Revolutionizing Human Potential: The Nexus of Psychedelics, Tech, & Consciousness


Episode 250

Nichol R. Bradford

Paul F. Austin welcomes Nichol Bradford, founder of Transformative Tech, for an enlightening discussion on psychedelics, technology, and human potential. Nichol shares her journey from the tech industry to pioneering a community dedicated to human flourishing.

Discover how psychedelics integrate with tech and consciousness, the lessons nature teaches us, and the impact of AI on our future.

Nichol R. Bradford stands at the forefront of human potential and AI, accelerating human transformation through technology investments, research, and global thought leadership. Today, Nichol serves as Executive-in-Residence for AI + HI at The Society for Human Resource Management, shaping global thinking on Human-AI collaboration. She is also Co-Founder and Partner of Niremia Collective, an early stage venture fund focused on human potential technologies, and she co-founded, the largest global ecosystem of founders, investors and innovators building tech for human flourishing.

Previously, as a senior interactive entertainment executive, Nichol held strategy, operations, marketing and production roles at major brands including Epic Games, Activision-Blizzard, Vivendi Games and Disney. She led operations for World of Warcraft China and Blizzard properties in China, played a key role on the Vivendi team responsible for the landmark $18B Activision-Blizzard merger deal, and helped produce record-breaking events in the metaverse at Epic Games.

Nichol has an MBA from The Wharton School, is Faculty at Singularity University, a Trustee at CIIS, and has been a Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. Moving forward, Nichol is focused on advancing human potential through ethical and empowering AI -- catalyzing a global ecosystem of innovators to create technology for human thriving.

Podcast Highlights

  • Nichol’s background and the origin of Transformative Tech
  • The integration of psychedelics into the tech and consciousness spaces
  • The role of technology in remembering our connection to nature
  • Exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence on human potential
  • The Impact of AGI on work and the redefinition of jobs
  • The importance of experimentation and learning with AI

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