daily, and I engage my mind and body in vigorous exercise. If it weren’t for the good people at Beond, I would not have the foundation that is needed for long-term sobriety.

      In conclusion, Beond is more than just a rehab/detox center – it’s a family of deeply committed human beings that practice love and compassion so sincerely that I began to learn to love myself after a lifetime of self-punishment and pain. From the cook to the cleaning staff, nurses, doctors, yoga teachers, sound bath practitioners, massage therapists and more – you will be treated with dignity and respect.

      If you work on it and want to change your life and live up to your potential, Beond will show you the path, but you’ve got to be willing to take that first step.

    • Roza S. 12 months ago

      I am struggling to find words to describe the experience I had at Beond. This place overflows with boundless love, compassion, support, and care. The moment you step through the door, you are greeted with genuine smiles and hugs, truly as a family member. The level of support and care I experienced here surpasses anything I’ve encountered in similar settings. However, Beond is not just a retreat center, clinic, hospital, or rehab – it’s all of that and so much more — it’s a transformative sanctuary that becomes your home. It’s a place where you come to remember that you are worthy, that you deserve love, and that all you need is already within you. It always has been.

      The facility is so beautiful, with bright and comfortable rooms. And the pool, an oasis of tranquility, brought solace to my soul. Nourishing snacks and refreshing drinks were readily available throughout the day. The chefs were amazing, and if you feel like having a lighter meal, they would prepare a delicious smoothie for you. They went above and beyond, personally ensuring I was informed when the meals are served. Every evening, they would ask what you would like to have for breakfast the next morning.

      The therapies you receive daily to prepare for your ibogaine treatment are so nurturing—from yoga, watsu, art therapy, and breathwork, to daily massages and 1:1 coaching sessions with the therapist. Every experience paved the way for my healing. I really appreciated the daily massages each time given by a different skilled therapist, which provided needed relaxation and grounding.

      The guidance and support of the psychotherapist I worked with throughout the process were nothing short of life-changing. Special thanks to Antonio, who provided remote preparation prior to my arrival at Beond, skilfully navigated me through the necessary steps. He helped me gain clarity on my intentions and made me feel safe and ready to embrace whatever would unfold during the experience.

      I can’t thank Brandon enough, my on-site therapist. His professionalism and loving presence were so needed and healing to me at the time. The way he held space on my journey and integration process helped me confront a long-suppressed trauma. The tools he gave me continue to empower me, reshaping my life in remarkable ways.

      The treatment room at Beond, where you receive ibogaine, was meticulously equipped with the highest standards of medical care. Not a single moment did I doubt my safety while laying in that bed. I had 1000% trust in the nurses who were there with me throughout the whole 12-hour process and who have overseen hundreds of safe journeys before.

      Sometimes, I close my eyes and imagine myself in that treatment room—it’s THE safe space for me. A place where I am cared for, loved, and accepted for who I am. I know that I don’t have to do this on my own and can ask for help anytime I need it.

      Even though it’s done in a medical setting, I truly appreciated the doctor who, before giving the “medicine,” gave a speech honoring the indigenous Bwiti tribes who have been using this sacred plant in their centuries-old rituals. Beond’s collaboration with a non-profit organization in Gabon, dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of these tribes and fostering the growth of iboga trees, further exemplifies their reverence and reciprocity for this ancient wisdom.

      I feel incredibly privileged to have had this opportunity to connect with my soul so deeply and receive this medicine in such a safe and loving setting. I would recommend Beond not only to those struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, or PTSD, but to all who seek liberation from patterns that hinder their growth, and a profound reconnection with their true purpose—leading a life overflowing with love, joy, and profound meaning.

    • will F. 1 year ago

      I have struggled with alcohol and anxiety for most of my adult life. Time at treatment programs in the US provided some learning and kept me sober for some good stretches, but the underlying issues remained, and I had many replases. I also worried that a psychedelic treatment would be in conflict with my commitment to working a 12 step program.

      Beōnd is in a different galaxy, and now I see that there is NO conflict with working the 12 steps. It is truly a sacred space, with the most loving, empathetic staff — nothing I could have imagined. The time in the Beōnd community was as important as the actual medicine, which was itself profound. I have identified the key underlying issues that have been blocking the “true me” from merging and expressing himself. I have found myself again, and can love me. I was and am not broken; I am whole and healing.

