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Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica
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    20 Reviews on “MycoMeditations”

    • James J. 3 months ago

      My week at MycoMeditations (Bluefield Bay) in February 2024 was fantastic. It was one of those “punctuation mark” events in life – where everything that happens can be referenced as happening “before” and “after” my week with the Myco team.

      The operations/accommodations element of my Myco retreat experience left nothing to be desired. Abbie (Myco’s incredible master of all things logistical!) kept everything running smoothly and helped make sure everyone was well fed, well rested and comfortable. The food was fantastic and plentiful.

      Justin (the CEO and “quarterback” of the Myco team) was incredible. His depth of knowledge in the psychedelic space is second only to his insight, warmth and compassion. I was unsurprised when, during an early morning private chat over (delicious) Jamaican coffee – Justin described to me how selective Myco is when interviewing potential Facilitators and how rigorous the training is for that role. Every interaction I had with every Facilitator during the week was unique and overwhelmingly positive. I felt incredibly safe, important and valued from the day I arrived until the day I departed.

      I wanted to experience, for myself, the healing and spiritual growth that could be found in psilocybin assisted therapy. I knew, however, that having the “high dose” experience necessary for maximum impact could only be done (safely) under the care and supervision of experienced professionals. Within a few hours of arriving at Myco it was clear to me that I was in the best “hands” and would be surrounded, for the week, by an experienced, trained, knowledgable and deeply empathetic team.

      I would highly recommend MycoMeditations to anyone seeking the optimal environment for healing and personal growth through psilocybin assisted therapy. The MycoMeditations team is special and wonderful.

    • Tom S. 8 months ago

      I was entirely delighted with my experience at MycoMeditations in February 2023, and I began writing a review on the plane on my way home afterwards. I got busy and never finished it, though, before “returning to normal life.”

      Now I’ve come back to it, and I’m glad that it’s taken awhile – because, for me, the effects of a psilocybin retreat have been both immediate and not-so-immediate, and it’s worth commenting about both. Even now, nearly seven months after my retreat, I am experiencing benefits.

      How did I decide to go to a MycoMediations retreat?

      I am 59 years old and, after decades of traditional psychotherapy – including talk therapy of various types, 3 years of psychoanalysis (5 days per week on the couch) – as well as EMDR, 3 years of Somatic Experiencing therapy and 9 months of Internal Family Systems therapy, I was very familiar with my inner life. My work in therapy had given me tremendous insight into what I had experienced in childhood and adolescence and its effects on me.

      In addition, my decades-long practice of meditation and yoga had also been beneficial and brought incredible insight: at a 5-day meditation retreat, I had been able to slow my thoughts sufficiently that the gray cloud of depression which I had experienced my entire life was finally intelligible as words, all of them self-critical and self-hating. But despite this insight and the work of psychotherapy, there was no way to “turn off” the negative thoughts. I recognized and understood the thoughts that constituted the depression, but I was unable to get away from them.

      When I first read of treating PTSD and depression with psilocybin, I was intrigued. I wrote to a researcher at Johns Hopkins University to see if I could volunteer for one of his studies. (I didn’t qualify.) But what I learned about the brain’s default mode network – how neural pathways can be interrupted and rewired with psilocybin-assisted therapies – suggested to me that this therapy might be a way to interrupt the hyper-repetitive and negative thoughts underlying the depression I experienced.

      It did! At the end of my MycoMeditations retreat, I found that my previous experience of depression was simply gone.

      (In preparation for the retreat, in consultation with my psychiatrist, I titrated off of a daily 450 mg dose of buproprion (Wellbutrin). After the retreat, I felt no need to resume taking that medication and I no longer take it – or any other prescription medication for depression.)

      It must be said that there was an afterglow effect from the retreat. The mushrooms brought insight and comfort (and challenges, but nothing I was unprepared for). I left Jamaica feeling better than I have in years.

      The afterglow inevitably faded, though, and sustaining the beneficial effects of the mushroom medicine has required my continuing attention to integrating my mushroom experience into my ordinary life. In the first couple of months, the MycoMeditation staff supported this integration with Zoom check ins (post-retreat sessions sponsored by Myco and included as part of the retreat fee). I have continued the work of integrating my experience with a psilocybin-savvy psychotherapist. While life has not been without challenging days, my inner life still – now seven (7) months after the retreat – feels fundamentally changed for the better.

