The Magic of Mushrooms Holistic Retreat

Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in West End, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica
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    3 Reviews on “The Magic of Mushrooms Holistic Retreat”

    • Courtney 5 months ago

      Rae is a phenomenal practitioner and an asset to ICC retreats. Her gentle and compassionate approach has allowed me to open up in transformative ways over the years. I have trusted her with some critical parts of my healing journey and am so thankful for the care she and ICC have given me and my family.

    • Cierra T. Provider 5 months ago

      Inner Child Circle Retreats are so much value and so inexpensive. They held my hand pre and post retreat and I feel like I can go to the people I bonded with during the retreat for anything. They make space for a lot of love, which translates into a lot of healing.

    • Caleb B. 5 months ago

      Rachel is such an amazing healer. I’ve been on two ICC retreats, and two retreats that Rachel helped lead. This group is so compassionate and knowledgeable. I’ve never left a retreat without feeling some kind of positive change.


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