Community Horizons: The Psychedelic Conference Where Old Meets New
Horizons, one of the world's leading psychedelic conferences, has an excellent 2018.
The Third Wave · October 27th, 2018
Community The Message Is Out Of The Bottle: A Psychedelic Sea-Change At ‘Breaking Convention’
Our psychedelic correspondent Rosalind Stone gives her overview of this Breaking Convention 2017 conference.
Rosalind Stone · August 28th, 2017
Community Clubbing: A Modern Healing Ceremony?
When a Roman Emperor made the Catholic Church the state religion in 308 A.D., the Western world was robbed of […]
The Third Wave · May 14th, 2017
Community What’s Happening at Psychedelic Science 2017
This month, MAPS hosts their third International Psychedelic Science Conference in Oakland, California. This event has always been a highlight in our calendar, bringing […]
Patrick Smith · April 14th, 2017
Community Engaging Psychedelic Communities
Community is something we do, but it is also a dynamic property of our relationships with one and other. More […]
Brian Pace · February 1st, 2017
Community Finding Psychedelic Communities

In this piece, learn how you can find psychedelic community in your region of the world. This piece provides helpful information in connecting with other psychonauts.

Brian Pace · September 7th, 2016