      Perhaps more importantly, I feel my *capacity to change* has been nurtured and strengthened.

      In the course of preparing to take the mushroom medicine, retreat facilitators spoke of the “inner healing intelligence” in each human being. I would say that on each of the days I ingested the mushrooms, I was in direct contact with *my* inner healing intelligence and that, through the integration work I have done and continue to do, I am able to maintain that contact – with on-going benefits for my physical and mental health.

      Several elements of the MycoMeditations retreat experience are worth calling out:

      1. The 7-day, 3-dose retreat model. There is no doubt in my mind that having a retreat with 3 separate dosing days, each with a full-day integration period afterward, was key to the lasting results I have experienced. Each dose and integration period builds on the one before, and it’s worth taking the time and spending the money for a retreat which offers 3 doses over 7 days.

      2. Group size. Taking mushrooms in a group setting was an added benefit of the MycoMeditation experience. Before dosing and after, I talked with fellow retreatants about what brought them to the retreat, what they hoped to achieve, and what their experiences were – in structured integration sessions and informal conversations at mealtime and at the beach. For my retreat, the group size was capped at 12. I think the group size is ideal – not too small, not too large.

      3. Staff. As someone who has worked with numerous mental health professionals over a period of 30 years, I found the staff at the MycoMeditations retreat to include some of the most gifted professionals and compassionate human beings I have ever worked with. While some had more academic and professional credentials than others, all of them contributed to the success of my treatment in significant ways. Equally important, retreat participants who experienced serious challenges were met with calm, confident, effective, and compassionate support, and all of my fellow retreatants reported a positive experience by the retreat’s end. From beginning to end, I felt confident that the staff knew what they were doing, were tailoring their advice and counsel individually to the needs of each participant, and that they were capable of handling each and every issue that arose. I knew we were all in good hands.

    • Elsa S. 9 months ago

      Manage your expectations

      I chose Myco after researching this and other retreat options because of their protocol. Having the opportunity for three dosing days, versus just one at all of the others, was the major contributing factor, with the great reviews coming in second.

      I attended a Classic Retreat in April 2023, after months of research and anticipation. There were 10 of us at this particular retreat, ranging in age from early 20’s to early 80’s (so brave!).

      First of all, the retreat itself was excellent. The accommodations were comfortable, there was plenty of good food (and snacks), and the staff was amazing. Location is lovely and Doreen and her family made us all feel welcome. The Myco staff were attentive and took great care of us, and I always felt very safe. As a 60-something female, traveling alone, and having limited experience with psychedelics, safety was very important to me.

      And now to the reasons for my title warning to manage your expectations. I was hoping for so much – some uplift from chronic depression, insights into behaviors such as excessive drinking, and of course, the ever-elusive mystical experience. None of these happened for me. What did happen is that I experienced a shift in how I look at things, almost like my portal to the world moved a few inches to the side and gave me a new perspective. This has continued since leaving Jamaica and to this present day. I have found a therapist who is trained in psychedelic integration and have started working on self-compassion and learning about somatic healing. Baby steps can be frustrating when you are seeking relief from things that have controlled you for several decades, but at least I am moving forward.

      So, while this isn’t a “magic pill” there is certainly a lot of good that can come from the experience and I would do it over again in a heart beat!

