From Frazzle to Flow: Caffeine Alternatives, Hormetic Hacks, & Psychedelic Supplementation


Episode 249

Shawn Wells

In this episode of The Psychedelic Podcast, host Paul F. Austin speaks with Shawn Wells, a renowned expert in performance nutrition and supplementation. They explore biohacking, the groundbreaking ingredient paraxanthine, and protocols for preparing and recovering from plant medicine journeys. Shawn shares insights on allostatic capacity, hormetic stress, and the power of psychedelics for self-love and acceptance.

Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN, is a globally acclaimed nutritional biochemist known as "The World's Greatest Formulator." He has created over 1,000 products and holds over 20 patented novel ingredients, including market-leading innovations such as TeaCrine, Dynamine and Paraxanthine. Shawn has a profound impact on health and wellness through his expertise in biohacking and health optimization. His work spans international platforms, TV appearances, and contributions to major documentaries.


Podcast Highlights

  • What is 'Biohacktivism’?
  • Shawn's health journey that led to his 'why'
  • Explaining Paraxanthine, TeaCrine, & Dynamine
  • Flow vs. Frazzle: Understanding caffeine metabolism rates
  • Mainstream adoption of Paraxanthine
  • Supplement protocols to prep for a psychedelic journey
  • Supplementation for during and after a psychedelic experience
  • Microdosing, somatic anchors, and ‘echodosing’
  • Shawn’s lifesaving epiphany through psychedelics

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