      I will be forever grateful for my time at Beōnd. And I can tap into the experience at any time. And oh by the way, being on campus feels like being at a fancy spa retreat, with the most wonderful food, served family style 🙂 Happy to talk more about my experience with anyone curious and doubtful.

    • Dana R. 1 year ago

      Where’s the 10th star? Because this place gets a 10 out of 5! Too good to be true, magical, life-saving, amazing, well-cared for…a few of the phrases you’ll hear from people who have experienced the magical medicine of ibogaine at Beond.

      I had a friend who works in the recovery field who went to Beond and raved about their clinic and her experience so I instantly trusted and felt at ease about going to a treatment clinic in Mexico for a psychedelic that’s illegal in the US.

      From my first inquiry, I was in touch with a kind, caring, reassuring woman who said you’re perfect for this place…Talia Eisenberg, thank you, it was exactly what I needed. I started reading about how the medicine starts working before you actually take it and that was so true for me! I began to soften, open up, and let my guard down. I quit drinking a week before I arrived and truly wondered at times if I really could but I had something to look forward to and some homework from my integration coach that really helped me bridge the gap and I was just desperate for help, for a fresh start, for hope. And I found more than I ever imagined possible at Beond.

      The staff are like family to us as clients and to each other. This isn’t just a job for them, you can feel their warm, caring love and energy in their touch, their hugs, their smile, their reassurance, they are living medicine. They meditate together as a staff, daily and you can join in if you want! Powerful example of the healers healing along side those they’re serving.

      I had never touched drugs other than trying cannabis a few times and didn’t even like that. Alcohol was my go to for coping, stress, fun, celebration, grieving, and for no reason other than habit. I had experienced much of my adult life without alcohol then had a few years of sobriety, then found myself in a place of desperately wanting to be free, wanting to connect with myself, wanting my life back! I knew I had so much life left to experience at only 45 but felt so stuck.

      I had a profound Ibogaine trip that set me free in so many ways. I haven’t had an ounce of desire for alcohol at all! Thinking about drinking ranges from comical to sickening, like why in the world would I ever do that to myself? I can be around drinkers and just don’t care. I don’t feel like I’m missing out which is wildly different than previous times of sobriety.

      I have agency, power, choice, and most of all self love! I’ve never felt so at home and comfortable and lovely in my own skin. I like being alone to think, journal, meditate, dance, and just enjoy getting to know and love on the real me and that little girl who made it!

      I have a deep love for the world around me. My new saying is: My business is spreading love, I do it through the skill set of real estate. I just see life and the world around me through new eyes of hope, observation, compassion, and a desire to spread love.

      Beond was the best gift I could have ever given to myself. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced ibogaine and if you’re medically able to do it, regardless of using substances or not, it will be one of the most healing and powerful experiences you could ever have; it’s out of this world amazing right in your own heart and mind.

      Much love and gratitude,

      Dana Robbins

    • Sid P. 1 year ago

      This place is a magical place of healing. Prior to my arrival I had had quite several psychedelic journeys with experienced healers. This place is quite special because of its CEOs Tom and Talía. This is a place you will learn to love yourself and others.
      I had quite a big concern about how my trip with Ibogaine would be and Tom spent considerable time with me prior to my journey day. The staff is extremely supportive and treat you like they have known you for some time. That level of caring is really impressive and necessary to overcome addiction and trauma. The chef Ray himself is quite warm and caring and makes the best healthy food. The therapists Adrianna and Antonio are very skilled and quite helpful in the healing process. They will teach you ways and give you tools to use for after you leave to maintain your health and wellness. I had an amazing experience and saw lots of people with long standing opiate addictions leave like new reborn people. Quite amazing !! I can not say enough positive things about this place. The pool and rooms are also amazing.

    • Hugh B. 1 year ago

      I have personally been to and have experienced a lot of facilities. Not one has come close to my experience at Beond!