    • Kenneth G. 9 months ago

      If you’re here, reading these reviews, you may be wondering if psychedelic medicine and psilocybin in particular are for you, and whether Mycomeditations is a good retreat option for you. Regarding the first question, all I can say is about five years ago I felt like I was carrying emotional baggage around with me from earlier in my life, particularly from a rough adolescence. I wanted to finally rid myself of it, and years of therapy wasn’t doing it. I thought maybe psychedelic medicine would be a good option for me. I tried ayahuasca at a retreat in Costa Rica, and was disappointed that it didn’t work for me, for whatever reason. Then I went to a psilocybin truffles retreat in the Netherlands. I was thrilled to discover that psilocybin was the right medicine for me, but the retreat was just adequate: one dosing session, good facilitators but not amazing. And then I went to Mycomeditations and all I can say is that the week was truly transformative for me. As far as the medicine itself, Myco stands apart by offering multiple dosing sessions and the team works with you to find the right dose for each session. I have a high tolerance and I appreciated that they are willing to give high doses, unlike some retreats. The staff is highly experienced in assisting people as they dose and I always felt safe and supported. I have been to Myco twice and plan to go back next year. During my first time, I became aware of where in my body I had stored earlier trauma, and began the process of letting it go. During my second retreat, I was feeling somewhat agitated during one of my trips, and Mike was tremendously helpful in helping me to redirect my energy. After that release I felt such pure joy which has been imprinted on my soul on how amazing life can be. Mycomeditations not only does it right in terms of the medicine and facilitators, but the entire experience is the best out there. The entire staff was amazing and caring and thoughtful. The accommodations were very comfortable, and the whole set up of the week was perfect, between the dosing and integration sessions, the great food and accommodations, and the beautiful scenery. The week is organized very well for healing and insight as well as for getting to know the other attendees and the local culture. Abbie is incredibly attentive with her planning to make sure that everything is perfect and everyone is comfortable. Justin and the facilitators are amazing and caring people that are in this for the right reasons. Justin is incredibly knowledgeable about so many things from a psychological standpoint, and in terms of psilocybin. The rest of the team is extremely caring and professional. Everyone is available to help if you have any issues or concerns with anything. Myco has really helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it as the gold standard. I’ve been to others, and nothing holds a candle to Myco. I am excited about my next visit.

    • Vicki Q. 1 year ago

      My hope was to—temporarily—experience what it felt to walk free of the metaphorical backpack of regret, trauma and years of toxic sludge, generated by myself and others that felt like an intrinsic part of who I was. I was open to change, and after the most enriching, rewarding week of my life at MycoMeditations, the backpack—and all that weight I carried for so long—is gone. For good. This was made possible by the experienced, knowledgeable, nurturing, super accommodating staff who created a safe, secure physical environment, which, in turn, provided me mind space to receive the insights and new perspectives offered by the mushrooms. The lovely, warm tropical setting didn’t hurt, either.
      I’ve fewer days ahead of me than behind, but those days will be richer, more relaxed and regret-less, thanks to MycoMeditations. I cannot recommend enough this journey.

    • Travis S. 1 year ago

      The entire experience was great. The property was beautiful, the food was absolutely amazing (seriously the best I’ve had anywhere), and the psychedelic experience helped me work through past trauma and addiction patterns. I also had wonderful spiritual experiences, which really helped solidify healing. My meditation practice has also deepened and has become so wonderful. The staff was there every step of the way, and they literally catered to every need. It was like 1000 hours of therapy in one week, and saw unbelievable changes in everyone within the group, it’s indescribable! I very highly recommend this retreat!

    • Mike D. 1 year ago

      I found the week to be one of the most profound weeks of my life. While my inner journey was very challenging it was also incredibly rewarding. There is no doubt the staff at MycoMeditations created the environment that facilitated a safe place for my and my fellow travelers to go on our journeys.The intergration sessions were phenomenal. I am so gratetful for their assistance, and for the high level of education they all processed. It was an amazing week. Wow!!! Mike D Brooklyn,NY

    • David N. 1 year ago

      TLDR: Amazing! Life changing! Preparation plus Setting equals Therapy. Have your post retreat support group ready. May not be done with growth, but you WILL have new tools and direction, and be that much more capable of HEALING! Did the comfort retreat.

      Wow, unbelievable! Everything that the other reviews are mentioning happened for most people that were there in my session. When they talk about psychedelics and their benefit, they say one of the most important aspects is setting. The location is amazing right on the sea along the southern border. An outdoor paradise. The retreat is a week long therapy session with some fun thrown in. Group sessions felt safe and the common humanity discovered was also helpful and at the same time so sad. Recognizing in your history, events that happened to the others, brought the group together. The therapists were all attentive and were always available. In between sessions there was plenty of grounds to spread out and have the privacy for deeper introspection. The beach, essentially a private beach, was a great place for a gratitude walk, which I developed there.

