Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    11 Reviews on “BLUAYA”

    • Raya F. 1 year ago

      I had a truly life-changing experience taking part in a recent BluAya ceremony.

      Having participated in other ceremonies, I know what is needed for me to feel safe & supported. The facilitators of BluAya hold a very safe space. Their ceremonies are intentional & you are supported throughout every aspect.

      I really enjoyed that this was a full day offering. I loved coming together in community to create a safe container before the journey began. Ensuring we were all connected to our intention, grounded into our bodies with Conscious Connected Breathwork & other activities and comfortable with the others we were on this journey with.

      I appreciated the blend of the masculine and feminine. I enjoyed the education provided around the medicine we were taking which was unique to other ceremonies I have taken part in perviously.

      There is also support provided leading up to and after the ceremony to support integration from the medicine. This is very important to me & was done well.

      There was healthy & tasty snacks provided after the ceremony and the closing circle was so wonderful.

      I highly recommend BluAya ceremonies. Neil and Monica were the facilitators of mine and they lead with their hearts and it was palpable.

      If you are in the Playa del Carmen area, I encourage you to look into see if a ceremony with them is aligned.

      I’m very grateful for my experience & plan to take part in another BluAya ceremony when I’m back in Playa del Carmen next!

      Thank you BluAya family!

    • Karla C. 1 year ago

      Incredible experience. The place is gorgeous, and everything is designed to make you feel truly comfy and safe! The right environment for it!!

    • Julio T. 1 year ago

      I did a retreat with them on January 14 2023. The facilitators, Neil and Moni, are very experienced, balanced and ethical. They provide a warm safe environment and give you space or support as you need it . The journey with the medicine is unpredictable but their wisdom and support is solid. The house is comfortable, the ritual is inspiring and the company is wonderful.

    • Taran G. 1 year ago

      What a journey. I loved all the information and guidance I received before, during and after ceremony. BLUAYA holds a unique and beautiful space for your journey.

      The professionalism, caring and loving way that Moni & Neil and musicians guides the ceremony make the difference. I feel all the time secure, supported and safe to express and deal with the emotions

      All the experience is curated with perfect music, visuals, sound helaing, food, aromatherapy, and is very transformational.

      I highly recommend BluAya.

    • Paulina P. 1 year ago

      The expirience!
      In the whole process Neil Moni and all the team makes you fell integrated, safe, and open to this process.
      I Really found what I need to see about my self and also on the reach for my sense to comunity it felt so amazing and powerfull to conect with my inner ligth 🌠

      If you are working already on yourself I’m sure this is going to help you, so don’t close your mind to these new sensations 💕
      Thank you BLUAYA!

    • Joy M. 1 year ago

      Just do it.

      This experience is truly a remarkable journey— BLUAYA holds an exceptional space for you to feel secure, supported, and safe enough to draw on your courage to be brave enough to deal with emotions you boxed up and put away &/or just enjoy the ride enough to feel free from your critical mind to instead just wonder and marvel about life stuff.

      The true value in the investment of your time and money is in the people and the safety you are given to engage indoors without having to worry that you are alone with nobody looking out for you or that you’re in the middle of nature amongst an outdoor environment that it is too unfamiliar to get comfortable enough to let go.

      Moni and Neil create a meaningful ceremony between giving you purposeful tools to prepare/continue, curating like-minded people, selecting nourishing food, and a playlist that is supercharged by visuals and more impressively featuring the tremendous talent of Cristobal playing his instruments to create a soundtrack of significance for the trip.

      For me, I dealt with deep pain and was able to release myself from it during this retreat. In hindsight, the crucial step in healing was immediately being part of an intense community who just shared a powerful common experience…so instead of dwelling on the trauma and overanalyzing alone, I was able to transition within a support system where I could gain insight by listening to others as well as share and receive encouragement to feel some sense of closure and leave with an awareness of personal growth.

      I was able to bury in Mexico a part of my past that held me back— BLUAYA made this trip to Playa del Carmen worthwhile and not just memorable.

    • Nick D. 1 year ago

      These guys really care about what they do and it shows from the moment you arrive to the time you depart (overflowing with gratitude for all the love that they poured into your healing).

      The space is safe and filled with beauty, a container for transformation.

      The ceremony and preparatory work truly position you for healing, growth, and an overwhelmingly positive experience.

      The amount of attention to detail when it comes to set and setting is insane (in the best way). Music, visuals, live instruments, scents, smells, oh so good!

      The facilitators are experts in both the medicine itself and, more importantly, helping participants allow the medicine to do its thing.

      I’ve been multiple times because this is an experience that has allowed me to truly surrender and achieve beautiful healing and breakthroughs.

      Highly recommended! Thanks you BluAya!

    • Laura K. 1 year ago

      What an amazing experience! You could really see and feel the love for every detail, creating an magical space of light, colour and music. Everything was well organized and I felt completly safe, leading to an amazing experience.

    • andrea l. 1 year ago

      It was an amazing experience, from the beginning you could see how much everyone cared about making you feel safe and comfortable. Such an special day full of meaningful moments, surrounded by amazing people. Thank you so much ❤️🙏

    • Hector L. 2 years ago

      Wow! Incredible experience!
      Bluaya make the perfect atmosphere, and make you feel safe as on your own home. They offer you everything to enjoy an immersive and multi-sensory experience.
      Moni, Neil and Cristobal put all their love and energy in all the details during the entire experience.
      About the music, they selected an amazing playlist ! And Mixed with live music it’s a mind blower!
      They have everything well plan, organized and with much love, this really exceeded my expectations!
      Muchas gracias!!

    • Estefanía S. 2 years ago

      One of a kind experience 😻 i felt so support it through the whole journey. Moni and Neil made me feel secure, which make the ceremony to be more meaningful. If you have the chance to do it, just go for it! You won’t regret it, you are in good hands.


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