      After going through many different detox and treatment facilities. Trying everything under the sun to break the insidious cycle of my addiction. A few months ago, I found myself in a bathtub in full blown withdrawals from Suboxone, fentanyl, benzos, and cocaine. Feeling so hopeless that I came to terms with death and was ready to commit suicide. A dear friend of mine reached out to me and got me in contact with this beautiful soul named Tom. This man sat on the phone with me for hours with love and compassion, putting a plan together to get me down to Mexico. I was so broken and hopeless I put my faith in his hands. Followed his direction and plan to give myself one last effort to save my life. A few days later, I was on a plane to Cancun. As soon as I got out of the airport. I was greeted by Tom with love and open arms. When I arrived to the facility I was greeted with smiles and unconditional love and care. One of the first things that I noticed in the energy was this wasn’t a job for them. It was a lifestyle and passion to helping others transform their lives. I want to emphasize on the importance of personalized care. Given undivided attention into my process. I wasn’t just another patient to them. I was seen as someone who is loved and important. What a difference that makes! As I went through my process at Beond, I did not know what to expect in terms of my detox process. But, WOW I was astonished with the results!

      The benefits from implementing ibogaine into the process of detox & beginning my journey into the recovery process are unparalleled. In my experience, Traditional detox and treatment facilities tend to rely on putting patients onto a lot of pharmaceuticals to help with the detox process. Because of this, I have found myself relying on a bunch of different unnecessary medications to help aid in sleep patterns and returning my mental & physical state to homeostasis. As I progress in my recovery, I was still relying on these medications to remain in a balanced state. I have found it to be very difficult to return to my natural state of being. Ibogaine has the ability to help aid the process into returning to my natural state of homeostasis without having to rely on many different pharmaceuticals. WHAT A BLESSING! Not only does it help with the withdrawals, but it also has given me a clear perspective of my life and what I want out of it (goals & aspirations). After experiencing Ibogaine, I have been catapulted into a powerful; spiritual, mental, and emotional state of inspiration and hope for my future.

      After my Ibogaine experience, I had a very deep premonition that if I didn’t get the correct guidance into my process after leaving Beond it would fall back into the same patterns. (Integration of my experience was crucial to continuing my trajectory of creating a life worth living.) This next part is another reason Beond stands out more than any other place that I have experienced. I asked Tom to be my mentor and help guide me in my recovery process. His response “absolutely, I would be honored.” This just reinforces the fact that Beond isn’t in it for the money. They are in this line of work to make a true difference in peoples lives! He has kept his word and I speak to him regularly.

      Today, I am so grateful for my life and everything that Beond has offered me in my process. I have a new perspective and outlook on my life. I am on a trajectory of spiritual growth, emotional regulation, & sustainable sobriety. I can honestly say that Beond is one of a kind!

      I would recommend this place to anyone needing help in any aspect of growth wether its starting your journey in sobriety, struggling with mental health, or in need of any assistance in helping to change the trajectory of your life for the better!!

      Eternally grateful for this place.


    • Russ S. 1 year ago

      A friend of mine recently said that it would be a social crime to not report what one would call “a medical miracle that was to good to be true.” I didn’t pay much attention until I went to Beond and went through their Ibogaine Treatment Program. I had been in and out of addiction for the past decade using cocaine and methamphetamines. I never had tried a drug besides alcohol until my late 30’s. Due to job loss, divorce, child custody battles and constantly letting down the people I loved most, I found myself not being able to love me anymore. As a result of my own mess, it led me to a decade of on and off anxiety and depression until …..
      I met another client who strongly referred me at the lawyers office of my x wife. Some would call it ironic or weird, I call it “A Miracle” that I have prayed for, along with other friends and family for a long time.