      For me it had been a lifelong inner battle with my inner critic that thought I was safest at the lowest point. The internal negative dialogue was incessant, and I was never good enough to deserve any degree of love. I had tried pretty much everything except ketamine and hypnosis. I was tiring of the daily struggles. I felt desperate. Seen the shows on Netflix fortuitously, did some research, and decided it was worth a shot since nothing worked really except for an average mindfulness practice that quieted the frequency of the inner critic but did not remove any of it’s power. I will admit that I was scared of taking this unknown journey and who I would be at the other side.

      The first journey was amazing. At the beginning I felt like I was strapping into a roller coaster and just trusting in the process. I do not do any drugs except Advil, so I knew at least part of this would be an experience I would not forget. The setting for the day was also perfect. My recliner is next to the beach, under a tiki hut, waves are chopping, there is a hurricane sneaking around the south side of the island, and you can see the associated storms out in the middle of the sea with lightning. 4 hours later coming out of an unbelievable journey, where I made peace with my inner critic and found my younger self, the staff was thoughtful enough to set up the most wondrous sunset! Just perfect! After the journey, during the phase of euphoria, you had interaction with the staff to discuss all that you wanted. I was so elated and I walked on the beach after for quite sometime as the sun set.

      The one thing that I want to point out is that this was a life changing event, and then some. The gifts I received from this retreat, I will be forever grateful for. I did not read all of the prior reviews but a lot appear to written in the first week home. I waited 3+ months to write my review since my journey was really just beginning. Going to the retreat I knew my inner critic was one of my biggest obstacles in my search for love and self love. Over all of those years I did not realize how much it was active in really all aspects of my life creating false coping skills to most all emotion and stressors. When I made peace with the inner critic, most of my coping skills went too and I found out that next in line in influence was my worst case scenario mindset. The removal of the inner critic chains opened the flood gates to a degree of anxiety that I was not expecting when the worst case scenario had full reign. The residual neuro-plasticity from the journeys allowed me to really work on these issues at home for the next 2 months. I was able to reorient/re-calibrate those mindsets and have had to reinvent healthier coping skills. This was a very trying two months, the first 2 weeks having acute severe insomnia which really accentuated the need to change my mindset from worst case scenario. There is a good podcast that discusses “defining the work” from

      A couple recommendations when you venture down this path. *Probably helpful to have your intentions relatively well vetted before. *A good pair of noise canceling headphones (Anker Q45) and a comfortable light mask (4+ hr journey) will help you stay the most “in the moment”. *Listen to the playlists the week before and choose the one that fits you best. Some playlists have opera and that distracted some folks from the journey as they changed the soundtrack in the middle of their journey. *Have your support group ready. The insomnia I developed , physically drained me. I needed support from family and a bit of medicine. Once I worked through those new anxieties, sleep returned. I really counted on the support of others, not something I used to do.

      A realization for me, at least, is that I had been on a journey nearly all my life and it was going to continue. The inner critic stunted many areas from healthy development. I was expecting a “one and done” based on most of the shows I had watched but I got a greater gift. I was able to learn new skill sets, and with the chains removed, the healthy growth flourishing. I am future-proofing. I am in such a better place in my life, and I am forever grateful.

    • Phil R. 2 years ago

      I did the “Classic” retreat, 3 mushroom sessions over six days at the end of 2018 . The facility was very nice but the experience was much less than I expected. At eight grams I had a minimal experience. I thought it was just me until with this issue until the head facilitator complained to me about the other participants complaining about the lack of effect of their sessions. This would have been funny if I wasn’t there trying to get help with lifetime anxiety. The Facilitators were warm, intelligent, caring people who all meant well.

      Jamaica was nice. Recommend taking a two week vacation there.

    • Robert G. 2 years ago

      I recommend MycoMeditations very highly and without reservations.

      I am not a person who is given to post evaluations on websites, but the experience I had there was so powerfully healing that I am making an exception. Dogged by PTSD and bouts of depression throughout my adult life (and perhaps before) and resistant to medications, I had long ago resigned myself to this was how my life would be, but, on the advice of my current psychotherapist, I decided to give this retreat a try.

      The retreat was expertly structured, with three days of dosing, each followed by a day of integration and relaxation. My dosing experiences were very intense, but I always felt safe and supported by the facilitators, who impressed me with their alertness, empathy and wisdom. Because of them, I was able to have the experiences that I needed to have.

