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    1 Review on “Mya Barak, MSW”

    • Carrie v. 1 year ago

      I recently had the most cathartic, transformative experience of my life on a psychedelic journey facilitated by Mya. I was interested in trying psychedelics to help me process and release some trauma from childhood. Once we established a trusting relationship after several therapy sessions, we began preparing for the big day by discussing intentions and doing some deep work through talk therapy. Mya provided the perfect, cozy space and the openness for me to engage or stay quiet during the trip and I was able to feel fully into myself without any pressure or expectations. Mya gave off such a loving, supportive energy and I felt completely safe and cared for throughout the entire experience. We are currently in the integration phase and I am so excited to fully process the healing and release that occurred , and put into practice in my life the revelations that I had. I feel like a new person ready to move forward, lighter and with a new perspective!!


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