      Doors began to open quickly thanks to the help of the Beond Staff. After doing some research and asking for more information, I get a call followed by multiple text from the CEO of Beond within an hour. I was immediately greeted with a friendly voice that immediately made me feel comfortable. I was given clear instruction on how I could make this work for me. Everything was set up for me, even Zoom meetings with friendly, loving , and optimistic people to prepare me. They seemed like life motivational coaches who made me start to think I deserved to be happy and free again. Yeah it was “to good to be true.” Right?…

      The day I arrived, I was completely in shock at how I was received! From the Atlanta Airport to Cancun, it was just like the Beond Staff had instructed and designed. Travel was flawless and simple. I hadn’t been used to that!!! I walked into Beond…. I was greeted, hugged, loved, and welcomed by nurses, chefs, massage therapist, counselors, clients, doctors…. Etc. I’m optimistic, but yeah right. That kind of love and care never ended for my 10 days there. They walked me to this bedroom that was almost the size of my home. I asked how many people I shared the room with and one of the nurses laughed saying, “this is your room, Russ” … yep to good to be true?
      Oh and the food? No words, Omg ( in my head I was jokingly like “Ohhhh so this is how the other half eats and lives”) 😆

      I was thinking well day 1 has ended. The other 9 days won’t be this way. The Honeymoon is over. To treat me like a king with this much love, “ to good to be true right?”
      I met the most laid back, loving, driven, passionate, enthusiastic, and caring two people I had met at any treatment place I had been to, Tom & Talia…..Wait a minute, not only was it not ending, I was starting to become family. My treatment seemed simple. I had my wonders but didn’t ask. I was told go in and let it do the work. For once I listened and didn’t have to be in control.
      Two days after my treatment, I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning!!! Oh Lord what’s wrong with me, umm, I feel amazing ! I rushed out to excitedly ask “am I gonna feel physically and mentally feel like this every day…. like I’m 18 again? Oh and did Santa come?” (Was I dreaming…was it Christmas..)

      My next several days at Beond got better and better if that’s possible. Relationships with staff and other clients grew stronger by the day .. from string, to rope, to chain as far as a different kind of bond I had never felt with these strangers I had known less than 10 days. Is that even possible? “Is this too good to be true?” My post treatment plan feels just as strong. It’s young but it feels like I’m still there in many ways. I hear from someone that’s connected to Beond every other day, sometimes days together if I include the clients I met who went through it with me or around the same time. Forgive me for not being able to put it all into words but it would be an injustice bc there are so many great things that can’t be put into words. Oh by the way, almost forgot, the day I walked into Beond was the last day I took my antidepressant meds, much less anything else.

      Good news is, I love me again. I lied to myself way too long about me! I’m a good man with a big loving heart. I’m a child of God and He don’t make junk! Every day has been better than the day before.

      Bottom line is that my Faith & Answered Prayers placed me at Beond. Thank you Tom, Talia & The Beond Staff! There is not a price tag you can put on saving lives and loving others through it, not only with mine but giving me a front row seat seeing others heal with me!

      My friend Andy started this whole thing off by saying, “Russ, what if you had knowledge about the biggest possible medical life saving treatment in the world and you didn’t tell everyone about it? Wouldn’t that be a crime?” Is this to good to be true? Yesssssss it is, but there is nothing closer to the truth. It would be a crime to not share this and I don’t need another charge 🤣❤️💔❤️‍🩹❤️🙏🤗😊 Thank You for Infinity & Beond …

    • caroline l. 2 years ago

      I went to Beond for 8 days earlier this year, and the experience changed me deeply. I didn’t have a chemical ‘dependency’, but I did enjoy wine almost every day, and a really painful divorce 3 years ago meant I carried a significant burden of sadness most of the time. My time in intention setting with Beond therapists, as well as my days on site were filled with nurture and care. The food was healthy and delicious, the embodiment and mindfulness classes and practices offered were supportive to my overall goals, and the staff was kind and wonderful. My treatment with ibogaine felt safe, and was also something that felt like it healed my body and mind almost as much as it allowed me to process some of my grief. I left with a deeper awareness of myself, cravings for wine completely gone, and a beautiful acceptance and ease around sadness and grief. I’m so grateful!

    • Kaia R. 2 years ago

      I cannot speak highly enough about the incredible client experience at Beond. I felt so well taken care of, every detail was looked after, and every staff and medical person is top notch. The comfort, the food, the medicine… all excellent! While I originally attended Beond to learn more about ibogaine and see what kind of healing would be possible for me, I received much more than I anticipated and feel that my life is changed permanently in all the best ways!