      I was not nervous about taking psilocybin, but I was very anxious about meeting my co-retreatants, and worried about what the integration sessions would be like. It took me much of the retreat to relax into the group dynamic, but the handling of both the sessions and informal activities proved highly beneficial to me, and by the last integration session, I felt remarkably ‘at home’ there.

      Almost immediately after the retreat, I felt deep anxieties that have plagued me on a daily basis for decades fall away, and they have not returned. I had no expectations that I would ever cast off my deeply depressive impulses, and I am still amazed at the progress I have made from this retreat.

      Beautifully situated, expertly run, I strongly recommend the retreat, especially for persons who have done psychotherapeutic work but still feel more or less stymied, as I did. After the retreat, my psychotherapist said he sensed that a ‘log jam’ of many decades had broken up, and I think that’s the best description of my experience and its results.

    • Richard S. 2 years ago

      What an incredible, life-transforming, life-affirming experience at MycoMeditations in Jamaica! Virtually all the reviews I’ve read say something similar and the cliché is true. Every intention and goal I had coming in was met, sometimes in ways I didn’t and couldn’t predict. The psyche wants to heal itself—to become whole– and with the help of the mushrooms, that’s what it does. I had both a mystical experience and a purging of elements in me that no longer served me.

      The facilitators were uniformly supportive, loving, and insightful. The guests quickly formed a bond of mutual support and nonjudgmental friendship. I wish everyone who wanted to see a change in their life could have access to this experience. Taking psilocybin within a supportive setting and with psychotherapists and trained facilitators present helping one integrate one’s experience over a week’s time and afterwards is so much different than taking it as a party drug.

      The setting in Jamaica was perfect for the experience (the comfort retreat) with a sandy beach sloping gently into a protected bay, perfect for swimming or floating. Ocean breezes kept the humidity from being overly oppressive. The rooms are not hotel quality, but are clean, well-maintained, and met all of my needs, including WiFi, AC, a ceiling fan, and a shower. The Jamaican staff members I met were friendly and willing to share their knowledge of local customs. The food was a satisfying blend of Jamaican dishes that were new to me and fare familiar to Americans like scrambled eggs and fried chicken.

      For those wanting healing and personal and spiritual growth, I can’t recommend this place enough.

