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Clubbing: A Modern Healing Ceremony?

When a Roman Emperor made the Catholic Church the state religion in 308 A.D., the Western world was robbed of its ritual roots where gatherings for dancing, altered states of consciousness, and communion helped people passionately connect to one another as well as the gods. Catherine Bell, the religious studies scholar, explains rituals as “the […]

What’s Happening at Psychedelic Science 2017

This month, MAPS hosts their third International Psychedelic Science Conference in Oakland, California. This event has always been a highlight in our calendar, bringing together all the brightest minds and biggest characters in the psychedelic community. This year, as well as music, comedy and workshop events, a huge range of research will be presented to the delegates. From meditation […]

Engaging Psychedelic Communities

Community is something we do, but it is also a dynamic property of our relationships with one and other. More so than others, psychedelic communities are do-acracies where action is queen and people self-elect to the roles they play. Think about it—as I explored in finding psychedelic community—people seek others who have done psychedelics. To grow psychedelic communities, you can’t […]