    • Shelley K. 2 years ago

      I’m leaving this review as a parent not a patient, and I can’t say enough about the treatment our son received at Beond. We were contacted from start to finish , and are still contact since our son arrived home this weekend.
      Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately and we felt that he was in a very safe and loving environment.
      They had the patience of a saint , because our son was a challenge for sure! The staff was amazing and we saw such a change in our son both psychically and mentally. With clean living, good food , exercise and being drug free he’s a stronger person and now its up to him to use the tools he has learned to continue a sober life.
      Do not hesitate for one moment about sending your loved one to this facility because they are top notch!
      We feel so blessed we chose them for our sons care!

    • Gutter M. 2 years ago

      Beond is a clear step up from its alternatives at a significant value. Beōnd is also an obvious improvement on the services, level of care, comfort, and wellness I experienced elsewhere and at “luxury” destinations.

      First of all: The level of comfort & privacy for individuals or couples is very high and comes standard.

      The facility itself reflects a rustic, farmhouse minimalism. Fresh Linens, wash and fold, and maid service is also offered daily.

      Appropriate and uplifting contemporary artworks have been thoughtfully curated and procured locally. The suites are spacious, private, sprawling, and feature walk-in amenities with no fuss.

      Available services include: daily massage, daily therapy, personal training & dietary assistance.

      “Groups” focus on preparing the mind and body for treatment more than adequately.

      What distinguishes Beond as an industry leader medically is advanced modeling and industry-leading expertise to tailor detox services, treatment protocols, and dual-diagnosis services to each individual on a case-by-case basis. Notably absent is a moralizing and unilateral, doctrinal approach to healing here.

      Beonds’s clinical culture creates a high level of physical and emotional comfort for clients to receive life-affirming care.

      Beond indexes on wellness maintenance to prepare the spirit and body for treatment through a clean, biodynamic diet. Each mealtime offers a number of fresh, clean, healthy food options and low-sugar snack alternatives, family style.

      Beond chefs can also easily accommodate any dietary or lifestyle preference, need or allergy.

      This holistic wellness-based approach puts people seeking healing & awakening at a significant advantage on their journey compared to other clinics or traditional dual-diagnosis facilities.

      The staff-client culture at Beond exudes a welcome and compassion that is palpable from the start. To experience the difference yourself, all one need do is make a general inquiry on their contact page.

      One other distinction beside excelling at preparing clients for an individualized Ibogaine-assisted healing experience , Beond also incorporates a rich ecosystem of specialized aftercare experiences.

      There are bi-weekly peer-fellowship calls, coaching, integration and therapy referrals.

      on this Note: before you commit to your dates, I advise you to scan the “Homecoming App” for orientation guides, a valuable reading list, and a host of residential, remote, and local aftercare services.


      The greatest resource by far at Beond is the clientele itself. The setting is intimate and you will have a chance to get to know your peers —A special group of folks who are seeking an authentic healing experience like yourself. I hope and encourage you to listen and to share their experience (especially if it differs) and grow alongside them.

      Best of luck on your journeys,


    • Elizabeth Y. 2 years ago

      My time and experience with Ibogaine therapy in the safety and sanctuary of Beōnd was a positive and life changing experience.

      I came to Beōnd at the same age that my own mother died. I approached the opportunity to be at Beōnd and participate with Ibogaine therapy for psycho/spiritual healing and as a ritual and rite of passage. I wanted to celebrate my journey thus far and to further cleanse the vestiges of the past related to individual, familial and ancestral trauma.

      Throughout my entire journey, and the one-on-one, 24-hour care, I felt safe and held in a secure place physically, emotionally, and psychologically. The nurturance of the physical place; the wealth of knowledge and expertise of its staff; the attention and commitment to medical safety; the range of available health and wellness classes; the one-on-one psychotherapeutic support makes Beōnd a unique and special place to commune with and to recover oneself.

      The place itself is a sanctuary. It is quiet and peaceful. You can swim, lay out under the Mexican sun and watch the clouds; or you can participate in yoga, watsu, chi gung, sound healing, or art therapy. The meals are delicious and healthy and can be tailored to your needs and preferences. The retreat center and its programming are designed such that you can have privacy as well as interact socially with other guests and staff thereby having a sense of retreat while feeling connected to others.