    • John G. 2 years ago

      I will attempt to write this so that this review is helpful in case you are at all like me. (Maybe it will be helpful if you’re not at all like me too!) By most measures, I am a pretty straight-laced person. Almost no “illegal” drug use in my history. I was in ROTC, then an officer in the military in my 20’s when most of my peers were trying marijuana. I was regularly drug tested so did not see the reason to risk it. I never tried anything like psychedelics, and indeed when I was in my 20’s I was in thrall to the “Just Say No” propaganda campaigns so I thought LSD was on a par with heroin. I did not know anything about the promising early research into the mental health benefits of psychedelics. Anyhow – I am now a reasonably successful, 49 year old, professional. I have struggled with anxiety and periodic depression for as long as I can remember. Sometimes either the anxiety or depression could be debilitating. I have been on some form of SSRI or similar (e.g. Wellbutrin) for my entire adult life. Mostly these have been ineffective. More effective has been my lifelong quest for mental self-improvement, including discovering the philosophy of Stoicism and a daily meditation/mindfulness practice.
      A couple of years ago, probably through the Tim Ferriss podcast, I began hearing about psychedelics. I heard about MDMA (I know not technically a “psychedelic” but close!) being used to successfully treat veterans for PTSD. I heard of similar studies involving psilocybin, including one for cancer patients approaching end of life. I read and re-read Michael Pollan’s book “How to Change Your Mind”. I resolved to try it. I discussed with my sister, who had been on her own healing journey, and we decided to go together to a retreat. The “set and setting” were extremely important to us. We first thought about retreats in Europe, but decided the jetlag could impact the experience. So, we focused our search in our hemisphere.
      We discovered Myco and read every review on TripAdvisor. Safety was a huge concern. Given my lack of experience with pretty much any drug (except alcohol) I wanted to make sure we were going to a reputable place. It was a relief to me when I saw that the current owner had acquired Myco several years ago (2018 or 2019?). The original founder seemed like a real pioneer in the industry and had done some great work (like founding Myco!) but seemed like he was a bit of a cowboy. You can see this reflected in some of the older reviews of Myco. My sister and I decided to go for it, and we booked the concierge retreat. I will always be grateful to God for having done so.
      The week we experienced is difficult to put into words. It was one of the most profound and life-changing experiences of my life. Going into the week, based on my reading of Pollan’s book and other materials I had read, I had certain hopes of what it would be like. At a minimum, I thought “at least we would have a vacation in Jamaica in March.” The retreat exceeded all expectations.
      There were 11 of us as guests, and 9 facilitators. The week was brilliantly choreographed. The program and weekly schedule were well thought through, and it is clear that the owners have continuously iterated and improved on the process over time. Each “dose day” was followed by a group integration day (followed by a free afternoon). The facilitators had a varied background, but all were equally incredibly professional and all were highly experienced. Safety was absolutely never in question. The integration sessions, and group dinner conversations, contained so many moments of illuminating discussion. In the course of one week these people became friends who I deeply care about. I should note that I am not one who seeks out “group” settings and going into the retreat this was a point of anxiety. However, the experience would have been greatly diminished without the group sessions. I feel I am overusing the word “brilliant” but must say it again: the group integration sessions were brilliantly orchestrated. The facilitators were outstanding and the other attendees were special people.
      It is really difficult to describe my personal experience, but as I said above, it was life changing. I see this as a major milestone in my life journey. I am hopeful others I love will also attend Myco. (Indeed two of my fellow guests were a man attending his second retreat, accompanied by his wife attending her first.) I see the work Justin and his team are doing at Myco as having the potential to change the world. Personally, I will continue to explore this healing mechanism – for myself (the “put the oxygen on yourself first before helping others” airplane analogy) and for others, including those I love the most. I have not taken any SSRI or similar medications since 30 days before the retreat, nor do I think I’ll need them. This is not a panacea. There are still difficult days, and the work will continue. I should also note that the retreat week itself, while amazing and life-changing and beautiful, was not easy. You need to be willing to put in the work to heal yourself. It is hard. The trips can be emotionally difficult. But this retreat is probably the most worthwhile thing I have ever done.
      I give my absolute highest recommendation for MycoMeditations.

    • Lori L. 2 years ago

      This week with Myco has been a life-changing event, with insights and growth that will inspire me for the rest of my life. The loving, compassionate professional staff created an environment of safety, acceptance and trust, to help create a group of people who will be important to each other forever. The group support is both palpable and real, and an essential part of the experience. We could see tangible changes in each other, a radiance we each took back to our own lives to change the world one conversation at a time. Peak life experience that everyone needs to share.

    • STEVEN B. 2 years ago

      I kept receiving gift after gift from the mushroom experience. When I thought there could not possibly be more, there was more. Afterwards, the post-mushroom integration group process carried such power also, to a degree that I had greatly underestimated going in. I cannot say enough good things about the staff. They have clearly walked the walk and it shows. I was bathed in a steady drumbeat of warmth, curiosity, attunement, and clarity of purpose. Helping me unpack so much after each dose made a world of difference.

      I wonder how the trajectory of my life might have been different had I experienced such a life altering week as a young adult. In response to this thought, I have offered each of my adult children to do this retreat at any time, on my dime. I hope they break the bank.

    • Mary H. 2 years ago

      Absolutely everything I hoped for and so much more! Somewhat anxious about how it would all go, but desperate for a reset, I booked the retreat. The facilitators, staff and host Doreen, we’re so important to how beautifully the experience wove together. The medicine opens your mind & heart to a new way of thinking & helps you release pent up grief, anger, fear and other dysfunctional roadblocks. The facilitators/therapists help you dig deep into the meanings of the experience and give you options for moving forward to develop new responses to old problems. They gave so much of themselves; it was a powerful reminder of how important acceptance, even of those parts we are not so proud of, can be in making positive changes. My feelings of brokenness and being stuck were accepted by all, but then examined for their usefulness and released to be replaced by new feelings of movement and strength.
      I wanted a friend to go on this voyage with me, but after going through it with 8 strangers, I feel certain that was the better path. I now have 8 folks out in the world with whom I shared something mystical and transformational. While we came from all walks of life and with all sorts of different issues to address, we learned from each other and left with the strength of 8 different successes that it was amazing to witness first hand. I know we will remain connected and be a new support for one another going forward and I am so grateful.
      The level of retreat I took was Choice.
      Some tips:
      If you are persnickety about your bedding, take your own sheets/pillow.
      Take some individually wrapped snacks (nuts, chips, sweets) for your room
      Bathing suit, shorts, tees/tanks & anything light and airy but no need for dress up or makeup or anything fancy.
      If you have extra room in your luggage, bring school supplies for the local children
      I struggled with fine motor skills after the medicine, so I would recommend recording yourself talking about the experience afterwards to help you remember the certainties and thoughts that you have coming out of it; in case writing about it is difficult in the aftermath.
      Be open to change and it will come
      Be open to forgiveness (self & others) and it will come
      Develop a basic plan for what habits you would change if you could so that you can use this as a springboard to new responses to life when you return to it (I’m still working on that one!)
      Overall, it is not recreational or easy, but through intensive therapeutic work and the mystical medicine of the mushroom, you will come out of it so very glad you did it-even if there were some tough realizations along the way. The experience, with its highs, lows & everything in between, weaves together to make more sense with each day. I am one week out from my retreat and the learning and change from the experience is still happening.
      I highly recommend this retreat and especially with the education, compassion, acceptance, guidance and careful therapeutic approach that Mycomeditations provides.

    • Glenn L. 3 years ago

      Just spent the most incredible week of my life in Jamaica at Myco Meditations. What they are doing to help people deal with Trauma, Anger, Anxiety, and so much more is hard to put into words.

      My life has been changed and the other 6 guests who were part of my session had incredible breakthroughs and life changing experiences as well. The Facilitators had the retreat I was on, are some of the most warmest, intelligent, caring people I have ever met. They are there to guide you, bond with you, and help you understand the experiences you go through all week. Denise, Mike, Jonas, Gwen, and Erica are some of the greatest people I have ever met,

      I did the “Classic” retreat, a 7 night, 3 mushroom session (in capsule form, so you get the right amounts each experience), which combined group integrations and many personal conversations with the facilitators.

      I walked out of there a changed person, having rid myself of the negativity and self pity that has been with me for years. I have never felt so Strong, Energetic, Happy, and at Peace with myself and am ready to face whatever comes at me at full speed.

      I witnessed a few people who attended who had way more trauma than I did, who by the end of the week were changed people. Most people really have no clue on what mushrooms are capable of and how much they can help change you based on what you came there for. You can discover and learn about yourself with mushrooms, more than any other kind of therapy. I felt that I went through 10 years of therapy in the week that I was there.

      If you are thinking of going, fill out an application NOW. If you are a skeptic, read as much as you can about the studies being done at John Hopkins University and elsewhere.

      I cannot thank Abbie, Denise, Mike, Jonas, and Gwen enough for helping to guide me on my life altering experience. For the first time in years, I am looking forward to the future.

    • Jeffrey M. 3 years ago

      Great program, well executed. Highly recommended.
      The design and execution of this retreat were excellent. The focus is on therapy and healing but the atmosphere is not clinical. Three mushroom sessions, with the ability to adjust intentions, expectations and dosage after each session, maximized the benefits. The group discussions (preparation before each session and integration the next day) were essential parts of the experience. The other activities were well organized, fun, and provided a welcome — even necessary — break from the intensity of the sessions. Abbie did a great job with the travel details and logistics.
      The MycoMeditations team was wonderful and worked together smoothly. The differences in the perspectives, personalities, and training & experience of the four facilitators and the nurse worked very well; comments & observations from each one of them resonated with me at different times, providing valuable insights from different angles. As many reviewers have observed, the interactions with fellow travelers also provide a lot of benefit. I was skeptical but now appreciate the power of the group.
      I participated in a Classic retreat at Doranja House in August of 2101. It has tasty food, comfortable rooms and good facilities for the group sessions & meals. The grounds are very nice and located in a rural neighborhood. The bay is a short walk away with trails along the shore. Doreen and her team were friendly, helpful and caring, blending in seamlessly with the MycoMeditations program.
      This company has many years of experience, has developed a program that works, and does it very well. The combination of the group, the team, the setting, the program, and the mushrooms made this week very productive and rewarding. I felt loved, supported and safe throughout. It was a very powerful week, helping me in countless ways; showing me how much better life is when I crack open my shell. And I continue to experience improvements. This retreat is a lot of hard work, but well worth it.