      Beōnd is a dream come true for anyone on the path seeking truth, healing and transformation within an unparalleled level of service, care and attention. The nurturance and safety provided to me throughout the program at Beōnd gave me the necessary physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual foundation for me to effectively and lovingly work with the plant medicine of Ibogaine.

      As a rite of passage for my body mind, spirit and soul. My experience at Beōnd gave me a renewed sense of life and I left with a deeper understanding of my purpose here on earth.

    • Imani Q. 2 years ago

      Being invited to work with Ibogaine at Beond was a very sacred experience and spiritual initiation into a deeper understanding of self. It is a carefully created process with many safety precautions, which made me feel comfortable and educated me on this very intensive journey. The staff at Beond was so attentive to my emotional and physical needs throughout the experience, with therapy, soundhealing, swimming, daily massage, dietary consideration from
      the in-house chef and daily nurturing from the talented nurses and doctors.
      Working with Ibogaine is a life-changing spiritual initiation that is a sacred practice of the Bwiti people of Gabon in Central Africa, acknowledging its origins in Iboga and paying respects to the indigenous land was a huge part of the impactful experience and powerful gifts I received from this medicine. I went on an almost 48 hour vision quest in astral realm through the use of Ibogaine, gained a deeper understanding of my lineage as a biracial woman, gaining knowledge, healing and presence from my ancestors as well as gifts to help me unblock deep
      rooted patterns in order to expand my path and abundance.
      Through the medicine, massage therapy and merging of science and spirituality I
      experienced a transformative release within the pain body in my shoulders through Ibogaine spreading throughout my body. With a high level of Cortisol in my shoulders, which can be passed down through epigenetics as it was moved through massage it unlocked visions from my ancestors and allowed me to release pain that has been with me for a very long time. Most importantly I remembered where I came from, and was able to release pain that has kept me
      from being able to move forward in my life purpose and spiritual path. It truly is an invaluable initiation.

    • Jane M. 2 years ago

       There is something purely magical about beond and I feel it was no coincidence that I found it. I have been struggling with hardcore substance abuse problems for many years and have been to several traditional rehab centers but beond gave me something different. It approaches addiction & recovery in an entirely new and in my opinion more effective way. It not only helped to interrupt the cycle of addiction and deeply ingrained patterns of thinking but it opened my heart again to unconditional love and acceptance both in the way that I received it there and how much I was able to give it to myself and especially others. I made bonds with other clients and even the staff that will last a life time. I saw beond as a sort of a womb or cocoon in a sense where I felt totally safe, nurtured and could be my most vulnerable self. It was a place of rebirth and I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards my experience at beond. All the medical staff and psychologists are highly experienced and top notch and I honestly feel that they really care about me and are invested in my well being and recovery. If you are struggling with substance abuse or trauma I highly recommend you go here.

    • Ben R. 2 years ago

      Beond gave me the most incredible experience of my life. From 20 years of hopelessness to excited about my future within a matter of days. The entire team of staff made me feel safe, comfortable, and like family. I cant recommend this clinic and treatment enough. The food was A++. With family style meals and option to try authentic Mexican dishes, there wasn’t anything i didn’t enjoy. A complete feeling and sense of genuine compassion and empathy from every employee. The psychology was deep and purposeful, specially tailored to each individual’s needs. Getting to watch other patients transformations in just a matter of days was one of my favourite parts. Watching a broken individual walk in, to seeing them leave with a big smile on their face was truly amazing. There was a lot of scepticism from friends and family before sending me to Beond. I am now living proof that this treatment works.

    • Mattha B. 2 years ago

      Poof. And so the inner voice was gone, after the sacred medicine tired it out with incessant judgements and negativity. It sneaks back now and then, but with my new found connection to the gratitude for simply being – all thanks to my mum and dad for birthing me – it strikes dull tones, fleetingly. What is the purpose of life? To give life and be grateful. Thank you for this day. Thank you to Beond for their work, sweetness and courage. Many people have remarked on how different I look since I left the miracle machine in Cancun, but there are far more palpable transformations than mine, which are difficult to believe until you see them. The road remains long for all of us, not least those with serious addictions that cause chemical dependency. But this medicine appears their greatest shot. And I’m more positive than ever.


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