    • Robert C. 3 years ago

      Words cannot describe such a life changing experience. Just came back this past weekend from a retreat and despite it being such hard work and feeling exhausted after each “treatment” I am excited about doing the work to continue my journey towards healing and life in general and feel I am in a much better place. I went to the retreat knowing I had much to work on and made a purpose to go in full blast without ever imagining there was so much more.

      Every single facilitator was amazing and I connected with each one of them at some level. Their work I can imagine is really tough work and challenging and can be at times draining for them. I am grateful for what they do.

      The psilocybin was the tool for me to opening my mind, but without the guidance, the patience and love I felt from the staff I probably would’ve ended in the same place.

      More places like this are urgently needed everywhere. I certainly hope and know Mycomeditations will help heal the world of much of the pain and suffering it is going through.

      After a week back home and working as a physician I feel a renewed love and passion for my work, I feel even more love and compassion for my patients and believe this will make me better and happier person.

    • Kat L. 3 years ago

      I had heard about MycoMeditations from a family member and saw what a change it had in their life.
      I’ve been feeling lost and disconnected for many years now…diagnosed with depression for years and been on multiple different types of medications which didn’t help, or only treated the symptoms. I was in talk therapy for a while, but felt that my current therapist was no longer really helping. It also felt like just treating the symptoms and not getting to the root of it.
      I’m so glad I went. It was hard work. I was able to sift down to some pretty world-rocking realizations and truths, and it took a lot out of me emotionally. That being said, I left with a feeling of lightness and hope that I have not felt in years, and it’s continued even after coming back home.
      I chose the Comfort Retreat, and the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. I felt like I was in an all-inclusive resort. The staff are incredible. I have never met more open and selfless people in my life. The facilitators are not only well-trained, but also highly intuitive, and often met my needs before I even knew I had them. I loved that several of the facilitators have a background in psychology and/or therapy. They were there for the deeply spiritual as well as the deeply logical.
      I know I have more work to do in the coming weeks, months, and years, but for the first time I’m not looking on that with dread. I’ve walked away from this experience with an amazing support network, and more importantly, the knowledge that I have the power to keep moving forward.

    • J D. 3 years ago

      I’ve done two MycoMeditations retreats, first in 2019 and again earlier this month. My 2019 week was valuable, but this second one was significantly more impressive in certain ways. If you are considering a psilocybin retreat, I recommend going with MycoMeditations if at all possible.

      As you may know, there were some shifts within the company late last year. The founder moved on, and Justin Townsend, who was already associated with Myco as CEO and Chief Facilitator, was able to step in with his thoughtful and mature brand of leadership. I appreciate how well Justin sets a tone that is steady and respectful without being somber. Abbie, Justin’s supremely well-organized wife, is working as Director of Operations. She and her staff are skilled in communicating clearly and keeping things running smoothly. Their contributions feel especially important during these days of COVID-related precautions and travel challenges.

      My fellow participants and I were there to do some serious work, and we had a wide range of experiences over the course of the week. Many trips were very powerful, as were the integration sessions. Throughout it all, I had the sense that the professionals at Myco know what they are doing and truly care about the people they are entrusted to guide or accompany. I won’t try to list more individuals here, but it’s easy to say that every team member whom I observed or with whom I had contact did a wonderful job overall, and many are genuinely gifted.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve been a mental health professional for a few decades and have been exploring psychedelics over the past three or four years. I’m pretty sensitive to setting and need to have confidence that things are safe enough (both physically and emotionally) in order to have a productive and/or enjoyable trip. I don’t respond well to trip sitters or others in positions of power if I detect much in the way of narcissism or related personality problems. I’m happy to endorse the psilocybin retreats offered by the good, talented, and responsible people of MycoMeditations.


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